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General Discussion / Re: spacing of screws on slide out facing
« on: June 19, 2021, 08:41:02 am »
CalCrusier - it ran into the inside wall - about a half inch into the speaker. 

Trying to hold the buttons to reset the slide didn't work.  I originally got a mobile guy to come out as he supposdely could work on it.  But when he wanted to cut off part of the back wall of the the slide and rebuild it so it would "fit" better I knew I best get to the factory.  Bigger hammer theory of repair wasn't an answer for me!

RVRunner - thanks for that repair name.  That would be a hike from PA but I may have to hit the road to deal with this.

Thanks to all for their support and ideas.  I really did not mean to keep dribbling out my woes on this.  I need to acknowledge that I need to stop.  Continuing to relive the situation is keeping the upset alive in my life.  I need to not let PC cost me anymore of my life and sanity.  They are not going to do right by me nor help solve this.  So I need to take my losses and wipe them off of my life.  Can't change what they did (or didn't) do so best to let it go. 

You have all given me the orginal answer about whether anyone has heard of the supposed Schintek requirement.  And I have let you know to watch out for this drill crazy "fix" it you take a rig in.  I think at this point I will try to close out this thread and for my end, I will just focus on trying to find a place to get the help I need to diagnose and fix the issue.  If I get someone to diagnosis it, then insurance may be a possible assist to my pocket book.  Since no documentation of the findings or the work came from the trip to Elkhart, I don't know if what is happening is covered.

Again, truly I appreciate the time you all have taken to reach out to me and your expertise and ideas.  It all gives me hope.

General Discussion / Re: spacing of screws on slide out facing
« on: June 19, 2021, 12:46:26 am »
Calcruiser, appreciate your pondering all this.   The leak wasn't why I scheduled the appointment. The slide has shifted somehow. It had been fine all these years until one day it just wasn't. When I went to put it out it collided in the back.  That is what drove me to return to the factory.

The issue with the seal leaking was across the top which is where it has been an issue since the RV was new. Not sure what exactly the "fix" was this time - generally they put another piece of stuff in the gap.they find.

The appointment was set up for 2 days so they could take the slide apart and find the issue and fix it. I think they only chose to change the notable crash point - the speaker.  I do know they didn't even spend one day on it though I could only get "I took care of it" as an explanation for the work.  When I got back here I put it out and when I tried to bring it back in for a storm it was left this time with the front upper corner not coming in all the way and actually almost stopped altogether part way in.  So it would seem they didn't actually locate the issue with the slide operating straight.  Since that is not shut there is water there now when it rains so I have no clue if the other leak was fixed.

Yes this trip to the factory was an all out cluster.  My anger and frustration comes from several things and from how more than one person acted or responded to my objections. We won't do the whole litany.  I am trying to figure out where else might be able to deal correctly with the slide. Another post I had tried didn't get much feedback for Campers Inn as a possibility.  Of course other places will work on units they sold before wanting to schedule this in. And since I live in this, I can't just leave it somewhere for when they have time.   RV living does present challenges!  I will keep working on moving forward. Didn't expect the Schwintek spacing question to carry out this far.  Thanks

General Discussion / Re: spacing of screws on slide out facing
« on: June 18, 2021, 11:14:43 am »
Ron, it took me awhile, but I have seen the light. ;)  Carol also knew best to avoid the slide as she did in hers.  I am a bit claustraphobic and thought I would need the extra "openness" to be able to live in this.  But having been forced for months to live with the slide in, I now know that I could and would avoid a slide if ever the universe drops a bag of money so I could replace my rig!

(p.s. it wouldn't be another PC)

General Discussion / Re: spacing of screws on slide out facing
« on: June 17, 2021, 09:50:23 pm »
Rvrunner - you will not have ever found me saying you were wrong.  I do wonder if people who have continuous issues with PC tend to drop off the forum.  In my case PC were still fixing slide leaks this time on my slide seal - 4 years trying to solve that..  They have never fixed the damage those leaks caused - just  what I had to live with  while they tried to figure out the right seal for the Schwintek since mine was that first year of the change.  My slide failure is what  drove me back to the factory this time.  The bad news - they didn't actually fix that - it is still not useable,

I think any repair place choosing to do work that was not requested is improper.  Likewise not doing the work that was scheduled is unacceptable. The screws alone are not what would drive me to an attorney though it is an obvious and fairly permanent problem. 

Sorry you too have had to live with continuous issues from PC.  I hope you have better luck with your slide repair than I did.

General Discussion / Re: spacing of screws on slide out facing
« on: June 17, 2021, 07:57:50 pm »
Carol, $145 per hour.  Not allowed in the repair area unless they come to escort you there to show you something  So no way to tell what is or is not being done to your unit. The waiting area at the new facility isn't even an entrance where staff come thru so pretty much you just sit and wait to see what happens.

Joseph, I am still considering a lawyer since asking Tina to help me with all that happened seems to have only gotten me a broken promise. And it does bother me every time I enter.- and I am FT in this RV so that is a lot of my day.  Not sure how I prove I never told them to do this. Certainly it was NOT on the list I gave them.  They don't do a work order to be approved prior to their work. It was shown to me after the fact - too late to avoid it.  There is a part of me that thinks that kind of a mess was not someone not paying attention but more like a conscientious decision to not care to do it right.  We know they are capable of doing it correctly if they choose to.  I don't work with power tools but I think even I could have used something to draw a line to follow and measured out the gaps. Though I already lost $1800 plus my travel expenses in this entire debacle(this is only one item) and my unit defaced, I am not sure I can take the frustration, anxiety, etc. to try to deal with them any further on it.  While my SS income doesn't  make it easy to ignore that kind of loss, mental health is still worth something.  Since so far no one else on the forum has apparently heard the supposed Schwintek requirement it reaffirms my concerns about stories already being built to cover what was and wasn't done there.  Perhaps rather than spend more money on an attorney (though I suspect that is part of PCs bet) the best I can do is wish others here the best of luck in staying on the good side of those in the service area and remind them to pay attention to the "explanations" they are given. I believe not all of what we are told is as it seems just told with a straight face.

mikeh - so far I have not even been able to get PC to confirm the order to change the spacing or when it came from Schwintek. Since even the "out of line" follows no pattern no does the actual spacing - no I can not imagine any instance in which Schwintek would require an RV factory to build something that looks like an 7 year old was turned loose with a power drill. 

Appreciate everyone's input.  I will attempt to get off my soapbox.

General Discussion / Re: spacing of screws on slide out facing
« on: June 17, 2021, 05:15:06 pm »
DKCruzser - tried to get you a visual.  This is what I mean about the spacing not being consistent.  This is the front upright section.

Tips and Tricks / Re: Drawers under dinette seats
« on: June 17, 2021, 02:07:35 pm »
I don't carry anything that heavy in my drawer, but sometimes I wouldn't get it locked right.  I would drive off and just as you, I would hear the drawer slide open.  That noise would set the dog to barking at it.  Dog would eventually settle and then the drawer would slide shut.  Dog would set off barking again.  Was a very loud drive until I could get to a place I could pull over so I could go fix the drawer lock.  Dog never could abide that noise!

General Discussion / Re: spacing of screws on slide out facing
« on: June 17, 2021, 09:20:08 am »
DKCruzer..  I have not been able to find out what and when and even IF Schwintek said anything.  Didn't get answers from PC to that question or any other.  I was trying to find out if anyone else here had been told anything or had this change happen on theirs  The original spacing was 12 inches.  Now more like 6 but there are sections that aren't consistent with that either.  Kind of a mess.

General Discussion / Re: spacing of screws on slide out facing
« on: June 17, 2021, 09:11:40 am »
It was done at Elkhart.  And replacing the facing would not solve the holes drilled in to the backing.  Trying to put the holes where they should be would likley hit parts of the previously created holes mkaing the whole thing unstable. 

Sadly this was not the only issue with my visit to the factory.  I did talk to Tina about what all happened.  She said she would get back to me but that was 6/1 and so far nothing but crickets.  I tried reaching out as a follow up to her thru a message here too. 

General Discussion / spacing of screws on slide out facing
« on: June 17, 2021, 12:51:57 am »
Wondering if any of you who have had service at the factory lately have been told the screws needed to be closer together on the facing trim on the slideout  The work on mine was done without asking (and of course while charging me for the time).  I was told after the fact that Schwintek had said PC needed to do this.  But I note the visual provided of the 2021 model on their web site still had the spacing at 12 inches.  I haven't been able to find out when this new requirement supposedly happened.  But certainly regardless of why it was done, it seems that it should have been done in a quality manner - rather than having the new screws wandering up and down instead of in line.  Permanent damage to the way my RV now looks.  Not exactly an indication of a quality build for those who stop to see my unit in the campgrounds.  I am wondering about the veracity of the story about Schwintek.  Any of you heard of this or had them make that change on your unit while it was in for other service?

General Discussion / Re: PEX vs. PVC - curious
« on: June 06, 2021, 05:50:25 pm »
I agree Mike, but unlikely I will get any more from the factory on this.  I voiced my surprise while I was there.  And I agree it would have been more forgiving in many ways.  But as I keep saying - it is always a surprise.  I had one of the early 2017s when they had made sooo many changes at once, understandably, not all went as they would have liked.  There was much mystery in my whole build - some may remember that angst when they didn't build it the way it was ordered.  Hard to say what all was going on back then. 

Appreciate all the response and intrest in my question. tymote

General Discussion / Re: PEX vs. PVC - curious
« on: June 04, 2021, 08:38:16 pm »
Interesting but these are PVC in mine.  They have PVC connections to turn the corner, not brass.  I guess this will be a curiosity.  I haven't had reason to play in the rest of the plumbing to know what it might be.  Thanks for chasing down old pictures. 

General Discussion / PEX vs. PVC - curious
« on: June 03, 2021, 06:26:26 pm »
Back when I was getting started on finding my RV, I did the factory tour with Earl.  When he mentioned PEX, I asked more questions - my grandfatherr had taught me plumbing with various types of pipes and this was new to me.  He took me to the plumbing nook and showed me the parts they used and talked about the advantages.  Fast forward to my recent plumbing issues.  When they were showing me the lines that go thru below the wardrobe,  :beg it isn't PEX.  It is PVC.  So I am curious if you guys know which your rigs have and how PEX disappeared from the time of the tour to the build.  Changes the type of problems/fixes to anticipate behind a wall it seems.  Not saying one is better than the other, just another surprise in my RV life.

General Discussion / Re: Domestic Fan control with a mind of its own
« on: June 03, 2021, 02:30:37 pm »
Thanks - so far still behaving.  Of course Murphy's Law will come into play a some point.

General Discussion / Re: Domestic Fan control with a mind of its own
« on: June 02, 2021, 08:02:03 pm »
Thanks Carol.  I was just coming back in to say it has (at  least for now) gone back to behaving.  When the compressor turned off a few minutes ago, the fan also turned off.  Seems like so many things all want special attention this month!

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