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General Discussion / Re: Norcold, not so much
« on: October 05, 2018, 07:00:16 pm »
All the complaints about the refrigerator gave me a big  worry since, for first time the RV has been parked in never never land and no electric for first time.  Refrigerator off several weeks.. Today RV came home in prep for trip to Ft McCoy to meet up with other PC owners... Well I put my refrig temp gauge in to see how things went in freezer... Here we are 6 hours in and it is 20 degrees... It is set at #9 which is coldest and now I may need to cut back to 7 or 8... It is cold as can be. What I did was I put some frozen items that I wanted to take but are not affected by defrosting in to assist with the cooling process. It worked beautifully. Plus ac was on in RV too. I cannot complain at all. I am delighted that it got nice and cold so my frozen items can travel with no pain.  My 20016 delivered July 26th  had not been left in hot and no ac or no refrigerator before. I am pleased with the restart. Now I feel a lot better about my take off Monday. Wash the dog Saturday. Looking forward now.
My refrig is the elec or lp gas model. Now I wish for a little bigger but wont happen. It is not in a slide but in a non slide area.

General Discussion / Re: Compartment Keys
« on: October 01, 2018, 10:15:39 am »
If you cannot open you cannot even put new locks on. what a disaster. looks like they need to send you a master key so you can open and then send you new locks... this is terrible. I have a master set for locks that once were on a different RV I will look at that and see what it is to see if any chance it would be any good.   I found out the key master I have is Trimark... like the main entry door. Why should there be 5 different keys to get into storage bins. Hard to keep up with and some work ok and some don't ..Simplify and make it easier to buy locks and easier on my pockets..I found a key for an old storage cabinet I had fit one set of locks on the rv.

 we bought in Elkhart and paid tax when we registered in Florida. Easy enough. And we had insurance for the ride home already arranged.

General Discussion / Re: A solution for drawers sliding open while driving
« on: September 27, 2018, 08:29:14 pm »
Sure is a lot of work. My silverware drawer would come out and make a lot of noise and not wanting to do anything complicated I looped a bungee from top to bottom and it works. No open drawers and less noise. Something else may fall on the floor but not the silverware now.

General Discussion / Re: Anyone with Vittrifigo refer?
« on: September 23, 2018, 08:59:45 am »
Well in 2 weeks I get to see how long it takes my Norcold that will run on some kind of electric or lp gas , will take to get  up to cold. Before this it was never off except to defrost. And it would get cold enough to freeze things in refrig. It is 2016  2910T model RV. I just hope it works... My handyman went to heaven so he is in real over see-er mode... and now I have to keep things running and pray a lot maybe.

General Discussion / Re: Another door latch
« on: September 19, 2018, 12:23:01 pm »
well now I have a door on drivers side with southco  latches that will not stay closed. I have removed most of the stuff in it since I had to move out to a parking area away from home today. I have put tape on the door to try to keep it closed while I am on the road. Now to figure what on earth do I do to get it so things line up and remain closed. I  have looked at it and do not see any adjustment  to change it so it locks good. One is closed one side is not and the whole door can be opened locked or not. That is how poorly it closes.  Well guess I have to hope for advisors on the 8th or 9th. Idea's welcome indeed.  If it rains the tape will come off I bet. The left side of the door does not line up straight in the opening. It is lower than the right so good reason not to catch when it closes.

General Discussion / Re: We have a date!
« on: September 06, 2018, 02:44:58 pm »
The campground does close early Oct as I recall for the winter. So Sept is ok but Oct will be iffy.
Check in if you are oct pick up.The folks there are very nice and appreciate your stop over. Wishing you all well and this is a good stop over. And you can find things that need a tweek when you use the unit like it is intended even for an overnight.

General Discussion / Re: Traveling Solo
« on: August 28, 2018, 05:27:10 pm »
Ha ha. Ive gone through several times and several with a 41 ft Allegro Bus... that was un nerving to say the least. I did it this time because of the stops I had to make. And my son said take the by pass... well we did 10 miles at 5 mph or less so it took ages to get where I was going. And I have new instructions from a friend who does not have a rv but her travel route is more enjoyable than Atlanta by far... so I printed it out so I can add it to my route next go round. I usually skip all the way over to Alabama and skip ga all together... See ya. P

PS  Nashville is not good either. But it is difficult to skip all the horrid city driving. Just pick your time to pass through and that makes a world of difference.

General Discussion / Re: Electric gate valve problem
« on: August 28, 2018, 02:50:53 pm »
I see the discussion on tire life...a very important facet. we went from 41 ft to 31 ft and tire life is about 4-6 years affected somewhat by mileage. And mileage is not a factor years is the factor. And DOT on commercial vehicles does have age limits. Tire life on RV's is never mileage. This is not a car with the loads carried from time to time. So you  don't adapt your  old knowledge this is a new ball game with the RV so we learn a new set of rules for operating. Good luck with the adventure.

General Discussion / Re: Traveling Solo
« on: August 28, 2018, 08:48:23 am »
Update. I left 11 a.m. Wednesday 22nd.. later than my usual but had to make an appt. Then I said if I am ever going need to get at it and I did. When I returned Sunday 5:45 pm I had done 1488.6 miles  to Tennessee and stopped in to see former neighbor now 97 who was in a rehab place after a bad fall. Then back south a stop in traffic nightmare Atlanta and another stop in small old town also in Ga. then home again. Went well. Now I reevaluate my skills and organization at getting things done. But looks good.

After midnight and sound asleep it was not a hairspray event. I don't spray on the road. The detector was green on LP light and the carbon monoxide lighted bright red and the alarm was loud so I have to assume the alarm activated to what it sniffed. Smoke alarms have alerted to hairspray. Jim used hairspray but he died April 25th so hairspray is not a factor now. The apparatus is big square one near floor before you go down steps and is marked for several things it appears. I have to trust its sniffer.

No windows open at all in RV when I had the carbon monoxide episode. Nothing partly open. I could have had a window in the back open I guess. And experienced RV eers who had a look did not understand how it happened. Suggested a exhaust extension.. but that would be awkward. I had ran the generator at a different location, in Tennessee, and I was keeping the dog cool while I visited old friend in medical facility. was no hint of any failure. so I wonder if I should put another such detector towards the front wall to be sure no problems happening before it reaches the floor detector at the kitchen area... I have one at home. Will look at that. I feel like Jim was watching over us for this jaunt. The RV handled well in Mts and so I did the 1500 miles 4.5 days.  Some work then we go again.

What I realized tonight after thinking on this and getting home near Tampa... I did not have the sofa slide open... maybe the seal is not good when the slides are not out... I should have turned on the ceiling exhaust fans too... and awaken from sleep I was not sharp at all. Usually I use the generator when I am on the road... but this was first time sleeping and ac was on and generator. I may not do that again. I will have someone look at it tomorrow. And it was suggested that the door to genset might be left open... but it is open to the ground underneath. The alarm/sensor is the same one for several things installed in the 16 models..it has lp and a green light and other things and is installed near door way exit near our refrigerator... near floor level. I feel like my luck did not run out yet. When I told my son what happened he relayed when he was camping and 2 campers in a camping trailer nearby died from same problem and no alarm when their heater failed. So it is important equipment to have on board. I have at home too. Well my test run was 1488. and the jeep battery died so I did something wrong... new test starts tomorrow. I have to get it right.

General Discussion / Carbon Monoxide alarm when on gen set & AC running
« on: August 25, 2018, 11:56:21 pm »
Well, guess I am glad I am awake at this house. The Alarm began to go off and I  got up... And it appeared it was the carbon monoxide and indeed it was a red light and a loud alarm... I opened the door, turned off the ac and then the generator too. And was able to open one dinette window... Other one will not be opened except with my trusty hammer. Guess my test drive could have ended up dead. Amazing... And not the result I was looking for. The fumes from the GenSet should not be coming in with the ac... That is not good at all. I was not aware of that before. And earlier the coming and going may have helped change the air quality to fair.  Could have come home from dinner to find a dead dog companion too.... The thoughts are enough to keep me awake tonight. Camping with no electric plug in seems to be not for me.

Have to see why this would have happened and if it can be fixed.

Have now to check and see how many windows will open if needed. These are nice to look at but opening has always been a PIA...
the unit is 2910T.   3 slides but tonight only 1 slide out. The dinette. This could have been a nightmare for grandaughter... Not nearly as clever as it was supposed to be. P

General Discussion / Re: Sawdust Blowing out of Main AC Unit
« on: August 16, 2018, 07:06:21 am »
Well no surprise. We had metal shavings and saw dust and screws every time we opened the living room and dinette slide. that went on for a long time. The first couple of times was really something. Sometimes just driving down the road we would get shavings on the floor from the dinette slide. With the cover off the ac you may see where the shavings are sitting. Then when we really looked I came up with a wrench, screw driver, and other parts that I returned to the shop last July when we made our run and got things put in order.

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