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Outdoor ladder towel bar

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Outdoor ladder towel bar
« on: July 21, 2021, 03:57:37 pm »
Seems like most campgrounds don't allow clotheslines and I don't want wet beach towels and swimsuits hanging inside the PC. So I created a lightweight solution that hangs on the ladder and will hold 3 towels and 2 swimsuits.  I thought other PC owners might be interested and I'm including pics, parts list and instructions below.  :cool

Parts list (all 1 1/2 inch schedule 20 PVC)
4x Tees
2x end caps
2x 45 degree connectors
Approx 5 ft pipe cut into the following sections:

A -- 13 1/4 inches long... Or longer.
B -- 14 1/2 inches long... Test this length for precise fit.
C -- 8 to 12 inches long... Your choice
X -- 1 3/4 inches long... Caution: If you make these longer it forces Section B to be longer.

Bungee cord that stretches 45 to 46 inches

The plumbing parts cost me about $14 at Lowes.

There are 3 parts to build. I decided to NOT glue the main bar to the brackets so it fits easily in the closet or storage compartment. See the pic on the grass with the bungee cord wrapped around the 3 parts.

The 2 ladder brackets:
Cut a 1 inch slot lengthwise on the outside of a Tee. This 1 inch "gap"  will will hug your ladder and this Tee will be glued to section X.  Test that the Tee fits over your vertical ladder pipe.  See pic. You want the gap to be just big enough for the ladder pipes to slip in.

Attach 45 degree to the other end of X, making sure the 45 degree angle breaks the plane of the Tee perfectly (ie 90 degrees off). See pic.

Next, glue 45 degree to section C.   I experimented with length of 6 to 12 inches. I liked 8 because it was more stable than 12 and still left room for towels to move in the wind and not always touch the RV.  This section, if long enough, can hold a washcloth, swim suit or socks... So think about what you want to use it for and cut accordingly.

Repeat for second T+X+45+C combo.

The main towel bar:
Test this with the brackets above BEFORE gluing to see how well it all fits your ladder. It should stay on the ladder without holding it and without the bungee cord.
≥Too loose? Then section B is too long.
≥Too tight? Then section B is too short.

Now assemble the towel bar.
Cap + section A + Tee + section B + Tee + section A + Cap
... making sure you have the Tees aligned.

Now drill a 1/2 hole in each Tee of the long bar.  You might need a slightly different size hole as it needs to be big enough for the hook end of the bungee cord to fit in it. Also, I drilled the hole slightly below (around the 5 o'clock position) so that the hook fit better. If you put it too low it's hard to attach the bungee hook, and if too high the hook is out of alignment and the hole will collect rain water.

Mount the entire assembly on ladder and loop bungee cord around the step above the rack and hook each end in a Tee as shown in pic.

If rain water becomes a problem I may drill a hole in one of the caps so it empties easier. TBD.   I tried to remove all of the printing on the PVC before assembling,,, but failed to get it off with acetone and goof-off. I'll find something that will leave it completely white... Until then, I assembled it with the ink sides facing down.


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Re: Outdoor ladder towel bar
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2021, 07:33:23 am »
Ron (& Irene) Dittmer