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2351D VS 2552

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2351D VS 2552
« on: May 30, 2023, 10:41:47 am »
Greetings all

Would love to hear from existing 2351D and 2552 model owners on why you chose your particular floor plan.

The wife likes the queen bed on the 2351D but is not crazy about the bathroom setup with flex door in shower and position of the sink. We also like the Truma Combi but are limited to a single AC. Were in south central Texas so want to make sure we have adequate cooling. She also did not like the accordion doors both plans. Would prefer pocket wood doors. In the past pets have made short work of those folding doors.

In the 2552 she likes the bathroom setup but is not crazy about the twin beds. If made into a King size then it's difficult to get to the bathroom in the rear. We do like the option of dual A/C units, 50 amp service and Truma water heater. Of course the additional length will require a longer garage for storage.

Any other pros or cons I'm missing that might help finalize our decision?

Thanks for any input.




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Re: 2351D VS 2552
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2023, 11:30:47 pm »
We have a queen bed at home but prefer the twin beds in the PC.  In a smaller space we can each control how many blankets (or none) we want for personal temp control.

I’ve only looked at the floor plan for the 2351. It appears to me that you’d have to extend the slide to use the queen bed and the bathroom.

We have a 2551 so about 2 feet shorter than the 2552 but still doesn’t fit in a garage.

I can say, we’ve been very happy with our PC and with the company for 8 years. I hope you can find what suits you best. They may be able to find a solution to your door problem.  In the past customer “wants” have turned in to standard equipment in future models.

Don and Patti