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General Discussion / Re: TV Antenna Goes Walkabout
« Last post by custerhank on Today at 01:18:26 pm »
  Ouch! The same thing happened to us in 2019 when we were driving from Texas to South Dakota. We got home and no antenna. I thought it was something I did perhaps by not aligning it for travel (?). But then I remembered the very strong winds in north Texas and then Kansas.  I simply ordered another Razr and had it replaced at the factory when we traded in our PC in 2020.

General Discussion / Re: 2910D
« Last post by custerhank on Today at 01:14:48 pm »
  Based on just our personal experience with a used 2017 2910D we owned for 6 months in 2019 - I strongly recommend you look at one before you buy sight unseen (if that is the case here). We purchased ours based on what we read and the published floor plan, but never actually inspected one. This might not apply to you, but, as people of a certain age, we found the bed arrangement to be very awkward. As in, very difficult to get in and out of. And what looked like small nightstands in the diagram were virtually non-existent. We have liked nightstands in all our previous RV's.

  We also had the "lounge chairs" which are sometimes called Euro Chairs. Great for some people, but not comfortable for us; we really wanted recliners. And the small stowable table was hard to raise up and out from its flat storage along the wall. The previous owner actually fabricated a larger table top that went on top of the original..so something else to store.

  I am not criticizing the 2910D per se. Just saying it might not be right for everyone. We ended up trading the 2017 2910D at the factory in 2020 for a gently used 2019 3100 which we love. The dinette and recliner sofa fit our needs and it still smells new after two years of ownership!

General Discussion / Latches for large pullout drawers
« Last post by custerhank on Today at 12:53:12 pm »
  I did check previous posts for solutions before writing this. In our 3100 we have the "wooden" rotating latch on the drawer under the dinette. We have two of the same drawers under the driver side twin bed but with the more "standard" black plastic which, as we know, do not hold well. We would prefer to just put two more of the same latches as we have up front on the rear drawers. I like the button solution posted previously, but we think two more of the same is the way to go.

  After many weeks and phone calls I finally am playing voicemail with PC Parts. Voicemail from Dave said $27.50 each. Since I would really like to get them sooner than later, has anyone found a source for these? I would like not to have to endure the ordering delay it might take with PC. Maybe on Amazon somewhere?


General Discussion / Re: Clear coat peeling
« Last post by Bangorbob on August 11, 2022, 10:38:13 am »
It appears that the scaffold Ron is speaking of is not wide enough to straddle the hood.  How was it used?  Pics of my beautiful front cap and hood.
General Discussion / Re: Speakers in 2022 PC 2552
« Last post by Rein on August 11, 2022, 10:08:30 am »
They are connected to the Garmin VIEO on Zone 2.  Zone 2 volume setting was at zero (default?) so no sound.  I corrected that.

General Discussion / Re: I'm I Wasting Money?
« Last post by Joseph on August 11, 2022, 09:10:06 am »
Storing inside is optimal no question but not feasible for majority.  $450-600 a month for indoor storage or 300,000 to buy land and have a building.  Covers are a pain but help depending on your location. 

When we moved to the valley we looked at homes in communities with rv garages. Prices were actually lower per sq ft than other tracts. The issue was they had no curb appeal at all and no yard. 

Everything’s a trade off.  We use ours, when we’re done we get what we get and move on. It’s the cost of ownership.
General Discussion / Re: Speakers in 2022 PC 2552
« Last post by donc13 on August 11, 2022, 06:51:15 am »
On my 2015 2551,they are, as Lurch said, the back speakers for the dash radio.  But they are part of the surround sound also.  When watching a DVD or TV with the sound sound on they and the rear sub-wolfer come on.

Don 7th
Adventure Anywhere / Re: Last minute cancellation
« Last post by Gixxerkid3 on August 10, 2022, 09:59:57 pm »
Yep. Mom dealt with it too.   🙏🏻🙏🏻
General Discussion / Re: Speakers in 2022 PC 2552
« Last post by Ron Dittmer on August 10, 2022, 09:41:31 pm »
On the older PCs the 2 speakers in the back are the "rear speakers" for the in-dash stereo (to choose up with the "front speakers" in the driver / passenger doors. They are not a part of the surround sound system.

Just a guess that it might still be true in newer models.

Yep, my thoughts and personal experience too.
Adventure Anywhere / Re: Last minute cancellation
« Last post by Joseph on August 10, 2022, 09:09:32 pm »
Cancer sucks.  Simply does
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