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General Discussion / Re: Speakers in 2022 PC 2552
« on: August 10, 2022, 09:41:31 pm »
On the older PCs the 2 speakers in the back are the "rear speakers" for the in-dash stereo (to choose up with the "front speakers" in the driver / passenger doors. They are not a part of the surround sound system.

Just a guess that it might still be true in newer models.

Yep, my thoughts and personal experience too.

General Discussion / Re: Strut for Vertical Open Cabinet doors
« on: August 05, 2022, 07:28:05 am »
Our 2007 2350 has one very low profile top-hinged cabinet located to the left of the main entry door.  I tollerate it because we store rarely used things inside it.

I am surprised to see Phoenix using top-hinged cabinet doors used elsewhere in many places.  If I had them, I would closely study your post.

General Discussion / Re: I'm I Wasting Money?
« on: August 05, 2022, 07:05:18 am »
I think the most important thing is to store any RV indoors. My experience comes from owning 3 used PCs over the past 8 years. I've owned an 05, 07 both from Texas and now a 2013 from Florida. The worst damage I've seen the sun's heat causing the fiberglass roof separating from the wood backing. The actual glass fiber on the roof was separating from the shell.

We bought our PC brand new in June 2007.  From Day#1 when not in-use, the rig has always been stored indoors in a climate controlled environment as shown below.  From Day#1 there has been a couple of round 12" to maybe 18" areas on the roof where the fiberglass sheathing is not adheared to the wood backing material behind it.  It was tacky for some time, but lost its tactility over time.  I tried placing weight on those areas early-on but my effort did not last.  The separation has not gotten worse, nor has there been any developing issues.

So maybe your three used PCs left the factory with the same fiberglass roof sheathing separation.

One thing certain, I agree with you on all other accounts.  If you can arrange to store your PC indoors when not in-use, your PC will "age" extremely slowly.  It ages quickly when outdoors regardless of usage.

Yet indoor storage is not ageless either, rather things age at a much slower rate, most especially concerning plyable materials, both cosmetic and mechanical.  With our rig, I have not yet noticed plyable materials harden over the past 15 years, but I anticipate it eventually happening.

General Discussion / Re: I'm I Wasting Money?
« on: August 04, 2022, 01:50:55 pm »
It makes sense to run the a/c, even if only enough for it to cycle on and off to remove humidity.  Setting the temp in the upper 80's seems reasonable.  Just do your best at covering all glass and roof vents, especially in the area of the windshield and door glass.  That foil-backed bubble wrap seems to be a good material to work with.

I can relate to broken thingies.  Last Saturday while opening the rear compartment behind the ladder, my door support strut ripped out of the door.  Actually, both struts are ripped out of the door now.  I am starting a fix to replace the hinges that screw into the door today.
So far so good with our PC's rear storage compartment door, but I feel those struts introduce a lot of stress on such a door.  There is not enough meat on that door.

General Discussion / Re: Ceiling Lights
« on: August 02, 2022, 07:26:28 am »
On getting our 2552 I immediately decided the bright lights had to go.  My solution was to replace the fixtures.  Besides being full dimmable with 3 color choices they look better IMO.  They are almost an exact match for the footprint of the old fixture so once installed they look stock.

I REALLY like your recommendation.  I won't be making any lighting changes since we are good with what we have, but that is surely a winner of a change.  Phoenix should be mounting that one on their assembly line.

General Discussion / Re: Lithium Battery Install
« on: August 01, 2022, 10:49:53 pm »

General Discussion / Re: Ceiling Lights
« on: August 01, 2022, 04:13:02 pm »
Here is the quick/easy method.  Remove the lens.  Using a black permanent marker, dab a black dot on every 4th LED to reduce the over-all light output.  If it is still too bright, dab every other one.  The dab will reduce, not eliminate the light output, so you might find yourself dabbing every LED, especially where the fixtures are in tight quarters.

The proper solution would be to disable LED circuits which would also save on battery energy.

I did the dab on my Saturn Sky interior illumination project when converting from incandescent to LED.  The LEDs for the switches and controls were otherwise blinding.  So many incandescent bulbs were burnt out so performing the conversion was an opportunity at hand.

Tips and Tricks / Re: USB Charging Port for Boondocking
« on: July 29, 2022, 07:19:48 pm »
Ron, I considered something like what you did but we decided we wanted the charging ports closer to where we are when inside.
Also, the little USB fan you see in the last picture has a short cord and it is helpful to be able to move a little air more directly than the Fantastic fan does when boondocking.

Safe travels.

Tips and Tricks / Re: USB Charging Port for Boondocking
« on: July 29, 2022, 07:46:57 am »
Interesting!  Thanks for sharing that.

Back in 2007 when our PC was new, I dedicated the cabinet to the right of the main TV, for "everything electronic".  I made a shape-fitting shelf for my laptop, then mounted a power strip with the outlets in various orientations.  We store and charge everything utilizing that cabinet.  Of coarse it requires a 110V source from the inverter, the generator, or shore power.

I never expanded direct 12V sourced USB charging inside that cabinet.  Like everyone here with a PC, it has a standard round 12V receptacle that we continue to utilize via a dual plug-in charger.  This of coarse places our phone charging far from our sleeping quarters which works for us.

I did add direct 12V sourced USB up front in our pre-2009 dash board design, primarily to get the adapters with cords away from the driver's gear shift lever and off the center console.  During the planning stages, I had wondered if the idea was going to present other issues, but it has worked out extremely well.  One is a conventional round receptacle, the other has two USB recptacles.  It is powered all the time (ignition on or off) off the high amperage dash board cigarette lighter.  I did include a connector for quick-disconnect when removing the engine cowl.  The power cord is seen in the middle as a 2" long, gray band.  It is shrink tubing over the two wires used to dress it up a bit.

General Discussion / Re: Catalytic Converter Theft Protection
« on: July 25, 2022, 08:06:03 am »
Just following up here.

I am in contact with Eric Shearer of Freaky Tree Fabrication in Virginia.  He says they are located near Washington D.C. so if in the area with our PC, it would be worth swinging by for fitment.

BUT for now.........

Our PC is built on a 2007 E350 DRW 11,500 GVWR chassis with an unmodified (not stretched) 158" wheel base.  This means the driveshaft is stock, a good thing.  A consideration for those of you with a long stretched chassis will have tie points for your segmented drive shaft.  Those tie points need to be considered for fitment.

I will be taking pictures of my catalytic converter area with a yard stick in-place for measurements, then pass those pics on to Eric.

His shop is thinking this could be a business opportunity, offering theft deterrent cat shields.  He now knows from WillLloyd how it fits with a recent model year stretched E450, so my 2007 E350 will provide a good idea concerning fitment for older model years.  Hopefully any potential differences will be easily accommodated through adding holes for bolt-up point variations.

General Discussion / Re: Catalytic Converter Theft Protection
« on: July 18, 2022, 09:25:04 am »
Thanks for the fellow's name and number.  I will call him.

My PC is built on a 2007 Ford E350 chassis.  I should be able to deal with any such differences with mounting hole locations.  If there are differences, and Eric wants to sell these abroad, that would be useful information for marketing purposes.

General Discussion / Re: Catalytic Converter Theft Protection
« on: July 17, 2022, 11:06:34 pm »

That is the best deterrent I seen for the E350/E450.  If your friend decides to take orders, please put me on his list quickly.

Oh, I see you are offering to share his name and phone number.  Please PM it to me.

General Discussion / Re: Rear View Camera Poor Picture at Night
« on: July 10, 2022, 02:06:42 pm »
Ha ha, I love your zit remover idea.

The first thing is to get on a ladder and yell at the camera while my wife Irene is inside up front listening.  Then tap the camera to see if she hears anything.  If we can get any response, that would indicate a dirty mic opening.  At least I now know where the mic is to try things.

General Discussion / Re: Lithium Battery Upgrade
« on: July 10, 2022, 02:02:14 pm »
Hello Ron
You are tracking correctly. Using the starting battery to reset the batteries may work but the voltage may not be enough to influence the BMS to come back online. For the SOK batteries I have read two things 1 is battery cells voltages added together plus 0.6 volts, should reset the BMS,  2 another states 14.4-14.6 Volts. The 2nd process will require more than the standard start battery with alternator configuration. That is where the DC to DC charger would work as it boosts voltage up to the 14.4 to 14.6 Volts. My general point was lithium is truly another ball game and you really need to realize very quickly that you are not dealing with the old lead acid ways, where you could load up the battery and just expect to draw the amperage down faster. I have seen in the Facebook SOK group that people have exceeded the BMS capacity and lost all 12volt power and were clueless on why and how to get it back. I also seen on that site where people have thought one SOK 206ah was sufficient for a 2000W inverter. The BMS shuts down at a 100amps.

 Hello FANDJ
I believe my Sharp Convection Microwave states its 1.60 KW so 1600 watts consumed and 850 watts output to the magnetron. So if total consumption is 1600 watts then divide by 12.5 Volts equals 128 Amps roughly consumed by the inverter not counting any losses in the inverter. I guess rounding up to 150 amps would be safe to say. I ran my microwave on shore power at 115volts and it was drawing 14.5 amps running which equals 1667.5 watts, that's pretty dead on. My 2000 watt inverter is capable of supplying about 160 amps. So I am close but not over it should work as long as I don't add more load to the 12 volt system. You are correct it would be tight. 

Even though these 206ah SOK's  have the ability to hold a larger charge, SOK still used that same BMS as the 100ah batteries. So maximum discharge is 100 amps before the BMS trips. So 200 amps for 2 batteries in parallel. Not ideal, wish SOK would have increased the BMS size, but then they would have to increase the wire size to the terminals inside the case. I guess they didn't want to do that,  they would have to raise the cost of the battery making them less competitive in the battery market.

Very Respectfully
Thanks for your explanation and what you are learning along the way.  Anyone going lithium and pushing them hard, needs to know what they "might" be in for.

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