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 2o2 Found The Leak !   No more wet carpet under the dinnett seat.  Tested  dry ,dry ...
Now let me tell you where I found the  leak . On the PC 2100 the furnace grille just aft. Of the passenger side dinnett seat , the outside frame not the grille door  that screws 0ff, the outer frame has a seal completely around the frame it was splitting and separated just enough to let water seep in  and run down the wire bundle at the base of the floor under the dinnett table through tunnel step  and find a  spot under the seat carpet that held the wetness.  The Proof: after the carpet was dried  and lifted away using a hair dryer making certain  everything was dry  , using  dry paper towels around the wire bundle and surrounding areas,  everything was dry.  Now went outside the coach and sprayed water around the grille frame. Wamo water seeped in wetting the paper towels running along the wire bundle to the carpet area .Cleaned and dried it again . Then the next day after everything was good and dry , resealed the frame neatly  and completely around using silicone sealer in my case black in color to match exterior  finally letting all dry for another day.  The true test with the paper towels in place,  saturated the PC exterior heavily repeatedly more than any rain can do . Checking cabinets under everything interior and paper towels  dry ,dry  heartshower

General Discussion / Re: 2019 E450 2350 Rough Ride
« on: July 29, 2019, 06:51:08 pm »
Hi Rob hope you get your new PC ride corrected.i know you will find a solution. 
BTW : I'm STEVE I PURCHASED YOUR PC 2100 you traded at the factory in Elkhart. We met there back in May . I want to say thank you  we love our 2100 you took excellent care of it . It's funny I was reading the the forum and I recognized your Doberman  picture and you being in Maryland  named Rob . Again we are super pleased with our 2100 PC  perfect for us . We been traveling quite a bit with it , rides nice with the Air lift ride you installed.

Great thank you  got the files and photos  also got the notice  too large where and how to reduce and find Borne reducer ? Help.

General Discussion / Re: Norcold Refridge circulating fan install
« on: July 23, 2019, 11:38:11 am »
I left the fan hooked up  and there was enough wire so to close the door and did not interfere  fan remains running  I left fan running outside door, door closed several minute or so , fan remains running .Also my fridge is cooling on level
2 * and 0* freezer  36* fridge .. super heartshower Can always increase level for colder temp in hotter weather and or heavier compartment load.

 pyho YES it rained in Tennessee last night!  did reseal the awning wires at the top ,yes that is  obviously the spot where you would likely think water can enter. Silicone sealer all around wires and entryway and sealed again.  Ran a bead down the flare seam ,checked the roof area no seams, no obvious areas were water can enter.  But last night's rain Wet Again !,,
Will install longer drain spouts (ordered) . And will call  Elkhart.... any other suggestions will be appreciated...

General Discussion / Re: Norcold Refridge circulating fan install
« on: July 21, 2019, 09:39:55 am »
 2o2 so that makes it easy to install a small 12v fan in the interior compartment which helps circulate the interior compartment with out drilling holes in your fridge or using  the small portable fan using D batteries.  That model Refridge has no switch or button around door  also uses  led light bulb . Helpful idea, easy product, Good luck

Will call the factory this week to find more info. Thanks for your help,  did notice a small opening in that caulk line that you mentioned, sealed that dried out the carpet. Will keep an eye on it . Also as Ron indicated I will check where the awning wires enter . After I check I will  wet her down if it doesn't rain  hope that fixes it. IT'S IN a location where you will never know it's wet unless you remove the dinnett seat.  Thanks again will follow up..

General Discussion / Norcold Refridge circulating fan install
« on: July 20, 2019, 06:53:43 pm »
The Norcold model N7 series interior light according to the owner manual stays lit even when the door is closed , only turns off when unit is off .
This makes it easy to install a small 12v fan in the interior compartment mounted near the cooling coils  to help circulate cool air .
The light at the top is easily accessible to the red + and black - to connect the fan, best with solder and seal the wires .Then mount the fan it runs as long as the Refridge is on .... 2o2

Found a lot of water under the dinette seat behind the passenger seat. When we bought our PC in Elkhart in May we were told that they had fixed a leak but this was a lot of water.  Has anyone else had this problem

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