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Latches for large pullout drawers

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Latches for large pullout drawers
« on: August 12, 2022, 12:53:12 pm »
  I did check previous posts for solutions before writing this. In our 3100 we have the "wooden" rotating latch on the drawer under the dinette. We have two of the same drawers under the driver side twin bed but with the more "standard" black plastic which, as we know, do not hold well. We would prefer to just put two more of the same latches as we have up front on the rear drawers. I like the button solution posted previously, but we think two more of the same is the way to go.

  After many weeks and phone calls I finally am playing voicemail with PC Parts. Voicemail from Dave said $27.50 each. Since I would really like to get them sooner than later, has anyone found a source for these? I would like not to have to endure the ordering delay it might take with PC. Maybe on Amazon somewhere?


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