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General Discussion / No AC Power - Resolved!
« on: August 11, 2019, 03:39:48 pm »
So, I just noticed no AC power when plugged in this morning.  We have a 2019 E450 2350.  All breakers confirmed on.  I have tried the following troubleshooting so far and decided to share on the forum before I start taking the bed apart to get to the connections.

1. Unplug external AC power.  Turn on Generator.  Confirmed the transfer switch worked and the generator provided power to all equipment.  Confirmed cabin batteries charged some during the generator use.  Turn off generator.
2. Start vehicle, review cabin battery status and no power from vehicle running
3. Reviewed cable connection at battery compartment and all looks tight; but per 1 and 2 that is not where the problem would be.

What am I missing, is there another breaker somewhere that may be tripped preventing AC Power?


General Discussion / 2019 E450 2350 Rough Ride
« on: July 26, 2019, 03:20:48 pm »
HI everyone, so there are many nice features about the PC 2350 but the E450 chassis change is not what we expected.  Our previous PC was 2018 2100 E350 and the ride (related to bumps in the road) was much better.  I understand the E450 is build to be tougher but did not expect the ride to change this much.  The front end is terrible when you go over the slightest crack or bump in the road. Everything in the RV bangs/slams and startles you you each time you go over a bump.  This issue is causing an unpleasant driving experience. The steering is great and have a the Safety Plus stabilizer bar.  Smooth road the ride is great.  Even with Air Ride installed in the rear at 90 lbs, the RV ride is not good over any type of bump.  My budget does not afford liquid sprigs and would hope that is not the only solution.  Does anyone else have an E450 with similar problems?  Any recommendations? I read online that better shocks will not help?  I called Ford directly and did not get very far; they suggested I speak with the manufacturer.. figures.
Rob in Maryland

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