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Long-term trip, great weather

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Long-term trip, great weather
« on: October 22, 2015, 07:54:03 pm »
This is an interesting concept, given the state of our computer world.   Not sure I'd want to follow this route, though....someone mapped out a 300 day or so per year trip where the weather is around 70......


There are many folks who full-time in a motorhome and I wonder if anyone actually has a nice route around the country where it is comfy (not necessarily around 70 degrees..... Maybe between 60 and 80?)

It seems more likely that folks plant themselves in Southern California, Arizona and Florida for the 'winter' and then start traveling.

Our latest trip last week was all over Oregon and the weather was amazing (70's to almost 80 during the day and 30's to 40's at night). When we ventured home to California (next door) it climbed into the high 90's.  Gotta say that Oregon is looking pretty nice....a lot more than weather-wise.

     - Mike