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General Discussion / Parasitic drain on house batteries?
« on: September 07, 2020, 08:49:29 am »
I searched and read all the other threads where this issue was discussed and checked all the possible sources of drain, but could not identify the source. It is at the point that even when the house batteries are fully charged, they are discharging overnight even though no obvious 12V source is on. I bought this 2007 PC 2350 back in March and it is possible the house batteries are old and need to be replaced (though they read ok when tested with my meter under load; I need to check and see if they have a date code), but of course I'd like to put that off as long as possible. I will turn off the "disconnect" switch tonight and see if they still discharge; I suppose if they do then the problem is with the batteries and not the result of parasitic drain.  Though I am a decent mechanic, I'm not great with electrical stuff so any help with this issue is appreciated! 

The heat cycle of the furnace on our PC isn't good. After the thermostat opens and the furnace sends heat, it gets too hot before it shuts off, and then it cools down too much before the furnace starts up again. On a home furnace thermostat this problem is easily solved by adjusting the heat anticipator. I looked in the manual for the thermostat but it was pretty basic and did not refer to any way to adjust the heat anticipator (or even if it has one). Before I replace the entire thermostat, does anyone know how to do this?  I'd go to the local RV dealer for advice if they were open but they are closed due to covid-19. Thanks.

I inspected the underside workings of our slide out today and noticed that the 4 hex-head bolts that secure the brackets the screw mechanism rides on are coming out (I believe these are called "T-blocks" on my Liftco, Inc. slide-out unit). Yikes! On each side one bolt is almost 2" above the bracket and the other bolt is 1" above.  I tried to get a wrench on them (hoping that the bottom nut is captured- otherwise it is somewhere under the insulation under the rig) but could only get a tiny ratchet with an allen drive on one of them- there is very little room to work in there- and I could not budge it with the little leverage I had. Has anyone had this problem and rectified it? I'm afraid fixing this will at least require removing the electric sofa and the interior flooring under it to try to access these bolts (and may require cutting away the insulation under the rig as well. Please tell me that I'm wrong! Thanks.

General Discussion / Sani-con and electric valves not working
« on: April 03, 2020, 12:22:08 pm »
Although I doubt I will ever use the Sani-con system, I'm going over my new-to-me 2007 PC2350 and trying to put everything in order. Neither of the switches for my grey or black tank valves work (lights do not light, valves do not move), nor does the "pump" switch on the Sani-con panel seem to activate anything.

I looked for a breaker/fuse on the main electrical panel but none were labeled as connected to that system (and all were fine). I crawled under and looked around and all the wires seem connected. I read on the forum that there is an inline fuse for the pump, but I did not look for that since it would not account for no power to the valves (or so I think). The owner's manual from Thetford was not helpful in troubleshooting this.

Anyone have any idea why there is no power to the valves or pump?

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