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Sevierville Trip

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Sevierville Trip
« on: January 26, 2009, 02:17:25 pm »
  We bought our 2008 Phoenix 2400 in October 2007.  After a few local shakedown cruises, we embarked on our trip to the reunion in Sevierville.  Since we downsized from a larger RV, we were at first concerned with the diminished size of storage space.  We have since discovered there were a lot of things that were totally unnecessary plus we learned to pack things more efficiently.  This trip totaled 5 weeks and 5000 miles.  One of our hobbies is GeoCaching and our goal is to find caches in as many states as possible.  On this trip we picked up 11 new states, bringing our total to 20 states plus Baja California, Mexico.  We could have picked up a few more states but the hurricane kept us from venturing farther south.  There are some internet sites where you can enter the states you have visited and print out a map in color.
  We also added to our collection of stamps for our National Parks passport book.
  Although gas prices were at their highest during this time, the trip was very uneventful and we brought back many beautiful memories.  The only problem we had was with crosswinds and passing trucks trying to alter our driving path.  This was later corrected by installing a Road Master rear anti sway bar.  This also made the RV drive flat around our curvy mountain roads.
  Our two cats, Moses and Elijah, are our constant travel companions and they spent their first six months more on the road than at home. They take up residence on the dash or under the bed/couch when scared.
  I am looking forward to our reunion this year in California, which will eventually lead us into Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and possibly to North and South Dakota and Nebraska.
Howard & Margaret
Retired Machinery Engineer