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General Discussion / Re: Roof Sealant
« on: October 24, 2021, 10:03:57 pm »
I used it on my 2005 year, 2100 model. My fiberglass roof was showing strands of raw fiberglass. I fully cleaned the roof and let it dry, then taped off no paint areas. I used a 1/4" smooth surface roller for the large areas and a paintbrush on the small arears. I used less than 1 gallon of the paint. I did not prime, but Ithe instructions recommend it.It has been 2 years and it still looks great with no peeling. The roof is easier to clean and stays clean longer.

Hi Ron,

Thank you for providing the simple to follow steps for changing the front springs. The cold weather is upon us, so I have put the 2100 to bed for the winter. I'll order the springs so when the warmer weather arrives, I'll be ready to install the softer springs. I'm looking forward to the improved ride that the softer springs will provide. Thank you for doing all the research, calculations and testing to give me confidence in this solution.


Ron, I have a 2005 model 2100. The front seat ride is harsh. I am so happy that you have come up with the great solution of using softer front springs. I have also added the heavy duty front and rear torsion bars along with the steering stableizer to improve handling, but the front end suspension is still harsh. I am strongly thinking of following your lead to install the Moog springs that you chose. I would appreciate it if you would share your tips for installing the springs. Thankyou, Damon

Ron, have you installed the new front Moog springs? How do they perform? I have a 2005 model 2100 and would love to reduce the harsh front end ride. Thanks for all the research and great help you have given this forum.

General Discussion / 2100 owners living in or near MA.
« on: August 23, 2017, 09:10:32 am »
2100 owners living near or in MA, we would like to talk to you and look at your RV as we are thinking of buying a 2100 with slide. We will retire soon and plan to visit some of the National Parks. I have studied the 2100 on the web, but don't want to buy before walking through one and talking to an owner.

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