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Kwikee Steps Won't Stay Out

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Kwikee Steps Won't Stay Out
« on: May 04, 2022, 01:02:53 pm »
For the record and to possibly help someone in the future.

On the "new to us" 2015 Phoenix Cruiser 2552 the steps would ONLY follow the door no matter how the Door Switch on the wall was set.

We wanted the steps to stay out while parked, like they are designed to do.

To make a very long story short, someone installed the wrong switch in the door frame. My steps need a Normally Open switch. (When the door is open and the switch is at rest the circuit is OPEN.)
The switch installed was Normally Closed. [The N/O and N/C switches look the same you need to use an Ohm Meter to be sure which one you have.]
Apparently, the person who installed the incorrect switch switched the power wires on the motor to make it stop working backwards.  pyho
 ie with the motor leads correctly wired if you opened the door the steps would retract and when you closed the door the steps would extend.

So, with the incorrect switch and the motor wires swapped the steps will only follow the door.

If you see this behavior CHECK THE DOOR SWITCH..

This is the Normally Open switch I ordered:


Cole Hersee 9002 Door Momentary Switch

Good luck and happy trails!