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We are joyed to announce the launching of our new website coming this week, Thursday March, 19th! The finalization of updates will take up to 48 hours so please be patient with us as you may visit our website in the midst of transition. We expect to be up and running completely by early Saturday morning, March 21st (fingers crossed)! We are beyond excited for the positive changes this will bring to your user experience.

Best wishes as always,
The Phoenix USA RV Family"

General Discussion / Forum update scheduled for Friday 3/6 at 8 am
« on: March 05, 2020, 08:50:01 pm »
Hello Everyone!
We have been working on a new website and need to prepare the forum for that transition.  To allow for the necessary updates, the forum will be unavailable Friday morning for a couple of hours starting at 8am.

Thank you for your patience during this time.

Have a great weekend!

General Discussion / Re: Failed Experiment
« on: November 08, 2019, 12:05:55 pm »
Hi Gary
if you wanting to post it on the forum... please send details on your coach to forum@phoenixusarv.com along with the photos that you would like included.

all the best!!

Hi Everyone!!!
I have been seeing several inquiries about people having difficulty registering on the forum. When requests are approved, which usually happens within a few days of the registration, a reply to the user is automatically generated for that the member is approved by activation is required by the member. This is to insure that we are dealing with real people. :-) My log shows that there are several that have never activated their account once it was approved. If you are one that has not been able complete the registration/activation process, feel free to email me directly at forum@phoenixusarv.com and we will get you taken care of.

Due to a number of these type of log in and password reset challenges..  we are beginning the process of researching new forum platforms. The intention is to find something that will be more user friendly. We would like to maintain whatever history that currently exists on this forum, so this will be a process to determine how we can provide a good experience without losing that. As we move further down this road, we will let you know what path we may take.

all the best!!

The offices and the plant at Phoenix USA RV will be closed during the annual 4th of July holiday shut down from 7/1 - 7/5.

We hope you have a safe and happy holiday!!

Happy Cruising from the Phoenix USA RV Team!!

General Discussion / Re: Phoenix Cruiser Company - Bright Future!!
« on: March 27, 2019, 07:28:12 am »
Good morning Mike!
Well said! I will work on finding the right balance for you guys.  2o2

You are correct, there are days that it’s hard to read criticisms and I may take a step back.  :'(

Having said that, listening to constructive feedback will make us a better company. I have also found that in instances where the feedback starts to head towards extreme ends of the spectrum, the long time PC owners and forum members enter the dialog and add the balance and objectivity that makes this forum a great source of information.

I can truly say that this company remains committed to the quality of the product and living up to the repretation for service that this company was built on. While the product is a good representation of that, the website design has never done the company justice. This is the year the website will begin to rise to meet the quality level that better reflects who we are. It will take some time to execute the plan,however. Over the last two years since the company has transitioned ownership focus has been internal. We are extremely proud that while you may see some changes on the sales side, every employee that was building and servicing your Phoenix Cruisers, for years prior to the sale, are all the same employees building and servicing them today!  (cheer) That is what sets The Phoenix Cruiser apart from the rest!

Can not hide the pride!  heartshower

I’ll leave you with that for today...
Happy cruising!

Hello Fellow Cruisers!

Welcome to Phoenix USA RV's discussion board. We hope to provide a place for our Owner's Group and others interested in the Phoenix USA RV products to get together, share stories and insights, and learn from one another.

We at Phoenix already know that RV Campers are some of the finest people that can be found anywhere, but we have to run through the list of rules just the same.

We know you're all smart, busy people so we're going to keep it short and sweet.

1. No disrespectful language. As campers we have plenty to keep us from feeling crabby. Let's try to remember that before typing up a post that is only intended to stir up trouble.

2. No For Sale. Sorry, but we are not currently set up to allow advertising of any sort on the site. Just as you appreciate us offering this message board free of banner and other ads, we appreciate you not putting ads in the messages. That goes for your signatures too.   

If you would like to list a Phoenix under the for sale by owner topic, send an email with all the details to forum@phoenixusarv.com. Up to 10 photos can be posted with maximum total size 1280kb, maximum individual image size 240kb

Right now that's all we can think of. No selling stuff and no being nasty. It seems we didn't have all that much to say about rules after all.

Please enjoy this forum for sharing your conversations and your stories. If you find that you need assistance from Phoenix USA RV directly please reference the following contacts for immediate assistance from the person that can assist you the best.

Sales - sales@phoenixusarv.com, 574-266-2020
Service - Dave Ponsler, dave@phoenixusarv.com , 574-350-2680
Parts - Carol, carol@phoenixusarv.com , 574-350-2684
Forum – Tina, forum@phoenixusarv.com


General Discussion / Re: Phoenix Cruiser Company - Bright Future!!
« on: March 26, 2019, 07:10:03 pm »
Having said that, you will see me around on the forum from time to time and you are always welcome to send me a message directly. :-)

more to come....
Hi Tina,

Who is the "official" moderator of this forum for new member requests, deletions of posts and other logistical forum matters and comments?  It seems there is more than one individual there at Phoenix using the name Phoenix USA RV Forum Team.

In the past there was Aimee the forum moderator and web manager, Kermit the owner, Earl in sales, and Stuart before Earl, each with their own identification.  If everyone at Phoenix has a unique forum name (or not), could you post a "sticky" for us, a guide for who to connect with for various matters?  Things like "sales", "parts", "technical", "forum & web related".  Is it best we connect via direct email, a phone call, or through this forum?

Thank you,
Ron Dittmer

ps:  It's good to be seeing you and other Phoenix staff communicating here.  Don't be too quiet.  Maybe "from time to time" is not enough.  :)

Hello Ron!!
Thank you for wanting to hear from us more often. I am the current forum moderator / website manager and recently created the Phoenix USA RV Forum Team user ID for that purpose.  We are in the planning stages with updates to the website for the near future as well.

We would like to keep the forum a place that valued PC customers and potential PC customers can connect directly with each other. We do not want interrupt that conversation too much but we will occasionally post announcements.

As it relates to sales, service or parts specifically, it is always best to contact Phoenix USA RV directly for the most timely response from the person who can best answer your questions. My email is included below as well if you want to connect with me directly or send a message regarding the forum or website  :-)... I will post a sticky note on this contact information as well.

    Sales - Barry Hyser, barry@phoenixusarv.com, 574-350-2832
    Service - Dave Ponsler, dave@phoenixusarv.com, 574-350-2680
    Parts - Carol, carol@phoenixusarv.com, 574-350-2684

all the best!!

Congratulations Gary and Kristi!
So far the feedback on the Campers Inn customer service as been everything that we had hoped!
Many happy travels to you!


Dear Valued Phoenix USA RV Customers and Friends,

We are happy to report our Indiana winter is now complete and new Phoenix Cruiser deliveries are going strong.  We are looking forward to a mild March as we prepare for New Spring deliveries and service center visits at our Elkhart factory.  If you are looking for service for your Phoenix Cruiser and plan to visit Elkhart, please call Mr. Dave Ponsler direct @ 574-350-2680 to schedule in advance.  We invite you to visit us soon.

We want each of you to know we have been listening to our customer base and take each of your suggestions very seriously.  The 2019 product improvements have been well received thanks to your valued input.

Additionally, we listened to many of our potential customers that have asked for additional locations across the country for reputable service as well as locations to see, touch, drive and purchase Phoenix Cruisers at Factory Direct Pricing.  In response to the requests and recognizing the growing demand for Phoenix Cruisers in today’s market place we began working with one of the nation’s most reputable TOP 5 DEALERS, CAMPERS INN at the 2019 Tampa Show.

Since the show we now have Phoenix Cruisers at five Campers Inn locations with nine additional locations to follow.  Each location will be selling Phoenix Cruisers at Factory Direct pricing you are accustomed to, just like the Elkhart factory location.  Plus, each location now offers top quality service to our Phoenix Cruiser owners.

Campers INN RV has been family owned and operated for three generations by Jeff Hirsch, his family and a dedicated team of professionals since 1968.  The company has grown through its efforts promoting the RV Lifestyle coupled with treating every customer fairly and with respect.  Known for exceptional customer service they are the hometown dealership at each of their locations plus their core values align with those of Phoenix USA RV making our relationship a great fit for our Phoenix Cruisers our employees, customers and Campers INN.

Our valued relationship with Campers Inn will insure our ability to grow our unique brand of B+ product sales and provide quality top service locations from Kingston, New Hampshire down the entire east coast to Jacksonville and Leesburg, FL. for our East coast customers.

Please check out the Campers Inn web site for additional store locations offering Phoenix Cruiser B+ products and see the new Phoenix Cruiser inventory now in stock.  With 28 locations, and growing, they are certain to have a location near you.

We are also working to meet the demand for a smaller B+ motor home encompassing the design standard and value of a Phoenix USA RV product.  The NEW TRX (Ford Transit) by Phoenix USA RV will go into production second quarter of 2019.  We are very excited about the new 22ft. floorplans available on both gas and diesel chassis.  The TRX will be available in three floor plans, two interior cabinet and décor choices with accompanying exterior custom paint options.  The TRX is designed to meet the needs of adventurous couples and families crossing the country or just crossing the city.  The motor home will feature a complete kitchen, dry bath, seat belts for 6, custom leather furniture, hardwood cabinet doors and cabinetry, luxury interior and custom exterior paint.   Please follow us on Facebook for more updates.

In addition, industry veteran Mr. Mike Peterson of Campers Inn recently set up an office at our factory to sell Phoenix Cruisers to our customers at Factory Direct Pricing.  You may reach out to Mike directly at 574-350-2682 or call Phoenix USA RV 877-754-8535 EXT 405 for a product and / or trade quote and purchase of a new 2019 Phoenix Cruiser B+ motor home.  If you have any questions that I may help you with, please call me direct at 574-350-2832.On behalf of everyone at Phoenix USA RV, I wish to personally thank each of you for your continued support and business and invite you to help us welcome Campers INN into our Phoenix USA RV family of friends and loyal customers.  Together we will achieve great things for you our customers.

Best regards,
Barry Hyser
National Sales Manager, Phoenix USA RV   •  877-754-8535  •  barry@phoenixusarv.com

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