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General Discussion / Re: Window Ventilation and other ramblings
« on: May 06, 2024, 06:00:21 pm »
I've heard (not confirmed) that Phoenix and Hoosier Cruiser are having some legal issues with each other.

The lawsuit against HCC was dismissed with prejudice in May of 2022.
Itís a pity that Earl and the others had to deal with the legal expenses. These arenít the best of times for the rv industry to begin with. Those HCC employees created  much of the good will that Phoenix earned with a good reputation. Donít be surprised if PC owners turn to HCC for service needs when no one answers.

How did you remove the vented panel to get to the furnace? I need to get in there  to wire my solar charge controller and run a cable under the slideout to a remote display  up front.

General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself!
« on: April 18, 2024, 10:12:07 pm »
Your decals are in excellent condition for 21 years.  Nice find!  That tells me it has been stored out of exposure to sunlight. Your roof should be like new as well.
The headlights are translucent and yellow'd, the front bumper is badly faded, so I think there has been significant exposure to the sun.  Yet even so, no worries.  Everything can be addressed by a determined owner, without breaking their bank or back.

Ford Econoline restoration and repair parts are readily available and relatively inexpensive. I would bet far less painless than getting parts for the Newmar Dutch Star too. My replacement bumper cover came from Ford, but the new headlights came from Taiwan via Advance Auto Parts.

Reproduction decals are available,
but not from Phoenix. Thereís several threads here on that topic.
If the microwave bezel is cracking (shoutout to Ron D  for that thread) you can only repair and refurbish it, because Carol found me the last one!

The 2003 V10 was the last year with a mechanical throttle body and  cable instead of an electronic throttle body. Before you get stuck somewhere with the mystery no upshift problem, I strongly suggest  proactively inspecting or replacing the short molded vacuum hose on the idle air control valve , located next to the  throttle position sensor at the back of the engine  When you remove the dog house engine cover it will be directly in front of you.

Since you lost where the wiring goes to from behind  the drivers seat,  check for continuity and power at the hidden outlet on the opposite side of the slideout. Itís located on the wall between the sofa and refrigerator, but is totally obstructed unless the slideout is extended.

You are at the right place. Also check back inside the new owner intro thread.

Itís possible that either PC or a previous owner added an inverter thatís wired to a stand alone ac outlet for using a 110v tv on battery power. If thereís a hidden inverter make sure itís switched on.

My 2003 doesnít have an inverter or 110v ac socket up front. Thereís only a 12v socket on the antenna amp switch plate, located inside the passenger
side cabinet above the windshield.

General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself!
« on: April 17, 2024, 12:21:11 am »
Welcome Victor. Your first year 2350 is a rare twin to mine.

There are  no factory plumbing diagrams or wiring schematics  in the public domain.  Mine was really straight  except for the typical PC water leak at both  ends of the front cap to roof joint, a bad converter, slide topper, accordion shower door, propane leak detector, some flourescent  light fixture ballasts, and a dirty Onan carburetor  Most of the other work Iíve done to it is all upgrades or cosmetic.

Youíll find a treasure trove of knowledge and information searching the old posts by Volkemon. All work done on his 2004 2350 is meticulously documented. Ron Dittmerís posts also constitute a meticulously documented knowledge base for 2350 owners. Enjoy

General Discussion / Re: Flaking Vinyl
« on: April 15, 2024, 10:43:21 pm »
Ultra leather  :'(

So it turns out that the elusive Nauga didnít really go  extinct from years of overharvesting after all. :bolt

General Discussion / Re: Spark plug service
« on: April 13, 2024, 09:19:02 pm »
Joseph - I believe the OEMís were platinum, not iridium, correct? Is the part number still visible on the old plugs?

Glad you are doing well and back to driving your PC again. Where did you go for labor? I totally concur about paying someone younger to change those ten plugs rather than contorting and twisting oneís self into a pretzel. I also  dread bad threads and Helicoils. Mine only has 62k miles, but maybe I should just get it done before the rest of the experienced Ford service techs either retire or move out of state.

General Discussion / Re: Cut through a structural frame member?
« on: April 01, 2024, 01:25:37 pm »

General Discussion / Re: Cut through a structural frame member?
« on: March 25, 2024, 05:41:43 pm »
eyecrometer  error

General Discussion / Re: Need help with 2016 2910D
« on: February 21, 2024, 01:15:56 am »
Ron750 - If the alternator wonít charge the house batteries or power the coach you may have a bad 40 AMP self resetting breaker. If so, thatís one more bad on the inspector.


Look on the driver side of the engine compartment near the battery isolation solenoid. With the engine running there should be +12v on both terminals.
I keep a spare in my tool kit just in case, because they are known to go bad. Itís crazy that a $5 part could potentially ruin a vacation, or even worse. Congrats on getting back home by Tuesday with your new PC and a positive attitutude  2o2

General Discussion / Re: Need help with 2016 2910D
« on: February 18, 2024, 11:40:34 pm »
I donít envy you for being out in winter with no previous instruction or experience. Thatís an adventure for sure!  Hopefully the user manual link was sufficient to get all the necessities up and running. Be sure to test your smoke, co2, and propane leak alarms and install fresh batteries regardless.

If you are still relying on the generator for power be aware that your fuel level must  always be above 1/4 tank for it to run. The PC has a 55 gallon tank. If your batteries did recharge while driving be aware that the furnace fan is a power hog,  and the holding tank heaters are even bigger power hogs. Run the generator for 2 hrs in the morning to recharge the batteries, and again in the evening if you  donít have solar. Using the alternator output to start the generator also conserves  battery power.

Ask the inspector if the holding tanks were all drained and the fresh water system was properly winterized. If he added water to test the FRESH water system it should be ok, as long as you keep the interior above freezing. If you are in sub- freezing temperatures overnight  just get a bottle of hand sanitizer and rough it instead of risking damage to the holding tank plumbing (if you canít run  holding tank heaters) or if the water heater is still winterized. Most people use bottled water for drinking and toothbrushing anyway instead of trusting whatís lurking in the fresh water system.

Check the propane level at the tank mounted  analog gauge  as well as at the monitoring panel. By law the regulator only allows the tank to be filled to 80%. 1/4 tank (analog) should be enough to run the refrigerator and furnace for 2 days or more if you donít crank the heat up to 70. Keeping the slide-outs retracted will reduce furnace cycling if you need to conserve propane or battery power. If you can close off the cab area with a blanket and some cushions that will make a huge difference too.

Safe travels

General Discussion / Re: Need help with 2016 2910D
« on: February 18, 2024, 03:45:36 pm »
There are 2 types of wheel covers, snap on and bolt on. Tap on the fake chrome lug nuts with a metal object.  If 2 of them (in opposing positions) are solid look for a short T-handle socket wrench in the storage compartments.

General Discussion / Re: Need help with 2016 2910D
« on: February 18, 2024, 02:36:20 pm »
Hope this link helps:

If the coach batteries are dead you can always idle the engine and use the alternator output to start the generator.  The inspector should have known that!

Try calling Americaís Tire Co next time. The Firestone corporate stores in my area are a joke too!

A roadside assistance plan will pay for itself if you ever need a tow.  Itís astonishing that Camping World didnít hook you up with a Good Sam plan. I have CoachNet .They all use independent contractors, so itís hard to say which is better, depending on where you are at the time.

Also consider purchasing a TPMS.
Itís a simple DIY installation if you already have valve extenders or dually valve stems on the inner rear wheels.


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