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Thanks for your info. It does not appear I have a 1 click counter clockwise on my set up. I have gps, Sirius, am/fm I think and camera view in one slot... and no acc.... On the traded in Class A things were on a flip switch on the dash... so you had 12v switch... which was handy.

We want to say big Thank you to the super experts who are so helpful. I printed for himself who is in charge... The first leak was at the floor dripping down somewhere from the dinette slide, first night we had it..big mess that was even the sleeping dog got wet and moved to the sofa. Her mat was very wet.  rain and wind made a visit in the park we had gone to near the plant. Since I have been very careful about letting the slide out and making certain it is tight to the gasket.  Now the new surprise is in the carpet like material at the top of the cabinets which are in the top corner of the slide over the dinette... it was wet enough that I tossed the roll of paper towels... and removed other things .. So now I have the little doors open to air and the AC is on..and I am looking at using plastic bins for anything I put up there so less chance of wet items... Nothing like that on sofa side...Its leaking from the slide.. when it is in.. no leak... only leaked when it was open... I am trying to be more careful when opening to be certain each slide is tight against the gasket so no hiccups.

Dinette table is booth... so table attached under the window with annoying leg in way. We do not have a sofa table...I did not mention, we had some moisture come into the cabinet above the dinette when we were stopped for a couple of days at twin lake fish camp, Baxter , tn. (catfish farm) its nearest camp site to a couple of friends we wanted to see... and storm came and we got a surprise. We are parked indoors now so we have time to figure out whats seeping.. may need silicone at screw holes to seal.. will see what we find. When we catch up on Dr and such.

Morning, Thanks for all the information. I am going to push a button and print so I have it in hand for consideration .   The dinette table top which is off center will have to be removed and see what can be done to reinstall the attachment pieces so it can be centered.  It does need to be usable for 2 people whether I take to cooking or not.    I see a great deal of mechanical talent driving these PC. The drive went fine. Mileage so far was at 8 MPG.  And had the generator on most of the time to keep dog comfy. Had never had such a tiny GenSet. and this one worked amazingly well. Noise level inside was not bad either.  Looking forward to getting on Road again.

when ignition in on position , motor not running it will come on. Guess I was spoiled with a flip switch on dash before. And there are times tv signals are not floating through the air where you might park, or where I might park... so Satelite radio saves the day. Now to see if that ever happens again or if I just shut up an drive. 

Nice to hear, we store our rv in Tampa where we have a spare house on our old shop property. So we have 50 amp and keep it plugged in .... the dinette is not installed with even space on each side so one is usable and the other side is not. Needs a super skinny A  person... Then the Radio install, which is a big bill, changed the ignition so there is NO accessory position. And this radio has no on the dash flip switch so it can be used when vehicle is parked at a site. When I asked about that I had a message from Kermit to fix the problem with Ford we needed to bear the cost. He had this same situation with our friends who bought last fall and were the reason we selected this maker. We now need a real live Ford ignition expert to rewire or add whatever modules to get the radio,GPS, Sat radio,camera  into its own slot and allow for all to work at some level in accessory mode. I have looked at connectors from Ford... but made no determination. Guess I will know more before its all over with. Not what I wanted to concentrate on. Well the Allegro Bus took a while to get in shape too.. even a trip to Red Bay, Al. that one started out with no on or off for the hot water tank. Had to turn off at the breaker till our appt 2 months out. SO have not given up yet. thanks, patricia , near tampa

General Discussion / Radio install on new 2910 works only w ignition ON
« on: August 05, 2016, 09:52:59 pm »
Our new 2910 with the pricey radio gps rear camera install has no accessory spot on the ignition. Means the new radio satellite or not will not work in accessory when we are in a no tv signal area ...And so far no solution. The GPS has a position that makes it not useful at all... so we brought out the tow car GPS and added it to the dash for view of  the road ahead     Short on pre sale information it seems. Dining table good for 1 person. Not installed in the center of the available space... Mr is talented in design and other things.. so he will have to be Mr Fix it. Everyone needs a Mr Fixit... even with a tent.

General Discussion / Re: New PC 2552 Pickup
« on: June 04, 2016, 08:32:43 am »
Looks like we will be in the plant area at the same time. We have a 3 slide 2910 on the line. My report yesterday it was having the slide rooms fitted and installed. This is our 3rd RV. Did not count tent camping units. We are down sizing and look forward to this unit. We had several add on's so we have a check list . We look forward to picking up. It would be a 1200 mile delivery. And retired means we should have time. They are very helpful and they are the experts so we do not expect anything that cannot be handled in short order. We have several stops to make en route back to Florida. Can't wait. that's the difficult part.

we have just given up the central vacuum. It was a pain. The bag area is out of the main cabin so changing it is an outside job. The tools were a lot of trouble so they remained away. We use a Bissell that works as a hand vac or fits in beater brush assembly. Handle folds down for stowing away. is rechargeable and picks up dog hair. No bags except the old one on the handle.

General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself!
« on: May 30, 2016, 04:45:25 pm »
You asked so here we go.. We are in the midst of a real downsizing. We have traded in our Allegro Bus Class A, which was great and in nice shape for a 2910T which we are waiting for. We were lucky to have a visit with friends in Dec who bought a PC 3100 also a move from a very nice Class A. And they were very pleased with the outcome.  Like us one dog and one couple. The difficult part will be the drive to PC and dealing with hotels again. It will be Tampa to Elkhart so a long adventure out in the world with no RV. We are looking forward to the change. Mr does not drive the RV I do not expect that to change but I will give up some chores to his talent and experience.  Love the info we have seen on here. Regards to all

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