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Affordable Replacement Mattress, Made To Any Size And Shape

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Affordable Replacement Mattress, Made To Any Size And Shape
« on: September 10, 2019, 10:16:02 pm »
Last year we decided it was time to replace our 11 year old original mattress in our 2007 model 2350.  When I sat up in bed, my rump significantly felt the bed platform.  The foam was not very dense to begin with and collapsed more easily over the years.  The full size bed mattress in Phoenix model 2350 has a cut corner.

Here is the original PC-2350 mattress, shown with the cut corner.

Seeking an affordable solution, we bought a $110.00 "Full" size six inch thick Hometics foam mattress from Walmart on-line, and modified it.  Today, Walmart sells something almost identical, Zinus made by Spa Sensations HERE for $125.

Once at home, we removed the very nice zippered outer Hometics mattress cover.  This is the cover.

Then we un-stitched and removed the heavy fire barrier covering.  This is the fire barrier.

The foam portion remained.  It is 4.5" of solid standard foam, and 1.5" of solid memory foam.  No egg crate bumpy patterns existed.  In this picture, on the floor is a blue egg crate bumpy patterned foam topper shown for reference.

Here were the planned cutting tools.
- drywall "T" square
- permanent marker
- electric carving knife
- bread knife

I experimented with cuts from various tools in what would end up as cut-off waste material.  We tried various knives, none fared well.

After enough practice, I made the final cuts with the electric carving knife which turned out extremely clean, almost factory-like.

Then we placed the foam inside the zippered cover shown here upside-down.  We intentionally left out the fire barrier because the extra weight would be difficult to handle in our PC.  Our original mattress had no barrier either so we felt comfortable with the decision.

Irene folded and hand-stitched the cover to match the new shape.  It was done quickly and crudely but turned out great.

Then we placed the completed mattress inside the Phoenix-provided interior-matching mattress cover and placed it inside our PC.

On trips, we add a cheap mattress pad and fitted sheet over the Phoenix cover.  We learned that a "full" size 100% cotton flannel fitted sheet, washed and shrunk in the dryer, conforms very nicely to the cut-corner.

Our first trip out west last year, we immediately noticed an improvement in our sleep and comfort.  We consider this to be a winning solution for people like ourselves who live on a tight budget.
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