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Duo-therm thermostat- heat anticipator adjustment?

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Duo-therm thermostat- heat anticipator adjustment?
« on: May 13, 2020, 06:56:05 pm »
The heat cycle of the furnace on our PC isn't good. After the thermostat opens and the furnace sends heat, it gets too hot before it shuts off, and then it cools down too much before the furnace starts up again. On a home furnace thermostat this problem is easily solved by adjusting the heat anticipator. I looked in the manual for the thermostat but it was pretty basic and did not refer to any way to adjust the heat anticipator (or even if it has one). Before I replace the entire thermostat, does anyone know how to do this?  I'd go to the local RV dealer for advice if they were open but they are closed due to covid-19. Thanks.
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