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General Discussion / Re: Testing 1-2-3
« on: November 20, 2022, 08:45:44 pm »
Not sure if this applies, maybe just FYI.....Our 2007 PC originally had two 12V batteries in a slide-out tray.  I had to ditch that battery tray to gain enough height to install two taller 6V AGM batteries.  I replaced the tray with a flat plate and sides made of lengths of "L" perforated steel.  Pictures are posted HERE.  Since the AGM batteries are sealed, there is no need for a slide-out tray.

Previously, I added a thick material rubber wall to protect the batteries from getting splashed from the rear tires.  Pictures are posted HERE.

I also made a splash shield for the propane tank on the left side, protecting it from the rear tires.  Pictures are posted HERE.

Our PC does not have levelers.  I adheared bubble levelers by the driver (also by the rear tires and in back) which has often worked well, especially when the parking area is uneven.  I just move the PC in and out of dips and such, watching the bubble levels to get our PC acceptabley level.

Admittedly, there have been times I wish I had those fancy levelers, especially when I have to bring out the Lynx Levelers while it is raining.

I too follow Ron's suggestions and tweaks (thanks Ron!)
You are very welcome!  It is rewarding to know that my documentation of things done is useful to others.

For PC members who don't already know, I linked my Tips & Tricks inside one post.  I initially did that for myself to quickly share a tip in other people's posts.  Here is the link.


General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself!
« on: November 05, 2022, 05:00:12 pm »
Here’s a link for a 2004 “29RQ” that may actually be a gas 2900?
The ad states model 29RQ, whatever that means.  The length in the ad states 25'-11", but the pictures say it is model 2900 with the optional dinette slide-out.  Model 2900 measures 29'-8" without consideration for the ladder, so something is inaccurate with the ad.

The rig does have a single house battery as indicated by the battery compartment on the driver side.  So it will not have a whole house inverter.

One thing certain, if it is in good shape, it is a good deal.

General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself!
« on: November 05, 2022, 08:39:26 am »
In those pre 2007 years, Phoenix did a lot of undocumented activity, so I suppose it is possible to have a 2004-2900.

One thing to keep in-mind about PCs made 2004 and earlier.  2004 was a significant transition year.  The earlier 2004's were built like previous model years, without the integrated spare tire rear wall system nor the current day entry door.  So if shopping for an older PC, a later-made 2004 would be a better choice.  They are easy to spot in pictures.

A similar point concerns the whole house inverter and two batteries.  2007 was the first year to have that feature as standard.  I understand it is a rare find in a 2006.

Back in early 2007 when we were contemplating a PC, we initially considered ordering one stripped like we had with the motorhome it replaced, without many basic features like the convenience package and whole house inverter.  This was to get the price down to what we wanted to spend.  But as it went, we decided to splurge and get everything we desired, a decision we never regreted.

My point in sharing this is there are a rare few PCs out there being sold with missing standard features.  So when internet shopping, pay attention to the description and pictures.

Hello Ron-  I was aware we had the same year and model. I have closley followed all of your mods/improvments over the years and you have been very helpful.

Our PC does not have a rear sway bar and has the stock front bar.  Next Spring I do plan to replace the very worn out shocks (with the Bilsteins you recommended), get the brakes done and add a better front and rear sway bar. Our PC then ought to be good for at least another 85,000 miles.
2o2  Doing as you plan will give you the most improvement for the buck.

General Discussion / Re: Generator Access 101 on a 2019 PC 3100
« on: November 04, 2022, 07:45:53 am »
Our PC is a 2007 model year 2350 with the ever common 4000 Onan.  Just as described, access is limited, but it works.

A few years ago, I had to replace the generator fuel pump due to it consistently overheating and shutting down after roughly 20 minutes of operation.  Being that the fuel filter is attached to the fuel pump, it was the right time to replace that too.

I consider myself mechanically talented, yet I found the project challenging.  The challenge is within the generator itself, not from the reduced opening of the access panel.

Because we have an obstructed view of the generator, a few PC owners have mistakenly installed the generator cover incorrectly and lost it on the road.  The generator needs the cover mounted properly to cool properly, so if you lose it, you'll need to buy a new one.  A new cover is not readily available and is expensive.

When reattaching the cover, make sure to first set the bottom of the cover in the grove on the generator (not the mounting frame as is easily mistaken) and then latch properly.  The two red latches twist 90 degrees in opposing directions to latch and unlatch.


Hi flei,

We have the same model and model year as you.  Though we have not done such a challenging trip, I have a similar assessment.

An unrelated note.  Look under the rear of your PC around your rear axle.  You won't have a rear stabilizer bar unless a previous owner installed one,   If you lack one, you will be surprised with the improvement in handling after installing a heavy duty aftermarket stabilizer bar.

Also, your front stabilizer bar end link/grommets will likely benefit from a 90 degree rotation.  Better yet would be to replace the bar with a heavy duty version which does not utilize those grommets.

General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself!
« on: November 01, 2022, 11:59:35 am »
Ron, I think I read you have some of the older brochures. I would really like to get some of these. There is a 2004 brochure on the Phoenix Cruiser Facebook page but it doesn’t show a 2900.  Willy
Hi Willy,

I believe I have every brochure Phoenix had, but years were skipped over.  2004 longest model measures 25'-11".  Are you certain that is a 2004 model year?  It could be a 2005 model year, built on a 2004 E450 chassis.

Brochures I have are as follows.
2003 (a basic document with only floor plan diagrams)
2004  (longest model measures 25'-11")
2007 (this brochure includes model 2900)

Email me direct and I will send the 2007 model year to you.  It is a 3.5mb PDF which is easy for emailing.  My direct email can be found on the members list tab.

BTW: I thought model 2100 and 2400 included a floor board to cover the stairwell so you could stand on a flat floor while cooking.

General Discussion / Re: Glad we have a Phoenix Cruiser!
« on: October 31, 2022, 08:55:22 am »
Thanks for the education behind the use of white wiring in space.  That is very interesting.

General Discussion / Re: Glad we have a Phoenix Cruiser!
« on: October 28, 2022, 09:50:02 am »
Every wire was the same color - white.
Right?  Wow, all white. Now that is taxing on the brain.
I was thinking the same thing.  I wonder why all the wires would be the same color, white?  Does white insulation on wires hold up better than other colors?

General Discussion / Re: Glad we have a Phoenix Cruiser!
« on: October 27, 2022, 07:53:40 pm »
The typical RV is definitely not NASA quality.
Nothing but "NASA" is made of NASA quality.  Military is a close second.  I would assume privatized space travel (rockets and such) is in there somewhere.

Considering everything, I am impressed with the quality of a typical automobile including the Ford E-Series chassis.  Unfortunately, only a rare few RV manufactures try to mimic a little of those practices, Phoenix being one of them.  Considering such low production numbers, automation has no place at Phoenix.  So it becones a carpenter's project with a plumber and electrician getting involved.

We had our house built for us in 1988.  Being that they were building the house on property we already owned, I had full rein to inspect everything as it was being constructed.  I was there every morning and evening before dark.  Being the archetect, I wanted the crew to rely on my presence once a day in the A.M. to discuss any issues or concerns.  In the evenings, I would do general inspections, certainly was never a critic, especially over frivilous things.  I cleaned the work site on the weekends, did the painting, the staining and finishing of the wood-work, coax & phone wiring, duct-taped the exterior sheething foil backing seams and used expandable foam-insulation around all windows and doors.  So at times there was some timing of effort involved.

One thing I learned about home construction....they are surely not building furniture.  When it comes to the basics, the workmanship of a Phoenix Cruiser and a house is not so different.  The main difference is that the house remains put, but all motorhomes live on a fault line that is extremely unstable on a regular basis.  The plumbing of a PC is exceptional, just like a house.  Regarding wiring, we use conduit in these parts for home construction so there is no comparison.

General Discussion / Re: Glad we have a Phoenix Cruiser!
« on: October 27, 2022, 12:25:28 pm »
I would be horrified to see that if I was an owner of a company that produced a product such as that.  WOW.  I have a 2012 PC and have dug into the right spaces like shown and it’s pretty good.  I think the quality of PC’s is very good.
I am right there with you.  Phoenix does a very good job.

Many here have seen THIS SLIDE SHOW on the making of a Phoenix Cruiser, made for the 2007 model year, then updated for 2008 and maybe a year or two following.  It covers much on PC construction which does not resemble the practices on a 2021 Entegra Qwest.  At least my 2007 PC-2350 does not.

General Discussion / Re: Glad we have a Phoenix Cruiser!
« on: October 27, 2022, 09:58:51 am »
I am surprised we don't see more of those horror stories because the RV industry is so sloppy, most especially during COVID when demand was so high.

Here is a 2021 Entegra Qwest.  What a nice looking motorhome, right?

But look deeper.  Here is its wiring and plumbing, all entangled together.  Note the whole house water filter and on-board water pump.  The pump is smacked up against the inverter.  One minor water leak with a fine mist spray from the plumbing here, and the rig is toast.

Here are fresh water lines in red, blue, and green, plumbed outside under the motorhome out in the cold where they will freeze.

YES!!! the Phoenix Cruiser is one of the best ever made motorhomes.  Design and workmanship only gets worse from what we have.

General Discussion / Re: LED Upgrade
« on: October 27, 2022, 09:25:26 am »
Hi Ron:
I appreciate your recommendations and have followed several. I tried this fix BUT even though I cleaned the fixture area that I glued the LED strips to several of the strips lost their adhesion after several months. I reglued them but it was a constant issue.
Hi zolman,

This is why after a month or two had passed, I added a dab of clear silicone caulk at the two ends of each strip.  It prevents the LED strip(s) from peeling off.  Last I checked, the LED strips remain stuck on well.

I mention this in my post.  You must have breezed over that comment.

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