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Below Freezing

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Below Freezing
« on: October 11, 2018, 09:32:20 pm »
We travel with full water when night time temps are in the low teens. This will be our first winter in the PC. We have the 2400 with rear kitchen same as the 2100. We prefer an electric hook up below freezing but will boondock. If we have electric we don't run the furnace because of limited LP. We use electric heaters. If you leave the hot water heater on , that will keep pipes warm under the kitchen sink. There's no heat in the bathroom, keep the door open. I've rigged up 2 light bulbs under the sink to keep pipes warm. I took the head off the outside shower and pulled the hose inside and put a piece of foam insulation in that compartment. I also put insulation in the 4 way water door. The water lines that go around the shower next to the wall concern me. I'll leave compartment doors open and point a small heater into them. I'll use rv antifreeze in the toilet and leave the gray valve and manual valve open and let it drain on the ground. I don't trust tank heaters, it's the pipe leading from the tank to the  dump valve that freezes. I have the macerator heater but will run antifreeze through it to be safe. My last motorhome had plastic water lines, they could freeze without breaking
I don't think the solid water lines in the PC would be as forgiving. Let's hear how others survive freezing temps.



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Re: Below Freezing
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2018, 05:23:21 am »
I'm pretty sure the water lines in the PC are PEX, which is a type of plastic. I don't know if they can handle freezing. The connectors/corners are metal, brass I think.
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