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Hunting Island SC trip

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Hunting Island SC trip
« on: February 22, 2009, 06:27:03 pm »
Last month was our first trip out with our phoenix cruiser to Wateree. We enjoyed that so much that we could hardly wait to get out again.
We chose Hunting Island State Park campsite which is a few hours away.
Last trip, I broke one of the awning lateral arms (thinking it should be straight), it cost about $200 all told to buy a replacement which was readily available from Fiamma in Florida. I still have questionable tires and the original coach battery seems to be shot, though doing well enough with the new intelipower 9260 which I installed. I have also recaulked some of the vertical seams. There were signs of previous leaks in the area but nothing since we took over. I found a great tool (like a putty knife)in wally world that smooths off the caulk which has made the job much easier. I tried some seams using painters tape on each side of the seam but that didn't work so well. I've also tried (probably a dozen) different polishes to put some shine back in the fiberglass. Still no outright success though.
Back to the trip... I was extremely happy with the site we had picked. It was well shaded but practically next to the beach. The sites against the beach are often without power and somewhat lacking in shade. We had the best of both worlds. The campsite was busier than Wateree but much more quiet. Our fellow campers seemed to be more considerate all round, most of the time you could only here the surf just over the dunes. Perhaps that blotted out the normal camp sounds more. Although the cruiser looks like it's leaning, it was almost level. If I'd spent a little time positioning, it would've been perfect but I just backed it in and it was good enough for us.

We had a fantastic hike along some of the local trails, it was almost prehistoric looking with palms, pines and Spanish moss draped over branches. On the way back we walked along the beautiful, sandy beach. Turtles nest here later in the year. We saw plenty of wildlife. Deer frequent the campsite and we had 3 racoons visit each night, doing a tour of the sites, looking for scraps.

All in all, for a short weekend trip, this was a wonderful experience, really A1. Hunting Island will start to get busy through March. Even so, I would recommend this to anyone traveling down the I95 to Florida, it's about an hour of the highway and a worthwhile destination for a longer break.



Re: Hunting Island SC trip
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2009, 06:24:22 pm »
It looks lovely!  :obm

I like the updates you're giving us on the fixup of your Cruiser. You'll have it good as new in no time, and the previous owners' negligence will be a distant memory.

Oh, btw, if you come up with any good camping recipes, please post them in the recipes forum. I am going to camp with my kids late this summer at a music festival and I need something quick and easy to keep them from spending all my money at the food vendors.  :lol