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Intervec Horizons and Falcons --- the predecessors to Phoenix Cruisers

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In the mid 80s, we owned a great little Class B made by Intervec called a Horizon.  It was the smaller coach and its big brother was called a Falcon.   As many of you are aware, Kermit was with Intervec and very instrumental in their success and then started Phoenix Cruisers back in the late 90s as I recall.   There are still a lot of old Horizons and Falcons around and we have fond memories of being 35 years younger and driving a lot of fun miles in our Horizon.   It was, like PC, well built and gave us absolutely no trouble.  It was the first B we ever owned and the second rv.  The first was an old Delta Class C which was pretty shot when we bought it and proved the fact by stranding us on the top of the Mesa Verde National Park.   Not a fun way to spend your fifth anniversary.   As soon as we got it fixed enough to limp home, we traded it on a new Horizon sold by - of all folks- a local Caddy dealer. 

Recently, I found the original brochure for mid 80s Intervec Horizons and Falcons in some old files I was going through.   I put it in pdf form and would be happy to send a copy to anyone who owns an Intervec or is just curious.   PM me your email address and I'll send it to you.