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Macerator impeller

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Macerator impeller
« on: September 21, 2022, 06:47:45 pm »
Hello all. Last weekend we tried to empty the tanks using the Sani-Con.  I noticed that the fluids were just trickling out so we switched to the normal dump hoses.  Yesterday, I took the pump out and noticed feminine products (most likely my granddaughters friend) all wrapped up in the macerator blades.  That was fun removing that…NOT, LOL.  So, I looked further and the impeller was literally destroyed. See attached pic.  So I purchased a Jabsco 6303-0003 replacement impeller and gasket kit.  Needless to say, the impeller fit great, but as someone else on this forum noted, the gaskets do not fit at all.  At least mine did not.  I probably could’ve altered them to make them fit but everything seems to be just fine. After assembly I tested it out and she pumped out fluid from the gray tank like a champ.
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