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Hi Sherman,

It might help you to make up a sheet with a list of your requirements running down the page. Next to each requirement list what you think you would prefer and what you don't want. You seem to be going in circles on your requirement and this may help slow you down so you can make an informed decision. You are the first person I have ever seen that is worried about the weight of the slide out. Two guys lift the side out up and place it into the hole in the wall of the PC. Then the guy inside puts the refer and sofa or dinette in the slide. So how much does the slide weight? Maybe a couple hundred pounds, maybe 500 lbs with the dinette and the refer, both of which you are going to get anyway.

If I didn't tell you when you were here, you are always welcome to come back by to look at my PC and ask any question you have, try it on for size, or if you bring some cold ones and need to share with someone. Just give me a call or send an email. I too am retired so I am home during the day sometimes.

Thanks for the offer Tom, that's very generous, we may take you up on it!  The friendly, helpful folks like yourself here on the PC forum are certainly a part of why I'm considering PC so strongly.

Good observation about going in circles -- I feel that way sometimes.  Some of it is unavoidable though, or at least seems to  be, because one change often leads to several others, which means re-evaluating much of what I thought had been resolved.  For example -- as I mentioned above, several months ago we were very interested in the View Profile/Navion iQ -- we liked the exterior shape of the coach (no cab-over) and the walk-around queen in a rear slide.  The more we looked at it though, the more drawbacks we found -- the galley leaves a lot to be desired (tiny almost unusable sink, the small 2 burner cook top w/glass cover [popular with many mfrs], and a single door fridge).  Also, we plan to carry a lightweight "Enduro" (dual sport) motorcycle on a hitch-mounted carrier and got to thinking more about having to unload it in order to extend the slide and set up the bed.  The newer models are actually worse in a coupe ways.  Starting in 2011, WGO actually took a step back by making the shower smaller and shorter, and replacing the retractable door with a curtain.  They also changed the cabinets and the door hardware (2010 and earlier had the marine-type 'push-to-lock' knobs). 

For those reasons we gave up on the Profile/iQ and started looking at corner bed floor plans.  We ended up here but were told by several people (here, and on other forums) that climbing over each other in the corner bed would get old and that we shouldn't give up on the walk-around queen bed idea.  I don't just blindly follow any anonymous forum member's advice, but I heard this from several people who clearly were knowledgeable and had personal experience, so I figured we shouldn't be so quick to dismiss the walk-around queen idea.  Unfortunately, to get a queen in a PC means going to the 2700 (and it appears as though the 2900 & 2910 are more truly 'walk-around').  So PC was out, as were many/most mfrs, because if there's one requirement I've remained resolute about it's that the length of the rig should be no more than 25 feet.  I think Mercedes may have a ~24.5 foot limit for their chassis anyway, because almost all Sprinter-based RVs seem to be 24'6" long.  There really are very few rigs to choose from that are <25' and have a walk-around queen.  After eliminating the Profile/iQ previously, we were left with the LTV Unity U24IB and one or two others (maybe Coach House?).  The U24IB is very nice in most ways, but it is expensive and it is a new design (so it's next impossible to find used).  One thing I found curious was that although the LTV rigs are expensive, they use a single door fridge.  Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that the single door refrigerators are similar to the inexpensive 'dorm' style fridges that do not have a true, dedicated freezer.  Also, they use what they call an "FRP flexroof".  I haven't investigated that, but I've been told by several people that a one-piece fiberglass roof is best.

Anyway, that's the history.  As we've researched and learned more about what's available and owners' likes and dislikes we've gone off on a few tangents but I've ended up back here.

It may not seem like it, but we have pretty well nailed down what is important to us.  There is very little about the 2350 that I wish I could change, but the second bed is one of those things.  I'd like a dinette/bed that uses memory foam -- or maybe better yet, a sofa/bed and the two swivel chairs and flip-up table like in the 2400 (but there's not enough room in the 2350).  Even one chair facing forward w/table would be acceptable.  My wife agrees, but she also wants a slide and an extra bed for one or two adults.  That limits us to the sofa bed.  Since the sofa/bed is something that can be changed if necessary I guess I'll set that aside for now. 

Something that obviously can't be changed is the weight of the slide.  I'm going to talk with Stuart about that.  The reason I'm concerned about it (and others are not) is that the GVWR of the Sprinter is almost 1,500 lbs less than the E-350.  All PC's are of course built on the Ford chassis, and even the vast majority of 2350/2400 rigs use the Ford E-350 instead of the Sprinter.   I know many mfrs have trouble with very limited CCC in their Sprinter-based RVs.  Of course, almost all other mfrs also put slides in their Sprinter-based rigs.  With many of them, there's no option to eliminate the slide so there's no point in even thinking about it -- the CCC is either adequate for the potential buyer or it's not.  With PC I have a choice -- and it's an irreversible choice.  If it turns out that we can't safely haul what we want with the limited CCC of the Sprinter-based 2350 with the slide then we have a serious choice to make -- give up carrying the bike, give up the slide, or look elsewhere.

I'll give Stuart a call Monday.


sajohnson, you may be over thinking this whole issue.  I know the sleeping arrangement is important, but it's not the most important consideration when buying a particular rv.  My 2010 2350 couch has the air mattress.  Not comfortable and prone to leaks.  The mattress on the corner bed has an angle on one side/end that I would imagine would make it rather expensive to have another mattress made.  Yesterday I laid on the new electric sofa that is constructed with memory foam, and it was very comfortable.  The storage under my existing sofa is great considering the limited storage in the 2350, but I would trade it for the comfort of the new memory foam couch.  In fact, I did.  I purchased a new 2552--not just for the memory foam couch, but it was a consideration.  I would suggest you look at your overall rv needs, and buy one that matches most of them.  For the price, pc can't be beat.  I love the driveability of my 2350, comfort and overall performance--and I have no regrets buying it.  We're going full-time and wanted a little more room/storage, so we purchased the 2552.  I could just as easily stayed with the 2350 and been very satisfied.  My advice--call Stuart.

I do have a tendency to over-think purchases -- and the more expensive they are, the more focused I become.  It's just my nature.

I've been researching and comparing the various class B+/C RVs for about 3 years now, since before I retired.  One of the primary reasons my wife and I first got serious about buying a RV was because we found that more often than not, neither of us could get a good night's sleep at hotels or in the homes of friends and family.  I imagine part of the reason is age related, and partly because we've had a Tempur-Pedic mattress for years now and we're used to sleeping on it.  Our thinking was/is that we can modify our RV to be our own portable efficiency apartment, so we can be comfortable almost anywhere.  Of course it would be great if the rig comes with good quality memory foam mattresses, but that's something that can be changed if necessary.  Especially with any fixed/permanent bed (corner, twin, walk-around queen).  Using toppers on sofa beds and dinette beds is a bit more complicated as they add to the set-up/tear-down procedure and they must be stored somewhere. 

WRT the corner being cut off the corner bed mattress, there are several places online that sell memory foam mattresses and toppers.  They will make them just about any size or shape, but memory foam is easy to cut, so if for some reason the extra charge for cutting the corner off is excessive, I'd just order the full size mattress (~50x76, IIRC) and cut it myself.

The new electric sofa sounds like it might be the best one yet.  Of course there are many types and grades of memory foam (density, etc), but if it is comfortable without a topper that would be great.  Certainly an option to keep in mind.

Believe me, over the last few years, my wife and I have discussed our needs and wants as well as the various options that are available over and over again.  It may seem from my recent posts that my only concern is the sleeping arrangement.  That's not the case at all, I just happen to be focused on that issue currently.

I know PC RVs are a good value -- that's why I'm spending so much time posting here.  We were also considering the WGO View/Navion (first the 'J' model w/corner bed, and then the Profile/iQ with the walk-around queen in a rear slide) and spent a lot of time on the View-Navion Yahoo group to find out as much as I could about them from owners -- before buying one, either new or used.  That's what I'm doing here.  You'll see that I posted here quite a bit several months ago and then was gone for a while.  That's because my wife and I were cautioned by several people about the corner bed and the 'crawling over factor'.  We decided to try and find a RV of similar size to the 2350 with a walk-around queen.  That turned out to limit our choices too much, so now we're back to the corner bed models -- and that led us back here to the 2350.

In any case, we are doing our best to find an RV that matches most of our needs (as you suggest) but I'm trying to make the right choice the first time.  I can't afford to go through 3 or 4 RVs before finding the 'right' one -- especially if we end up buying new.

As we all know, there are a lot of variables and options to consider -- mfr; Ford or Sprinter chassis; length; floor plan; type of construction; windows; generator (LP, diesel, gas); inverter; fans; type/quality/size of shower; size of water and LP tanks; galley -- size/quality of sink, stove, fridge (two door or single door); dinette or sofa/bed; amount of interior and exterior storage; etc, etc...

I think we have it pretty well nailed down.  The PC 2350 w/slide on the Sprinter chassis comes closest to what we're looking for, but I do need to iron out some details.  I do plan to call Stuart in the near future but I'm trying to get as much info as I can first, so I'll have a good list of questions.

For example -- something that's been bothering me since it was mentioned is that the slide adds 500 pounds to the 2350.  That much additional weight will take a serious bite out of the already limited CCC of the Sprinter chassis, and may force me to rethink the slide.


Good suggestion to look at the photos of used rigs on PC's website.  The sofa in the 2010 2551 that's been sold definitely does not stick out as far as the sofa in the 2007 2350 that's still for sale.  Interestingly though, the sofa in the 2010 2350 that's for sale also sticks out quite far.



I saw that 2010 2350 and concluded that they replaced the original air matress sofa/bed with a new 2012 split electric sofa/bed.  You can see it half extended in one of the photos.


That's one mystery solved.  Thanks Bob!

Thanks Bob!  That makes sense, and corresponds with the post from lmichael.

Just to clarify, when you say the 2009 had a longer sitting cushion, you mean from front to back (your knees to your back), is that correct?  If so, 8" seems like a very large difference to me -- as if one sofa has cushions that are too deep and/or the other is too shallow.

Also, you said the 2010 sofa/bed has a large drawer -- does that mean the 2009 and earlier electric sofa/bed does not?  If so, that's a significant drawback.

Finally, question for all -- I'm sort of assuming that no matter what sort of additional bed we get (sofa/bed, dinette, 'undocumented' cab-over bunk) we will need to add a high-quality memory foam topper to make it truly comfortable.  Hopefully that's all that will be required.  My question is -- would either of the two beds we're talking about be more conducive to using a memory foam topper?  I'm thinking the electric sofa/bed because of the cushions, but I haven't seen the air mattress sofa.  What is left when the air mattress is removed?

Thanks for your help!



Overall they measured 6 - 8 inches different from the front of the sofa seat cushion to the face of the kitched cabinet directly across, the 2009 seat cushion felt too long to us and the 2010 could be a little longer - neither was perfect but the 2010 was more comfortable for us to sit on.  The extra depth also come from the bed cushion portion that gets folded up behind the back of the sofa pushing the whole assy out.

The big drawer under the 2010 is very useful, the new 2012 split electric sofa/bed does not have a drawer and I believe the 2009 does not have one either, maybe an owner can confirm, or call the factory.

We put 2 inch memory foam toppers on the twin bed foam mattresses in our 2551, very comfortable.  I don't know how the memory foam topper would work over the sofa air mattress.  If you don't use the air mattress, there is a fabric covered surface that could support some kind of foam mattress, but the problem would be where to store it.  There is some room behind the sofa back that might hold a thin foam mattress.  I recall that others here have replaced the factory air mattress with a higher quality air mattress, maybe that is the better solution.


I was just looking at photos of various units on the PC website, you can see the difference in how far the seat cushions protrude out beyond the slide face frame next to the seat cushion, very obvious.  Look for a used PC in the sold inventory of the year you are interested in.

Good suggestion to look at the photos of used rigs on PC's website.  The sofa in the 2010 2551 that's been sold definitely does not stick out as far as the sofa in the 2007 2350 that's still for sale.  Interestingly though, the sofa in the 2010 2350 that's for sale also sticks out quite far.

In any case, I get what you are saying and I appreciate you pointing out the extra storage space under the sofa with the air mattress.

I've never found an air mattress that was truly comfortable.  We use a Tempur-Pedic at home, so we'll probably end up usig a memory foam topper on the electric sofa, because the sofa with the air mattress would require a full foam mattress with would be hard to deal with and store.  We'll likely replace the mattress on the corner bed with memory foam as well.


Your post has it backwards.  They switched from the air mattress to the electric sofa-- and I think it was in 2011.  Saw a new 2350 Sprinter with slide and sofa at the Good Sam Rally in Phoenix today - nice rig.  You should call Stuart and make a deal before it's sold.

Well, now I'm more confused than before!

I was just looking at the 2007 and 2009 PC brochures that Ron emailed to me.  Under "Popular Options" both say "slide-out w/electric sofa".

What am I missing?


When we were shopping for our 2010, we looked at 2009 models also.  2010 was the first year for the sofa/bed with air mattress (manual), the 2009 had an electric sofa/bed.  I believe the current split electric sofa/bed came out in 2012, which means the air mattress sofa/bed is found only on 2010 and 2011 models.  I suggest a call to the factory to confirm this.

We compared the 2009 electric sofa/bed to the 2010 sofa/bed with air mattress and quickly decided that the 2010 sofa/bed was the one for us.  The 2010 was more comfortable for us to sit on and also the 2009 had a longer sitting cushion that took up about 8 inches more of floor space.  Also, the 2010 air mattress sofa/bed has a large drawer under it that we find very useful.  We travel by ourselves except for the few days a year that we make a short trip with grandkids, the air mattress is fine for the grandkids, but we would't want to sleep on it.  We haven't seen the new split electric sofa/bed so have no opinion on it.


Thanks Bob!  That makes sense, and corresponds with the post from lmichael.

Regarding the air mattress, I'm sure it's fine for kids (they can sleep almost anywhere!) but we're looking for a bed that will be comfortable for an adult because there's a _chance_ that my wife may get tired of me climbing over her in the middle of the night.  ;-)  So, one of us may end up sleeping on the sofa bed.  Also, we may occasionally have another adult with us.

Just to clarify, when you say the 2009 had a longer sitting cushion, you mean from front to back (your knees to your back), is that correct?  If so, 8" seems like a very large difference to me -- as if one sofa has cushions that are too deep and/or the other is too shallow.

Also, you said the 2010 sofa/bed has a large drawer -- does that mean the 2009 and earlier electric sofa/bed does not?  If so, that's a significant drawback.

Finally, question for all -- I'm sort of assuming that no matter what sort of additional bed we get (sofa/bed, dinette, 'undocumented' cab-over bunk) we will need to add a high-quality memory foam topper to make it truly comfortable.  Hopefully that's all that will be required.  My question is -- would either of the two beds we're talking about be more conducive to using a memory foam topper?  I'm thinking the electric sofa/bed because of the cushions, but I haven't seen the air mattress sofa.  What is left when the air mattress is removed?

Thanks for your help!




It is absolutely impossible to place the size dinette I have in the slide-out of "Any" 2350 (and many other models) Ford or Sprinter.  The slide-out wall thickness & interior trim (both sides) of the slide-out eats up many inches of linear wall.  Also the transition/angled wall directly behind the driver cannot get utilized.  Slide-outs of every kind cannot utilize that angled wall.

The older models with smaller slide-out, the fridge is stationary.  My dinette butts right up against the fridge and on the opposite end, it utilizes half of the angled wall.  With slide-outs, that angled wall space is sometimes utilized with creative cabinetry.

The newer models with larger slide-out, the fridge is inside the slide-out, therefore gets shifted maybe 4 to 5 inches toward the driver which yields the same losses in wall space.

Study the floor plans of the 2350 with and without a slide- out.  Note how the no-slide dinette utilizes the angled wall, but the slide-out couch cannot.  This is how and why my dinette is bigger than it could be in any slide-out.

It might be more clear if you closely study the pictures of my dinette directly behind the driver HERE.  It is hard to see the wall behind the driver is angled, but it is angled all the way to the dinette window.  The backrest cushion there is smaller than the cushion on the other side.  A very small sacrifice for a nice size dinette.

Thanks Ron, that's what I was afraid of.  Looks like we'll have to give up on the larger dinette, because DW definitely wants a slide.

The smaller dinette in the slide won't give us the extra bed we need, so we'll have to settle for the electric sofa/bed.

It's really too bad.  I was thinking about using the dinette the same way you and your wife do -- as a place to "...set up her lap top computer [and have] a drink & a snack... to play computer games or manipulate vacation pictures & videos, all done while watching the world go by.  Not possible with a slide out couch."

I have a few questions:

You said, "...the barrel chair pivots and moves forward and backward.  It can be positioned to utilize the dining table without too much of a reach." -- How is this possible?  That chair is secured to the floor, right?

You said, "...it might be worth considering the "UN-Documented" option of getting the single bed located over the front cab." -- I'm assuming that this is not possible with the Sprinter chassis, correct?  

Gradygal said, "The 2551 has twin beds-GREAT-and a lower tv. And a terribly hard ride." -- Why the extra-hard ride?  Is the E-450 suspension that much stiffer?  (PS: I really like the two captain's chairs and table idea).

You said, "But I do have to admit, the dinette is not something to sit on for hours on-end.  I understand why some people like Judi & George ordered theirs with two captain chairs and a swing-up table.  But that does sacrifice the two bench seat storage areas and the single convert-a-bed." -- Of course gradygal has the 2551 -- are you saying that it is possible to exchange the dinette or the sofa/bed in the _2350_ for two chairs and a table?  That would be sweet -- if we could get the 'undocumented' single bunk over the cab with a Sprinter chassis.  The bunk would replace the lost sleeping area, but we would (as you said) be giving up storage space.  That might be a worthwhile trade-off though.

You said, "With our 2350, we replaced the uncomfortable barrel chair by the entry door with a 3rd captain seat." -- That's also a good idea.  The only thing missing is a table.  Unfortunately it looks like there's no room for one.

Finally, you said, "BTW: The slideout today with the fridge included weighs over 500 pounds more than one without a slideout.  You would have much less concern of over-loading the chassis, especially a Sprinter." -- 500 pounds?!  That's a huge amount of additional weight.  I was told that in the WGO View/Navion a slide might add 200 to 250 pounds.  Any idea why there's such a difference in the weight of the slides between WGO and PC?  Since we will almost certainly be getting a Sprinter chassis, weight is a big concern.  Of course regardless of the chassis used, weight is the enemy.  Extra weight negatively affects braking, handling, acceleration, cornering, and fuel efficiency.  I'm hoping that 500 pound figure is a bit high.  

Your post has it backwards.  They switched from the air mattress to the electric sofa-- and I think it was in 2011.  Saw a new 2350 Sprinter with slide and sofa at the Good Sam Rally in Phoenix today - nice rig.  You should call Stuart and make a deal before it's sold.

Well, now I'm more confused than before!

I was just looking at the 2007 and 2009 PC brochures that Ron emailed to me.  Under "Popular Options" both say "slide-out w/electric sofa".

What am I missing?

Also, WRT my posts above:  To phrase what we're looking for another way -- if possible, we'd like to have the 2350 w/slide on a Sprinter chassis with the larger dinette -- the one that Ron has in his 2350 (w/no slide).

Ron said his dinette makes into a bed that is 71 inches long.  That's ok (for most folks), but anything much shorter would only be good for children. 

If the only dinette that's available with the slide is smaller than that, we'll go with the sofa.


Still wondering -- is the 2350 w/slide on the Sprinter chassis limited to the sofa bed or smaller dinette?

When did PC switch from the electric sofa to the one with an air mattress?



Jerry has a good point -- I was going to suggest the same -- if you want to sleep 3 or 4, I really don't think the 2350 or 2400 is for you, but you will have to see for yourself....the 2551, or 2552 are great rigs ----

The electric sofa does not have a manual back up, but it is controlled by a rocker switch, and wires can be easily reversed or jumped if it fails. I carried, and still have, a spare, since I did get caught in our first experience with the 2350 - the switch failed with the sofa extended -learned a lesson pretty quick!  (nod).  Also, I think they are using a heaver duty switch in current models.


I'm a technician so I'm not overly concerned with problems like this, but if there's no way to manually operate the sofa bed I have to wonder how common failures other than the switch are?  The motor for example. 


Let me make one suggestion.  We have a 2006 PC 2551 with the electric sofa in a slide out.  It is a passably comfortable seat and bed, but not outstanding in either position.  You could probably have any RV sofa installed in a new unit that will fit and there are a lot of sofa beds in the market place.  You might want to see what's out there and broaden your choices.


Great idea Jerry, thank you!

I'd rather not have to replace the sofa in a brand new (or almost new) RV, but at least I know it's a possibility.


DW and I seem to have things narrowed down.

The 2400 is still out -- she wants a rig that sleeps at least 3, preferably 4.

She also wants a slide.

So...we're still focused on the 2350 on the Sprinter chassis (unless we find one on a E-350 for a fire sale price).

The only major item we have left to determine is sofa or dinette?  We'd prefer a dinette, but we need the larger dinette (like Ron has in his 2007 2350) for the extra bed, and I don't think it is available with a slide.  If the only dinette available with a slide is the smaller one, then we'll have to go with the sofa.

Can anyone tell me if the larger dinette is/was available in a slide?

If not, then I gather from the posts above that we'd want to avoid the air mattress at all costs and look for the electric sofa bed.  In which model year did PC switch to the air mattress?

Question re: the electric sofa -- can it be operated manually in the event of a mechanical or electrical failure?

Once the dinette/sofa bed question has been decided, then all that's left (I think) is to look at the list of available options, make a list of those we're interested in, and separate those items into two groups -- those that can be added at any time, and those that must be installed during the factory assembly process.


Sherman, I emailed you a TON of data, what I have on some previous PC model years, and Chassis years as well.

51MB in all.  I hope your email server can handle it.  Let me know if you get 7 emails from me.  The first email of the 2007 PC brochure by itself can be deleted.  I later saw I had all 6 sheets in one PDF file so I resent it along with the 2011 brochure.

Oh boy, the 2009 Brochure just bouced back because it is 16.4MB, more than I am allowed to send from here.  Compressed, it is still too big.  Sorry about that.

So you should get 5 good emails with 44MB of chassis and PC data.

That's wonderful Ron, thank you so much!

I just sent you a couple replies with questions re: the Sani-Con system (200 feet vs. 20 feet discrepancy) and the "suggested retail pricing".

I really appreciate you going to all of the trouble to send all of that to me. 

Is there any way it could be posted here?  Is there a reference section or something?

It figures that the 2009 brochure would bounce back.  That's one that I'm very interested in.  Do you think if you sent it to my Gmail address it would go through?  Or perhaps we could use Box.net?  I have 50GB of free storage there, but I've never set up a file for others to upload to.  First time for everything I guess...  ;-)

We're still leaning toward the Sprinter and IIRC you said that 2009 was the first year PC used the Sprinter so that would be a good choice for us -- relatively new but old enough to hopefully have some depreciation -- and then immediately stop depreciating after we buy it.  ;-)  Of course we could end up with a 2009 on a E-350 also.

I can see why you have such a high "helpful" rating Ron, thanks again for your effort.  You should bill PC for your time!


HI Sherman...

Ron's suggestion is a good one -- you might not take the sprinter afterall.  And, it'll give you a chance to compare both models.
You have the order correct on the sofa beds - I have no idea why they switched, but I would imagine the air mattress was supposed to be more comfortable than the electric.  The new style beds won't work in the sprinter, I am told, because the sprinter height is greater and when the new bed is extended it doesn't rest on the floor. I'm hopefully optimistic about this new modification -- we'll see.  and, you are right, it's a shame to have to modify something on a new rig, but the air mattress is awful...both to lie on and open/close. 

I'm outta here --- all the best,

Thanks Jack!

You know, I really wish PC would make brochures, specs, and info for previous models available on their website.  As it is, I'm having a hard time determining which dinettes, sofas, chairs, etc, are/were available in the various model year 2350 and 2400 coaches on the two chassis (Ford and Sprinter).

Having that info would make it much easier for me to make a decision.  I realize that PC is primarily interested in selling new rigs but they do sell used as well.  Regardless of where we buy, even if we buy a used PC it will likely help them because from what I've read here and elsewhere, PC owners generally stick with PC -- they often sell one model and buy another.

If anyone can tell me where I can find comprehensive info on the 2350 and 2400 on both chassis I would very much appreciate it.

Thanks again,


How far are you from the town of Mendon, MA?  I ask because there is a former Phoenix USA dealer there that has a 2007 2350 and a 2008 2400 that you could size up.  I think both have slideouts.  Both were never titled and may still carry some sort of new warranties.  They might be considered demonstrators.  Click Here To Get To His Website.  Then Click On Inventory  We special ordered our 2350 from him in 2007.  Don Keller the one and only owner/employee is a great guy to talk with.  He might be over 80 years old and has strong morals, very good ethics.  He might give you a great deal on one of his 2 PCs.  I would not look at his advertised prices.  Just pay a visit and see if either fit you two perfectly.  If you are seriously interested, then try and work a deal with Don.  If you can't agree on a price, then you at least are better educated with PCs in general, and very much educated on those two specific models.

Your visit there could help you in making a decision on what to order direct from the factory, or maybe even drop the PC line altogether.

Great suggestion Ron, thank you!

I just went to Don's site and realized that I'd been there before in my travels.  Both of those rigs look nice.  They have most of the options we're interested in.

I see they both have the electric sofa bed.  Is it safe to assume that bed is more comfortable than the newer air mattress that very few people seem to like (mentioned above)?  As I said, I'd be willing to consider the 2400 if the sofa bed is comfortable, or can at least be made comfortable with a memory foam topper.  One question I have for those who use memory foam is where they store it during the day.  Somewhere recently I read a post by someone who made up their own fitted pocket sheet for their memory foam.  That seems like a good idea -- anything to make setting up the bed easier.  I'm not sure DW would go for it though.  I like the two comfy looking chairs with the beautiful solid-wood table -- that may be better than a dinette.

If we get a 2350, we'd want the dinette since as far as I know there's no optional table with a chair that faces forward.

So...I suppose at this point I need to see if DW will go for the 2400.  If so, we might go up to MA and see Don.  We're still leaning heavily toward the Sprinter-based rigs, but as you say, at the very least we'd be better educated -- and who knows, he might make us an offer that we can't refuse.  ;-)

I'm still curious about the dinettes in the 2350 and 2400.  How many different dinettes are there?  The dinette bed in your 2007 2350 is a decent size (for most folks anyway).  Is the dinette you have available in a slide, or are all of the dinettes in slides the smaller ones?


Sherman --- Welcome to the "RV Purchase club", and difficulties associated with same!!!  As I've said, I've had 3 --2 in the last 2 years, and hopefully this is it!!!

The barrel chair in the my 2350 (2006) was bolted down with a seat belt.  The new "euro chairs" options (which are great) are on a ring which is secured to the floor with a clamp, and immovable when underway.  The idea of a table with the chair is a good one -- and not to confuse you further, that's why we went to the 2400 - 2 euro chairs, with a "cocktail" or work table between - is great for happy hour!

I too, researched the bed situation in other RVs, and, while somewhat appealing, the fit & finish in them turned me off. (Sounding like a broken record!)  With all 3 RVs the bed has been an issue - I mentioned the corner bed pproblems in the 2350, and with your size, I would be surprised if you and DW would be comfortable - like Bob (rmmpe).  With the twin beds, I kept hitting the wall/window, and Linda found the shorter bed a little short, and on a "boys" camping trip a friend (6'5", pushing 300 or so) fell out of the twin!  Now, PC has come up with a new style of beds for the Fords, (you can see in the brochure, or Ron's photos) but can't be installed in the Sprinter.  So, we got the air mattress --- what an experience!!!  There have been many threads on these things, but the short story is they are just uncomfortable. (I'm being kind!!)  so now we're going back to the older style, electric sofa bed, and using memory foam to get as much comfort as we can.  You're right, each style/size RV has some drawback -- however, I'm hoping this new arrangement is better than a tent! (As far as I'm concerned, the tent is more comfortable than the airmattress!)

Anyway, good luck in finding what you want -- as you know, I'm pretty damn close!!!



Just kidding!

Let me see if I got this straight -- there are at least three (3) sofa beds:

1) A new style for the Ford-based PCs only.
2) An air mattress that was installed in both the Ford and Sprinter-based rigs, now Sprinter only.
3) The older style electric sofa bed, that presumably was installed in both the Ford and Sprinter-based PCs.

WRT #1 -- I thought the coaches were the same regardless of the chassis they're built on.  Why won't the new style fit in the Sprinter-based PC's?

WRT #2 -- From what I've read here and elsewhere, the air beds are very unpopular.  Any idea why PC and other RV mfrs continue to use them?

WRT #3 -- I take it this is your second choice (after #1) since you must use a memory foam topper to make it comfortable, is that right?  Which model years of the Sprinter-based 2350 used this sofa?  When did PC switch to the air mattress and why?

I take it the Euro chairs can be swiveled/rotated when stationary.  What makes them immovable while underway?  I like the fact that they have a table in between them -- that makes up for not having a dinette, and is probably more comfortable than most dinettes.

My wife would really like to have beds for 3 people (minimum) and preferably 4.  I don't envision us doing a lot of overnight trips with other people, but I suppose you never know.  In any case, that means that the 2400 is pretty much out.  Otherwise, it would be on the short list.  I like the more open floor plan and the shower with the tub base.  If the drawings in the PC brochure are to scale the fridge appears larger, and the wardrobe is clearly much larger.  There is also a pantry, which the 2350 doesn't have. 

If it weren't for the air mattress, I'd probably try to convince my wife to at least consider the 2400.  IMHO, the owner of a new RV should not have to go to the trouble and expense of replacing the sofa bed in order to be comfortable.

Even if the 2400 came with a comfortable sofa bed, they do have the drawback of having to be made every night and torn down every morning.  Not the end of the world, but having a fixed bed does have advantages -- perhaps not enough to replace the advantages of the 2400 that I mentioned above though.

Where do you plan to store the memory foam?


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