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General Discussion / Re: Miles Per Gallon - Anyone?
« on: July 04, 2009, 09:48:09 am »
Sounds like you're getting great mileage on your Allegro. They're wonderful coaches. I have the Phoenix 2950 and get around 9 mpg in Florida. Few hills here to reduce mileage but the AC is constantly in use.    George

Hi, Connie. I believe if you take hold of the sides of the TV and push up, the TV will slide up and out of the mount that holds it in place. Once you have it up a bit, I think you'll need to lean it toward you to clear the slanted ceiling. Whatever you do, don't try to "snap/yank it out." I'm thinking of replacing my TV as well and fiddled with it a bit. It does seem to slide up.

The roof is fiberglass. The caulk I use is called Dicor (they have self-leveling and non-leveling that can be shaped). It can be purchased at most RV service departments. As to your leak, notice if that is where your AC runoff drains to when you're parked. That can create some interesting leaks. You may also want to (carefully) get on the roof and check out any nearby roof openings (vents, fans, etc.) to see if there may be a crack around a seam. Your leak could be there, seeping under the roof, running toward a low point and falling from there.

These RVs are fun but full of mystery challenges...

Good luck.    George

hi-  checking to see if someone has a similar tv setup as i am thinking of buying a new one.  just want to get it out.  have a 2006 23.50 and front tv is enclosed with a padded "U" shaped enclosure covering both sides and the bottom.  unable to see inside the side cabinets to get to it-maybe i just snap/yank it out?  don't dare try w/o advice.  also have a call into phoenix usa but no response yet.

a couple other questions while i'm here.  am replacing my ladder (i scrunched it-ouch) and wondering if anyone knows what sealant is used on the roof to seal it (and to seal all other areas one the roof also.)

i have read on the web something about using some different kind of sealant or side seams also.  anyone have any knowledge of this?

are our roofs fiberglass or vinyl?  (you can see my knowledge is very limited but am trying to learn.)

oh heck-while i'm at it.  i've been experiencing a leak fairly regularly in the back end right side (as you face the rv from the front) in the rear corner of the corner bed and strangly enough, the water ends up in the storage compartmant on that side and even puddles in there sometimes.  a friend and i  have done some resealing on the roof and back side seams and did almost completely stop it for a while.  it even wet the bedding and mattress in that corner on its way down before we sealed.  anyway, the leak is back but is making it past the bed and somehow inside the ceiling maybe and the wall, wends its way down to the bottom.  anyone get water in that area?

thanks for any help.  connie b.

Tips and Tricks / Re: Improvements and Enhancements To Our 2007 PC-2350
« on: February 04, 2009, 09:47:44 pm »
Very nice, Ron. I'm interested in replacing my TV with a larger one, as well. Can you describe how you remove the existing one? I think I probably have the same one you had. Does the TV slip upward out of its rack. Or is it necessary to remove panels in order to get to the mount behind? Thanks for sharing your experience and any advice you can give.  George

General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself!
« on: January 26, 2009, 05:41:19 pm »
Hello John and Lucy,

I agree with Ron that you will find the Phoenix Cruiser roomier than your PleasureWay depending, of course, on which PW model you have. And I agree that the PC is probably better for people under 6' unless you have no issues with a low ceiling. My PC has beautiful cherry cabinets but, if I had my druthers, I would have chosen the maple. Because the PC walls curve in at the top and the ceiling is lower than a class C, I think the lighter wood would provide an airier feeling. But that's just my personal preference. I saw the 09's at the recent Tampa RV show. They looked nice but the dark wood and the darker Corian they had on display gave them a smaller feel.

The size of the shower is fine for me, so far. Of course, if I gain a few more pounds...

My PC handles beautifully on the highway, even without any steering or suspension enhancements. It drives more smoothly than my '04 Concord. And it does not get buffeted around like my big Class A Dolphin. 18-wheelers loved to blow that one off the road. The curved sides and lower profile of the PC really make a difference.

Mechanically, my '06 is doing very well. I looked at quite a few B+ rigs. Aside from the Dynamax (that is very pricey), my choice again would be the Phoenix Cruiser.

George in Florida
2006 PC-2950

General Discussion / Re: Generator and inverter issues
« on: January 26, 2009, 05:30:02 am »
Hello, Val. I have a bit of a similar issue with my '06 PC-2950. When running on generator, I have enough power to run my TV and microwave. But my air conditioner wants to stop and restart. Then, finally, the generator dies. I was told that my generator may be laboring under demand. It may be you have a similar problem with inconsistent power from the generator.

I'm told there may be "varnish" in my generator from lack of use and letting fuel sit in it for long periods of time. (My unit was 2 years old when I bought it and had only 45 hours on the generator.) I was advised to get some "Sea Foam" at Walmart (auto section) and try to clean the carburetor with it. Not sure how to do that yet. But hope to get it cleaned and generator oil changed next weekend. Hopefully, that will resolve my issue since I'm going dry camping the following week... luckily, here in Florida.


Adventure Anywhere / Re: first trip out - Wateree State Park SC
« on: January 25, 2009, 08:44:58 pm »
JP & Chris,

It sounds like you have a good unit. And it will appreciate all the nice things you're doing for it. Sad when people let things go, but sometimes it's fun to polish up a gem.

Hope the leak areas aren't too bad. I have an '06 that had a bit of leaking around the amber lights on the front cap. Hard to reach but easy enough to fix once I rotated the outside rearview mirrors back enough to reach over to caulk. That's the only problem with the B's - getting to that overhead cap.

As to your outside finish, I found some cleaner/polish called 3M Fiberglass Cleaner & Wax (you can find it in the boating section at Walmart). It did a good job restoring a nice finish to a previous RV I had. Just don't rub too hard...

Glad you're enjoying your PC. Hope you have better neighbors on your next trip!


General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself!
« on: January 25, 2009, 08:20:18 pm »

It's nice to see a blog specifically for Phoenix Cruiser. I bought an PC-2950 a few months ago. So far, it has done very well and I'm enjoying it for weekend trips around Florida. It appears well built compared to some other RV's and I'm enjoying the overall quality of the rig. I would recommend it to others looking for a reliable B+ or C.

2006 PC-2950

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