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Lake Greenwood State Park SC

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Lake Greenwood State Park SC
« on: May 10, 2009, 07:54:01 pm »
It's been too many months since our last trip out in the van. Real Life commitments have a habit of getting in the way if you let them. I felt I had to get out before it got too hot for comfort. So a visit to another reasonably close state park was arranged.
One major change to the PC has been the replacement of all the tires with a new set of Michelin LTX. I believe the originals were still on the van and they were showing the signs of too many summers sitting in the sun. It wasn't dreadful but it was worrying enough. I managed to get the tires cheap and their dates were all recent. Having them fitted was a different story though. I went to quite a few places. Eventually a local recommendation turned out good and the tires were balanced, fitted and aligned. I was also told the castor angle was incorrect and had that fixed. The mechanic said the van was not set up to deal with the extra weight it acquired after it left the factory as a 'cutaway'.
The change in the driving characteristics of the van have been significant. Much better at keeping in a straight line, less affected by passing 18 wheelers, much smoother ride and less effort required all round. I think the old tires must've been much less flexible. my arms used to get 'pins and needles' after driving for a good time; now there's no problems whatsoever.
Onto the campsite itself. It was certainly very pleasant with a good amount of shade for all sites. There was a minimal slope on our site which showed on the level gauges but I didn't really notice. Everything at the site worked well. This park caters to the boat crowd. There was a space for us to moor our 'craft' (if we had one) by the waterside below our site. There was a public slipway a few hundred yards away too. I'd certainly love to have a boat at some point. However I spent my time relaxing more than anything else.
The park has some very nice picnic sites around another headland too.
My overall impression was that this site is well worth a visit, especially if you have watercraft. The park is well maintained and the campers were nice. Most of the sites were occupied by Fifth Wheelers and Travel Trailers, I saw one larger, senior Motor Home. Everyone seemed to have golf carts so I assume most were staying longer than our weekend visit.
Lake Greenwood seems to suffer less from noisy, annoying people, out to impress or get inebriated than does Lake Murray which is closer to Columbia (state capital). And that, is a recommendation in itself!
I'll add some photos.

There's a mixture of back in and pull through sites

down to the waterside

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