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General Discussion / Re: Another PC hits the road
« on: December 20, 2015, 11:27:51 am »
Yep, still the same two legged table with tripod feet stored behind the eurochair forward of the door. Hard to get out for a quick meal.

General Discussion / Re: Another PC hits the road
« on: December 19, 2015, 01:15:06 pm »
To JiminVA: One thing about the 2351. The bath is very small. But it is OK for us. The 2552 has a larger and nicer bathroom. And larger water tank. You can never have enough water. We got to walk around the factory and see the finished units awaiting delivery. They had a very nice 2910  with lots of custom cabinets going to either CA or TX. I was impressed. Anyone thinking about purchasing a PC should go out to the factory first, walk around, and then talk to Earl. Apparently, they can and do a great deal of custom work.

General Discussion / Re: Another PC hits the road
« on: December 19, 2015, 01:03:37 pm »
I am answering a question here rather than on the "transmission thread" The reason for purchasing a 2351 are many, but here goes. We are 75 yrs old. We still enjoy hiking, exploring, sight seeing, etc. We lived and worked in Alaska for 13 years and got hooked on the outdoors. We had a Born Free 27 side bed but it did not have a slide. Passing each other required one of us to sit or move into the doorway. So we bought a 34 Newmar DP. But we found that you cannot go exploring down back roads, back country campsites, etc with a big rig. We just sat around and got bored. So we purchased the PC so we did not have to tow a vehicle but we can. We have gone "Jeepin" in Colorado and New Mexico and driving the 35 mile beach of Padre Island, Tx . I am 6'3" and the side bed was a little short for me. In talking to Earl, he told us that we could do a great deal of custom work such as doing away with the passenger side pantry and extending the bed 6" and the kitchen counter 6". Also, I had a higher dome put in the shower so I don't have to bend over to shower. The slide allows us more living room. We had the double recliner/bed installed for my wife to sleep on (she likes it) and the slide has a pantry. You can see the TV from the rear most recliner. I don't watch much TV so have the front passenger seat swivel for reading and a Eurochair if want to watch TV. A cordless headset for my wife to listen to the TV gives me quiet to read. The table requires a bit of time to set up and we will use it for breakfast and maybe dinner. On the road lunch in the camper has not yet been worked out. We had all Fantastic fans installed. Hate those whining little vent fans. Had a slide window awning installed to keep the sun out in hot weather plus an electric patio awning. We like the thermopane windows. Keeps cold out and hot out as well as noise. They also open to get a breeze when A/C isn't required. The roof has lots of open space for the solar panels for boondocking. For extra space, we have a hitch mounted carrier and will put my pickup box on it.  Kyle demo'd the surround sound in one of the units at the Hershey RV show where we bought the PC. Our hearing isn't as it once was and the surround sound allows you to hear music or the TV without blowing the walls out. We are headed for Florida after Christmas for a month and intend hit Key West, Everglades, and explore more than sit around. Have to be home end of January. We are in the Maple syrup business and work three months till warmer weather. Then look out, here we come. 

General Discussion / Re: New transmission
« on: December 18, 2015, 08:03:01 pm »
Just picked up our new 2016 2351 on a E450 chassis. It has the new six speed transmission. Drove it from Elkhart to Northeast Pennsylvania. At 60 mph into a stiff headwind and towing a Jeep Trailhawk  and with less than 200 miles on it, I got 8 mpg. I kept the cruise on into the hills of western PA to test the new transmission and was impressed. At that 60 mph, I had 2200 rpm and the first downshift ran it up to 2700 with a smooth shift. The next downshift brought 3500 rpm, again smoothly and maintained 60 mph minus one or two mph. No more screaming up hills. The E450 chassis rode nicely. I had a Born Free (2010) on a E450 and rode harsh. Even with Mor-Ride installed. This one is much smoother right out of the box.

General Discussion / Another PC hits the road
« on: December 18, 2015, 07:46:08 pm »
 :-D We arrived at the PC factory Monday morning to pick up our new 2351. Bob, the production manager showed us a slight flaw in the paint near the rear window. We could get it fixed now or come back at a later date. We elected to have it fixed now so they put us up in a very nice motel nearby. Next day the unit came back from the paint shop and we got the walk thru and about 3pm hit the road. We hadn't gone five miles and a loud squeak developed over the drivers head in a cabinet. We returned to the factory but the workers had left. They work 6 to 2. Kermit  parked us in the parking lot and hooked us up to electric power. Next day it took about an hour to fix the problem and we took off for home towing our Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk and into a very stiff quartering headwind. We averaged 8 mpg that day (haven't done second day yet) Did notice a slight "tail wagging the dog" which was minor but I have a trac-bar from a previous RV that I will install.  The new six speed is a great improvement. Cruise on, headwind and towing showed 2200 rpm. First downshift brought rpm to 2700 and second downshift on the steepest hills went to 3500 rpm. No more screaming up the hills. We chose the E450 upgrade which rode very well.  Whole unit was very quiet except some wind noise around the side windows and mirrors. We stayed overnight in a truck stop. Temp was lower 40's. We set the heat at 65 and had to keep turning it down. We use sleeping bags.  Heater only ran for a short time  and was fairly quiet. We have the thermo windows. Somewhere in the forum was a complaint about the dash GPS/radio/rear camera. This is true.  The only thing you can see during daylight is the reflection of the passenger. If I could do it over again, I would get the rear camera with audio and mount it just below the tv and have a portable gps. We are very happy with the new PC.

General Discussion / Re: New Jeep Cherokee
« on: November 24, 2015, 03:12:21 pm »
We have a 2015 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk with 8400 miles. About half being towed. Not a lick of trouble.

General Discussion / Re: Thank you
« on: November 03, 2015, 07:17:21 pm »
Hey, Chuily. Where do you live in AK. We lived in Denali for 13 years (89 to 03) Would probably still be there but had heart problems and couldn't pass my pilots medical so lost my job. Oh, well

General Discussion / Re: Sound proofing/Undercoating
« on: October 27, 2015, 05:11:01 pm »
OK, OK. So what? A thousand dollar party somewhere???

General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself!
« on: October 27, 2015, 08:14:40 am »
Looks like the "Ron's" think alike. I'm 6'3" and we had the kitchen pantry removed, the side bed extended 6" and the kitchen counter extended 6". We kept the slide pantry. I also am having a higher dome installed in the shower. When I tried the one on display at Hershey, I had to bend over all the time. Earl called his parts people from the show and they said "no problem" so we will have a higher dome in the shower. Also, we elected to build our 2351 on the E450 chassis. A $1700 option. We will not have a dinette but the smaller recliner that makes into a bed and will use the portable table when necessary. We also had an awning installed on the slide window. When we elect to, our toad is a 2014 Jeep Trailhawk. We used to tow a Wrangler and go "jeepin" in Colorado, Utah, and Montana. Hope to continue with the PC.  Still have a month or so to wait. Grrrrr.

General Discussion / Sound proofing/Undercoating
« on: October 26, 2015, 04:39:37 pm »
Has anyone had their new unit sound proofed. Kyle stated it was like a bed liner spray and does a lot to quiet road noise. Also acts like an undercoater. $1000. for a 2351 on a E450 chassis. Think its worth it ?????

General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself!
« on: October 24, 2015, 05:30:46 pm »
Did you know that after ordering your new PC, the months waiting for delivery has 45 to 60 days in them. Hi. We are Ron and Toni Purdum. We went to the Hershey RV show to check out Leisure Travel Unity, Born Free, Coach House and PC. After three days, we decided on a 2351 PC and spent hours with Kyle and Earl and ordered it. We had owned a Born Free prior to our 35 ft Newmar DP but the Born Free didn't have a slide. Still didn't. Leisure Travel had a 9 -10 months wait and Coach House was Very expensive. Anyway, we wanted a smaller unit with a side that we can explore with.  We both worked in Alaska at Denali NP and still enjoy "end of the road" hiking and exploring, hence the smaller PC.  Earl said Dec or Jan (due to full body paint) but wow, thats a long way off. Anyway, we expect to spend next summer traveling and exploring the back roads and byways that we have missed so far. Hope to meet up with other PC travelers and attend PC gathering.

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