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General Discussion / Re: New Models
« on: August 13, 2018, 10:52:03 pm »
Don't really have any personal background with the Combi.  After seeing it at Phoenix I researched it a little on the net, and found mainly positive reviews.  I did talk with the engineer at Phoenix that designed the new slide in the 2351.  They had researched available units and felt that the Combi was about the most proven thing out there.  Evidently one of the positive attributes is much quieter operation for anyone sleeping, both because the unit is quieter to begin with and also because they move the unit from under the bed to under the kitchen cabinet.  He had good things to say about the Combi company reps; evidently they came to Elkhart and worked with him to line out the proper installation.  They are supposed to be back this week to fire it off and do the initial testing.

General Discussion / Re: New Models
« on: August 12, 2018, 10:48:26 pm »
Was at the factory last Thursday and Friday. Didn't get to see the new Transit 2100, because it was staged over at the Elkhart RV show which got postponed until next weekend due to rain/mud. As I understand, it's not yet a production model--but a prototype that may be placed in production depending on the reception it receives. I did look at the new 2351D which is being built for the Hershey show in September. Places the corner bed on a second slide-out to the passenger side. Also incorporates the Truma Combi unit that combines the furnace and water heater into one unit. That was essential because the furnace had to move from beneath the corner bed to accommodate the new slide. The Truma Combis have been in use for years in Europe due to more focus on "green" issues, and are now being used in some other US units (some Winnebago models for one). Speculation is that the new 2351D could become their second most popular model (behind 2552).

General Discussion / Re: PC factory visit
« on: August 12, 2018, 01:38:05 pm »
We have been at PC for the past two days having warranty work completed. Our one year anniversary is next week. We have never had a better experience from the waiting area to the service area. Doug and Danny were exceptional. They addressed every issue we had with speed and skill. They went above and beyond our expectations. We also met a lot of people while waiting. PC employees, PC owners and a lot of potential owners. They were very busy due to a RV show that was cancelled and people came to the factory to look instead. I believe they made a few sales while we were there. Earl even walked in! That was a pleasant surprise.
I didn't count, but there were a lot of coaches being built. It looked like the production line was full.
We met Chuck, one of the owners and his wife Tina. She doesn't even work there and she spent a lot of time talking to us and making notes to help with minor issues website related.
I was impressed by everything I heard and saw. For those who were concerned about the change, I say have no fear. We are in good hands!  2o2

Well, as one of those "potential owners", I can certainly attest to the observation of a busy couple of days. I was there both days as well and we had an opportunity for some extended chats while I was waiting to get some time with sales (Hi Guys--hope your trip to Yellowstone is smooth and fun!). Barry was out, and both salesmen, Pete and Stacy, were doing their best to manage the inflow, but they had to press some folks from finance and other areas into service to conduct tours. There WERE some sales made--including Pete staying late after hours on Friday to finish up mine--thank you Pete! I did get the unexpected chance to chat with Earl a minute, had to run him down to shake his hand and tell him how a couple of years of "Earl videos" were instrumental in my becoming a Phoenix owner. All in all, I've got to second the "good hands" observation--one of my real concerns was, now that I was finally ready to buy, had the evolution and changes over the past year at Phoenix altered the combination that had forced Phoenix to the top of my list? After honest exchanges with both Barry and Pete, I'm happy to be able to say NO! I am confident that Phoenix continues in the right direction and with new models in the wings and focus on reinforcing any weaknesses in the business, I believe we'll continue to be proud of "our company".   

General Discussion / Re: 2910T--Pretty Good Price!?!
« on: July 25, 2018, 12:09:04 am »
Well, it looked good with a quick walk-through.  Several photos on the dealer web-site.  Don't know about the Car-Fax, but I'm sure MHS verifies the title with the owner before they take it on consignment.  With the Phoenix price increases for new units, I've been looking very hard at the used market.  This price jumped out at me immediately because I haven't run across anything with this age and mileage in this price range--even mentioned that to the salesman (who wasn't familiar with Phoenix Cruisers).  If it had been a 2351, I would have applied the "fine tooth comb" and would likely be making a deal (at one-half the price of my target build on the 2019 Phoenix pricing list).

General Discussion / Re: 2910T--Pretty Good Price!?!
« on: July 24, 2018, 07:20:12 pm »
Excellent point!  Flood damaged vehicles can be a racket---and that could apply to RVs as well as conventional autos.  As I said, I'm not a buyer--since my focus is a smaller unit--but anyone that may be should remember that really good pricing on a used unit always deserves a very careful review.

General Discussion / Re: 2910T--Pretty Good Price!?!
« on: July 24, 2018, 05:19:13 pm »
One aspect of the price is that the unit had several options--nav, full body paint, hydraulic levelers, second TV.  With the low mileage, just seemed like a pretty good starting point.

General Discussion / 2910T--Pretty Good Price!?!
« on: July 23, 2018, 07:34:31 pm »
Was down at Fort Worth this weekend, so took the opportunity to stop by Motor Home Specialists (about 20 miles south).  Huge place--200 acres, almost 1500 RVs total in their listed inventory, #1 volume dealer in the world.  Takes quite a while to get around their lots (even on the complimentary golf carts).  Ran across one of their used consignment units---a 2014 Phoenix 2910T with less than 7300 miles.  Their price of $64,900 caught my attention.  My target is a smaller unit (2350/2351), but if I were in the market for a 30-31 footer I would have to look twice.  With the recent price increases, that's a 50% reduction on a 4-year old unit, which looked pretty nice with my quick glance-over.

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