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San Antonio

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San Antonio
« on: December 06, 2009, 07:33:42 pm »
We just got back from San Antonio, 3rd time to try to get the wife to River Walk and Alamo.  Alamo didn't seem near as impressive as it did in 1965 when I was there with the USAF.  To commercialized for my taste I guess.  River Walk is cool but a couple blocks the stores and restaurants all started to look alike. Wife was happy with the trip even with a couple days rain that we had to lay down for.  Anyway she's happy, you know the rest.  Weather got to 24F one night (before we left) and heaters covered it okay.  Have to leave privacy valances in front open at the top or moisture builds up.  Tricky pump out system was a no go, frozen.    :help   Systems thawed by the time we stopped at Cabelas Ft Worth to see a nephew, and they had a dump (remember that).  Towed the Vitara and no problems there with MPG around 10-10.5, roughly, because I am letting the GPS do the stats.  I stopped doing hard numbers with this one, as long as I can afford it, it's got to be good.  Future trips will end before December 1, I think.  Wind filling the tank is killer.  (WH)