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RE-Flooring a 2006 2350

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Re: RE-Flooring a 2006 2350
« Reply #30 on: March 27, 2021, 04:25:13 pm »
Nice job all around.



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Re: RE-Flooring a 2006 2350
« Reply #31 on: September 20, 2022, 10:42:57 pm »
Just recieved a message with questions on the flooring, figured I would update.

LOVE the flooring. TUFF stuff.  It has had dirty festival boots on it, and audio/video equipment put in and out. Often without much time to spare, we gotta breakdown, pack up and get HOME. (Last weekend it was leaving Jacksonville at 0130 hrs and getting home at 0530   :beg  )   No time for niceties. Stuff gets piled in, often with volunteer help. 65Qt coolers are sometimes scraped across it... full... and NO scratches. Worth every penny.

The noise dampening and heat barrier under the front mat has proved a good value. 4-5 hours driving, and my camera case and other gear on the floor between the seats is barely warm. It is SO quiet in there, I can hear Mrs V asleep in the bed in back. She purrs... it is NOT snoring...  roflol   heartshower heartshower

The one piece rubber mat in the front has also been a boon. The camper has developed a leak, I suspect the awning rail/front cap interface is the source of it. Parked with the nose downhill, especially with the right side low, will have dripping water from the right front corner of the headliner support panel. This drips to the floor, then 'harmlessly' out the passenger footwell.   NO carpet turning into an ecosystem with musty smells.  :lol
Hoping to have it in my shop where I can tear into it while its out of the weather.

I have yet to finish the bathroom floor. Just hasn't made it to the top of the 'honeydo' list.   One of these years...  (WH)

Happy motoring and clear highways to ALL Y'all! 

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