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General Discussion / Bilstein Shocks
« on: August 25, 2021, 10:16:56 am »
  I have a 2010  2551  27Ft  PC and when it hits ruts in the road the whole chassis shades and was wondering if replacing the shocks  will this give a better ride?   On the highway, it rides perfect until it finds rough roads.
   Is it because it being a "C" class motor home that it is a rough ride compared to a "A" class RV??  Any Suggestions

Seeing how I travel by myself since my husband past I am interested to know if anyone is going this year from the east coast that I might hook up with and travel like a rolling rally.  I would feel more comfortable in that instant.  Next year the reunion is to be on the east coast which I hope to be able to participate.   Last year it was in Sisters Oregon and was not comfortable in traveling that far.   They weren't not too far from the brush fires then but all went well. 
   So would like to know as sign up is by June 1st for early registration. $410 per couple, $310 per single, $100 per an extra person. After June 1s the fee goes up $25.00 more.   Cancellation fee is $50.00 if notified by August 1st.  After that date fees are not refunded due to guarantee sites that are made with campground.

  I have attended one other reunion and had a great time.  Great program and meals provided. Would love to attend. 
Maybe someone is interested on this east coast.  Mary Ellen :)

General Discussion / Re: black tank
« on: May 02, 2018, 05:44:49 pm »
2018 2400, dumped black tank using macerator, valve wouldn't close all the way, looked through the toilet, bottom covered with sludge. Opened 3 inch manual dump and flushed it clean. Black tank valve then closed. Do I have to flush every time? Seems when using macerator all the liquid drains first leaving sludge behind in the tank. Why do I need electric dump valves? Using a manual valve   is fool proof.

I personally like to dump the standard manual valve. The secret is to have full tanks so the pressure cleans the tanks better than the macerator. I am a widow and travel by myself and it takes awhile  to fill the tanks.  So I will fill them with the water and watch the gauge and them dump.  My late husband told me about that as he was in the RV industries.  You need force to do a good cleaning dump.  Just a suggestion.

General Discussion / Re: flush
« on: May 02, 2018, 05:40:48 pm »
I heard you shouldn't use your fresh water hose to flush the tanks using the flush system, Why?

I have a separate regular garden hose to flush the tanks.  I have the standard white RV hose for my drinking water. I feel it is more sanitary. 

General Discussion / Back up Camera blue screen
« on: April 24, 2018, 04:45:11 pm »
 a little while ago I made a post about my back up camera having just a blue screen. Well the problem is solved by my son.  It seems it wasn't a loose connection but I pushed the wrong button on the camera which changed the display.  DAH! Thank heavens it was easy fix and not having to dismantle anything to see if it was a loose wire.   Maybe someone else might have the same problem and thought it best to repost this .
  So simple.!!! :lol

General Discussion / Re: Florida meet-up
« on: April 24, 2018, 04:29:09 pm »
I have reservations at Silver springs State Park  campground for June 11, 12 and 13.  I am not trying to interfere with ROO's attempt at a PC gathering.  It will be difficult to get a group together when the snowbirds begin to arrive.  I do appreciate our nothern neighbors reluctance to endure the Florida summers.  There are several sites available at the above campground but they appear to be filling fast.  If anyone would like to meet up, we could make it a mini gathering.  Anyone interested can send me a private message and I can provide the site, loop etc. 

ROO, I sent you a PM regarding my plans but no response.

Thanks, Larry
Sounds great and would be interested but I am booked for a cruise that week.  Lots of luck and maybe next trip.

General Discussion / Re: Back up Camera blue screen
« on: April 02, 2018, 11:12:50 am »
I have 2010 2551 with back up camera.  It has worked fine  a month a go when I went down to the Pole Barn to turn over the engine and I notice the camera only had a blue screen and don't know why.  I didn't take it out for a ride just backed it out of the pole barn to keep the fumes outside. I remember seeing the screen showing me backing out.  There is power but no picture just a blue screen.  The volume, contrast, brightness, etc show ok.  Could real cold weather have anything to do with it. Has anyone had this problem?  I don't have any reference to see what it could be.  Probably something simple and stupid that I am missing! Any Suggestions!
Thanks for the suggestions so far.

General Discussion / Back up Camera blue screen
« on: March 31, 2018, 11:15:56 am »
I have 2010 2551 with back up camera.  It has worked fine  a month a go when I went down to the Pole Barn to turn over the engine and I notice the camera only had a blue screen and don't know why.  I didn't take it out for a ride just backed it out of the pole barn to keep the fumes outside. I remember seeing the screen showing me backing out.  There is power but no picture just a blue screen.  The volume, contrast, brightness, etc show ok.  Could real cold weather have anything to do with it. Has anyone had this problem?  I don't have any reference to see what it could be.  Probably something simple and stupid that I am missing! Any Suggestions!

General Discussion / Re: CPAP Machine location
« on: March 28, 2018, 10:17:25 am »
I am a new member anxiously waiting for my new coach 2910T to be built. I have sleep apnea and am wondering where I can put my CPAP machine in the slide with the queen bed. Does anyone with this situation have any suggestions?
  I have a 2010 2551 and use a Cpap machine and am able to store the machine just above the twin bed in the cabinet with the electric plugged in below with no problem.  Never did I ever think I would have to use this machine but it is important for my health since there are heart problems in the family.  Since it is only me camping I can also put it on the floor by the bed with no problem as well.

General Discussion / Re: A Proposal - Gathering of the Clan
« on: March 28, 2018, 10:10:35 am »

I was wondering if there is any interest on the part of Phoenix Cruiser owners, who are members of the PC Forum, for an informal gathering of the clan in the Florida area. Other owners who do not participate in the forum would be welcome to join in, but I am not sure how to communicate with them. It would be an opportunity for owners to meet and share the excitement of owning a PC and share their travel adventures. Very much like our forum, except in real time and face to face.
This gathering would be open to anyone interested in making the journey to whatever location is selected. Florida is mentioned because that is where I reside and would be willing to help get the ball rolling if there is enough interest. I envision a very informal gathering located in an easily accessible location near a major highway at a campground with full hookups. And if possible a campground that is close to restaurants, shopping and entertainment. At this point in time, no discussions or arrangements have been made with anyone.
Unlike national club rallies, there would be no hosts or formal activities. This is simply a gathering of kindred souls. Each attendee or group of attendees would be responsible for their food and entertainment. The goal is to meet other PC owners and share the joys of our RV lifestyle. I think you get the idea.
If this gathering is of interest to enough PC owners, we could move on to the next step which is to determine the when and where.
If anyone sees any potential problems with this concept please raise your concerns now before this thought proceeds beyond the dreaming stage. I do not want to cause problems with our national organization or any other group I am not familiar with. So please if you see any issues, raise them immediately.
I am most interested in your thoughts and concerns regarding this very preliminary proposal.

[/quote]This sounds like a great idea.  I camp with a chapter of FMCA every month and it would be great if PC's could meet more often than once a year at a reunion   Even if it were quarterly.  This year's reunion is central US and I am not sure if I will travel solo to Duluth.  It is just me and the Pooch Penny.  I travel the eastern seaboard ok but unsure of traveling west solo unless there would be a few PC's having a rolling rally that way from the eastern US.   The idea of waiting till PC comes east next year is too far off for getting together. So this idea proposed is interesting. Something to consider.

General Discussion / Re: 2551/2%52 owners
« on: August 06, 2017, 04:29:03 pm »
For those of you with 2551/2 models with the solid sliding doors. Where did you place the TP holder and towel racks.  Has anyone actually mounted them to the sliding doors. How dI'd that work out ??. Any other ideas. I already thought about nails in the walls but DW said NOOO.
I put 2 plastic hooks with 3M removable tape and used a shash curtain rod  to hang my towel. I put one on top of the sliding door and one lower just underneath where the towel hangs.  It has work out great inside the bathroom door.  I have used these types of plastic hooks with the 3M tapes for other needs.  Can get them anywhere like Walmart. Hooks come in different sizes for different purposes.

Hello PC Family,
Well at 76 yrs of age I plan to hold onto my PC rig. 2010 27ft and has served me well. Downsized from a 33' after my Paul passed in 2012 and have enjoyed my PC. Now travel solo and it is just the right size.  Would love to have a 30' but at my age don't want to have the expense or monthly payments. So if isn't broken why try to fix it as the expression goes. Take each year as it comes and decide at the end of the camping season ask myself will I continue to the next season since  I don't have a "camping partner" anymore. But joining FMCA Penn Coachmen Chapter has helped a lot making new friends! 
I thought this question will spark some interesting conversation.

Question #1 - Just before buying your Phoenix Cruiser (your first PC for you on #2 or more), how long did you think it would serve you?
Question #2 - Now that you owned it a while, do you feel the same?
Question #3 - How long have you owned your PC so far?
Question #4 - If you sold your first PC, how long did you own it for?

A few people here are on their second or even third PC.  One person might be buying his fourth PC.  For those people, feel free to answer the 4 questions on each one you've owned.

As for Irene and me, our original plan was to own our PC until we are too old and dangerous to drive it.  That was 10 years ago and we are still on-track.  We both turned 59 this year so we hope we have a long way to go.  Keeping any rig that long seems achievable for us given it is garage-kept, and we've been averaging only 3500 miles a year.  I could see one day far far away selling our brick-&-mortar house of which it might be beneficial to throw our PC into the deal to get our price, given the PC fit's inside the house.....one fancy appliance included.  :)

Ron Dittmer

General Discussion / Re: Search members by state
« on: May 08, 2017, 10:41:41 am »
Intervec did have a rally in Petosky,(sp) MI. a couple years ago at a KOA.  They may like to return...

I attended that reunion and I'm from PA. Had a great time.

John backpacked a 50 mile, rim-to-rim-to-rim in the Grand Canyon with the Boy Scouts in August some years back. It was 113 degrees the day they hiked in. One day was enough to teach them to stop moving and seek shade by 10 am. They then started hiking by 4:00 each morning and it was still evil hot. A ranger told them that once the outside temp gets over your body temp, there is no way your body can regulate without outside help. He advised them to take off their shirts, dip them in the streams and put them back on soaking wet to gain evaporative cooling.  Better, but still wicked hot.

If you plan to see the North Rim, check seasonal closings. It is at a higher elevation and they close due to winter snow. John felt the north rim was more beautiful than the south rim but it is a long drive from nowhere to get to it.

Side note with more Ranger info - they airlift more people out of the canyon for drinking TOO MUCH water. This doesn't mean don't drink water, it means EAT. When you are hot, you lose your appetite. If you drink and drink and drink and do not eat, you effectively flush all the salts and minerals out of your system and it will crash. While you may not be planning a 50 miler in the canyon, you can still get sick and woozy from even a day of this severe inbalance.
Thanks for the info but at my age I don't plan to doing any hiking. I am concerned about the heat just being there and my son has COPD and get short winded and the heat is not a great thing to deal with.  I am considering postponing the trip till next year and leave a lot sooner than July as planned.   My friend just returned after leaving in late April and said it is the trip of a lifetime but it went to 20degrees one nite and and 32 the next nite and kept the propane heater going all nite just to keep warm.  Temperatures change a lot I have been told.   Now I have to convince my son that July is not the time to go.  At any rate south or north I have been told it is breath taking. Also finding a campground within a reasonable distance to the south rim can be challenging at this late date. 

Having worked in Glen Canyon, just up-river from Grand Canyon; I can tell you that GC in August is HOT. 90's on the rims and 100's down in the canyon. But it's a dry heat.   ;)
T. hanks,  I think we will pass until next year and go north in eastern states. I don't enjoy the heat.  Thanks for the info which I figured it would be hot.

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