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General Discussion / All good things have to come to an end
« on: July 25, 2023, 12:41:25 pm »
After ten years of wonderful ownership and fine service, it is time for us to sell our 2013 PC 2350. 

We have meticulously maintained it and we were so excited when we bought it from a newbie ten years ago this September.   He had owned it eleven months and decided, much to his wife's dismay, what he really wanted was big diesel pusher.   We had spent a year looking at new units online and had decided on the 2350 as our ideal coach because we loved the size and the large black tank which would is perfect for boondocking, which is how we mostly camp.  We planned to fly up to the factory and order a new one.   Then, this baby with full body paint and more options than we would have ever ordered popped up for sale less than five miles from our home!!   Since they only made about 20 of this model a year (best we could determine) it was an amazing discovery for us.   We made the deal with the seller in less than an hour, a record for me buying anything much beyond a T shirt!!

Now, after forty years of RVing, age and situation tells us it is time to move on from owning our lovely coach.   For ten years this unit has been stored in an enclosed garage, just as the original owner did during his eleven month tenure.  So, we begin the process of finding a new home for our "baby".   

This forum has been immensely helpful to me over those ten years.   Thanks to all that contributed and gave us a lot of good advice and technical knowledge we didn't possess, particularly as it applies to some of the things unique to PCs.   

Finding a value for a fully equipped, always garaged coach with less than 34,000 miles is difficult and that is where we are in the process now.   If anyone has any ideas let me know.   I have been searching online for some comps and so far the results of that are limited.  There just doesn't seem to be many low mileage upscale Cs fully equipped in top shape to compare. 


I am trying to get ready for a trip and now my refrigerator won't stay lit on gas.  It will run for several hours and then the  fail light comes on.  I checked the burner and the flame is clean bright blue.   Any ideas as to the cause?

General Discussion / Glad we have a Phoenix Cruiser!
« on: October 25, 2022, 12:06:28 pm »
I read this a couple of days ago and it just confirms some of my personal observations visiting with new unit owners and going through new rigs at a few rv shows.   We are a lucky lot, PC owners!


General Discussion / New tires recommendations
« on: August 31, 2022, 04:30:31 pm »
I searched the forum but mostly got a lot of stuff from years ago.  On a more contemporary note, what tires are folks using and liking for our PCs in the last year or two.  Our 2350 is a 2013 on a  350 chassis. 



General Discussion / Dewinterizing
« on: April 03, 2022, 10:40:18 am »
I de-winterized our 2013 PC 2350 yesterday.  It has been in enclosed storage since late November.   It is always such a geat feeling to get ready for spring, flush your lines and tanks, sanitize and get ready to go!   It is also a great feeling when nothing leaks, proving you didn't miss anything when you put it to bed last November!

Although many (or perhaps most) on this forum would disagree, I love the older technology of my rig.   It was built back when the old crew was running the show and in eight years of ownership I have had no problems except little things like the cabinet latches, replacing the entry door latch and lock, etc.   I have been major problem free all this time and continue to appreciate the quality and design of the coach.   It is really nice to own something and be happy with the ownership.   


General Discussion / Fuel Prices
« on: March 11, 2022, 12:36:23 pm »
Looking at the current situation, little can be said for gasoline and diesel prices being any lower over the next several months. 

Do you think prices will cause RVers to stay closer to home and make shorter trips this summer?   Since most Class Cs get only 9-11 mpg, the current prices can be a real ouch for a fill up.  OR, conversely, do you think folks will just say to heck with it and we are going to go where we want to go.   Diesels do not escape this cost a whole lot, if any, from the prices I see around where I live.   

Just curious on folk's thoughts.   It might not have an impact or it might make campgrounds a little less crowded.   


General Discussion / Entry door latch failure
« on: September 22, 2021, 10:07:27 am »
It could have been worse!   We got home this week from a multi-week trip, unloaded the PC in our driveway and then the entry door latch broke.   Good timing and location if this has to happen.

Evidently, the latch/lock is a Trimark 060-1650 and is no longer made.   

In searching this forum, I found some posts a few years ago about others experiencing the same failure.   Those posts, however, did not answer my specific questions:

     1. Is this the replacement others have used?   


     2.  Is the above an exact drop in for the old or will I have to modify the door any?   

Apparently, RV Designer is now co-branded with Trimark.  I am NOT interested in installing an electrically activated or keyless model to replace the original.  I simply want to install a new unit like the original.   

Thanks.  I appreciate any information about my two questions you could provide.


General Discussion / Draining the fresh water system
« on: August 17, 2021, 06:03:02 pm »
I am always amazed at how long it takes to drain our water system in the PC.

First, I open all three drain valves then I open all the valves to the sinks.   The lines and HW heater drain fine, but the fresh water tank (specs show 38 gallons) just continues to drain.   It takes well over an hour for that tank to drain.  I can turn on the pump and accelerate the process but it still takes a very long time and I simply don't want to run the pump for a long, non-intermittent period of time (although I know they are designed to do so, but unless plugged in, running the generator or engine it uses a lot of juice from the batteries). 

Is this a quirk of all PCs or is mine just experiencing a blockage somewhere or pulling a vacuum?   I have also tried to accelerate the process by opening the cap on the FW tank, but that adds zero to the size of the discharge stream size.   After eight years of trouble free ownership (next month) this is not a big problem but more of a curiosity. 

How long does it take you to drain your FW tank in your PC?


General Discussion / Ford motor not charging coach batteries
« on: July 26, 2021, 05:50:40 pm »
We just got back from a multiweek trip. 

1. Our engine when running does not charge the coach batteries.

2. The generator and shore power both charge the coach  batteries properly.   

Question:   My chassis battery appears to be weak and doesn't want to take a full charge.   After driving a few hours and stopping, the chassis battery shows 11.9 volts.   In other words, it quickly losses its charge.   

                 Does the chassis battery have to be fully charged BEFORE the coach batteries are charged???

If not, any suggestions would be appreciated.   


General Discussion / Screen door latch replacement
« on: June 14, 2021, 02:50:04 pm »
We love our screen door but on the last trip our latch disintegrated.  Essentially, it is a Southco style grabber latch recessed in the door and held by plastic clips at the top and bottom of the latch.   
I found what appears to be the exact latch on Amazon from two suppliers, both of which are "out of stock".    Given the special purpose of this style latch, I don't know if it is NOS or the COVID supply chain is a problem.   In any event, I want the screen door fixed before my next trip in about a month. 

I bought a magnetic heavy duty latch yesterday at Home Depot and I think I will simply attach the provided steel plate to the edge of the aluminum screen door and the mount the magnet portion appropriately aligned and spaced on the door frame after removing the original Southco receiver hook. 

I am sure others have replaced the originals and maybe with original type designs but has anyone used a magnetic catch?   

Bear in mind these are not refrigerator magnets.   This baby is strong and the packaging does not give how strong it is, but the model number seems to indicate 7 pounds lifting strength.   In placing the magnet portion on a heavy piece of steel to test it, I certainly think it will hold and if it doesn't I can always use two of them.   If it is too strong, that is an easy problem to rectify by limiting the contact surface.

I searched the forum archives and found some old discussion about finding the replacements five years ago.   Of course, I could always call PC but I would really like to eliminate problem of a plastic catch altogether.

General Discussion / Replaced my Sony backup camera
« on: September 24, 2020, 10:43:09 am »
We bought our 2013 PC 2350 seven years ago this month from its original owner that had only used it eleven months.  It was without blemish and we have loved it for seven years now.   From the outset I was displeased with the factory installed backup camera.  This "option" was about a $1,000 on the retail PC list for the vehicle.  It was, to be honest, a sorry camera/display  IMO concerning resolution and field of vision (yes, I tried to adjust it on numerous occasions) was not adequate.  The screen was also smaller in the Sony compared to the new wireless display.  In any event, I replaced it with this  model:


Now, I know many or maybe even most will argue that hard wired is a better system and I have personally had two hardwired systems and this is my third wireless system in small motor homes over the last 25 years.  I will report that the new wireless worked on a trip earlier this month without any jiggle or problem and the resolution and field of vision was excellent.   I can't believe I waited this long to replace the Sony.   By the way, the camera and transmitter are integral and one piece in this camera, unlike some wireless models where the camera transmission is from a separate device. 

If you read the Amazon reviews you will find those that the camera performed well for those who were pulling  fifth wheels as well as motor home users.   


General Discussion / Sony backup camera replacement
« on: June 21, 2020, 02:40:23 pm »
I am replacing the Sony in our PC with a new wireless system.  Can someone tell me the nature of the cable to the existing monitor and camera?   All I need to know, really, is what wires to use to pick up the 12v DC at the screen and at the camera.   I have no idea how many pair cable is used on our wired system, and thought someone might be able to tell me something about the existing camera cable.   All that is required on my new system is just the power.   

I don't know why I have tolerated the Sony for so long, but I bought a simple seven inch wireless system on Amazon for less than $200, got it in, tested it and it works fine for the hundred or so feet I tested it from the front to the back of the house outside.   I have used wireless cameras in the past on RVs and had super results and never had a problem. 

Of course, in all fairness, my PC is a 2013 and I am sure the newer models have better cameras.   



In the mid 80s, we owned a great little Class B made by Intervec called a Horizon.  It was the smaller coach and its big brother was called a Falcon.   As many of you are aware, Kermit was with Intervec and very instrumental in their success and then started Phoenix Cruisers back in the late 90s as I recall.   There are still a lot of old Horizons and Falcons around and we have fond memories of being 35 years younger and driving a lot of fun miles in our Horizon.   It was, like PC, well built and gave us absolutely no trouble.  It was the first B we ever owned and the second rv.  The first was an old Delta Class C which was pretty shot when we bought it and proved the fact by stranding us on the top of the Mesa Verde National Park.   Not a fun way to spend your fifth anniversary.   As soon as we got it fixed enough to limp home, we traded it on a new Horizon sold by - of all folks- a local Caddy dealer. 

Recently, I found the original brochure for mid 80s Intervec Horizons and Falcons in some old files I was going through.   I put it in pdf form and would be happy to send a copy to anyone who owns an Intervec or is just curious.   PM me your email address and I'll send it to you.


General Discussion / RV Sales for 2019
« on: January 31, 2020, 11:30:00 am »
I looked at this today and found it rather interesting.

The RV Industry Association's December survey of manufacturers found that total RV shipments ended the month with 27,516 wholesale shipments, a decrease of (-3.0%) from the 28,363 units shipped last December.

Towable RVs, led by conventional travel trailers, totaled 24,649 units for the month, a decrease of (-2.2%) compared to last Decemberís total of 25,207 units. Motorhomes finished the month with 2,887 units, down (-9.2%) compared to the December 2018 total of 3,156 units.

RV shipments have reached 406,070 units for 2019, down (-16.0%) from the 483,672 units last year.

Park Model RVs finished the month up 18.5% compared to last December with 243 wholesale shipments. Park Model RV shipments ended 2019 up 16.1% from 2018 with 4,213 shipments for the year.

More information is available on the RVIA site.

General Discussion / Earliest Winterizing Ever
« on: November 02, 2019, 09:07:45 am »
After having had an RV of some description for about 35 years, this week was a first. 

We set two new "cold" records for Oklahoma City this week.   Normally, I don't winterize until about Thanksgiving and have been able to wait until the first of December to do the task a few times.   Not this year.   Now, the deed is done, the PC is back in the storage garage and we await March for reversing the process.   Or will it be April in 2020???    This old dog doesn't like these new tricks of Mother Nature. 

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