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first trip out - Wateree State Park SC

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first trip out - Wateree State Park SC
« on: January 25, 2009, 07:51:55 pm »
A month ago, we bought a used cruiser 2301 built 02/03. Since then, we've been looking forward to our first trip out and chose somewhere local that we are somewhat familiar with.
Wateree is a lakeside state park in SC, not very large with adequate facilities (water/elec). We reserved a spot overlooking the lake and arrived early enough to have an hour or two of light to settle in. We couldn't have hoped for a better day to start. It was warm and sunny. The rest of the weekend was overcast but that wasn't a problem. Our (dealer bought) cruiser had not been winterized, it even came with partially filled grey/black water tanks which was gross. Even so for this trip we were not going to use the onboard fresh tank because we hadn't sanitized it. We did connect to the water supply though, partly to test the system and also to provide sink water.
Our cruiser has no slides and is equipped with dual couches which lay flat to provide twin beds up front. I bought some 4" memory foam mattresses with down toppers to put on top of the couches as they are a little worn. Sleeping was just too comfortable even though I sunk into the mattress/couch a fair bit. Kitchen & fridge are in the mid with a large (for the vehicle length) bathroom with 'sit in and kiss your knees' bath/shower at the rear.
I had been doing some work here and there during the month before, checking things out and becoming more familiar with the vehicle. The furnace didn't work to start off with. It turned out to be a blocked jet which was easy enough to fix. Also the coach battery looked like the original and had a somewhat bulging countenance. I assume its condition was due to being cooked by the converter; A magnatek 6332Q. Anyway, I changed it for a pdi PD9260 with a built in charge wizard. It seems to be working well, I'm hoping it will de-sulfate the battery a bit though that too is on the list of things to change.
I feel obligated to mention that during manufacture or perhaps some later conversion (did PUSA make a dual couch?) the workers didn't bother to clean up after themselves. Under the couch base I found lots of sawdust, bits of sawn wood and loose abandoned screws, some of which were even caught up between cabling and could've rubbed into the cables and caused a short/fire.
I've spent some time on the roof as well. The pipe vents needed replacing due to UV making the plastic so brittle it was almost like eggshell. I put a standard vent over the grey tank (I think) and an rv360 over the black to minimize any odor being pulled back into the coach. I took a small previously vacated wasps nest out of the air conditioner. I have some other work to do up there: The caulk is cracking in places and there is evidence of a leak below the cabover where the cab widens to the width of the coach body. The leaks show on both sides behind the cab seats. I will have to take the padded panels off on both sides and see what I find. I will also be re-caulking the seam between the roof and the cabover with eternabond and the vertical seams which have some tiny gaps on the coach with 3m 4200.
All in all, despite what I've written above, the pc is in incredibly good condition. It's certainly been neglected: the fiberglass is flat and needs cleaning and polishing. The tires are original and cracking. I'm hoping to find the money to replace them soon. Steering is a bit like waving a stick in a bucket :)
One unfortunate thing that happened was the awning (which looks unused) broke a lateral arm when I closed it and the arm bent outwards instead of inwards. Being a fiamma (which are well known in europe), I'm not sure how easy it will be to get a new arm here in USA.
Our first trip, it was a huge success. We had a great time despite somewhat annoying neighbors. The first night our neighbors arrived just before 9pm and spent a fair amount of time chopping wood for the fire pit. The next, there was an extremely raucous party, presided over by a confederate flag, on the other side of the site. It must've made the evening miserable for the people camping close by. A police cruiser passed us by later on and the evening was pleasant enough for us.
We'll choose another local site for the next trip and hopefully I'll have a few more things finished that I need to work on before then.
jp & chris

Re: first trip out - Wateree State Park SC
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2009, 08:44:58 pm »
JP & Chris,

It sounds like you have a good unit. And it will appreciate all the nice things you're doing for it. Sad when people let things go, but sometimes it's fun to polish up a gem.

Hope the leak areas aren't too bad. I have an '06 that had a bit of leaking around the amber lights on the front cap. Hard to reach but easy enough to fix once I rotated the outside rearview mirrors back enough to reach over to caulk. That's the only problem with the B's - getting to that overhead cap.

As to your outside finish, I found some cleaner/polish called 3M Fiberglass Cleaner & Wax (you can find it in the boating section at Walmart). It did a good job restoring a nice finish to a previous RV I had. Just don't rub too hard...

Glad you're enjoying your PC. Hope you have better neighbors on your next trip!




Re: first trip out - Wateree State Park SC
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a couple of pics from before I trashed the awning.

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