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General Discussion / Re: Wheel liners on sprinter chassis
« on: December 16, 2011, 11:29:33 am »
Wheel liners are the polished stainless steel covers that fit onto the wheels. You may be looking at the wheel well liners on your PC that are part of the coach/chassis.

General Discussion / Re: Wheel liners on Sprinter chassis
« on: December 15, 2011, 08:57:44 am »
I've had problems with the rear wheel liners on my 2350S too. While they will stay on the wheel, they rotate due to braking and jam up against the extended valves I installed. I could not believe that this was even possible until I reinstalled them and found that I could rotate the liner by just gripping the center and twisting it with my old arthritic hand. After removing them and closely inspecting the pointed spring grips, I saw that the tips looked worn. I called Dicor and the customer service person said this is what I should expect. The warranty is only one year. In more than a half century of driving, I cannot recall a "hubcap" ever wearing out!

I looked at Dicor replacements or alternatives but was turned off by the cost.

Solution: Leave the liners off. Doing so reduces unsprung mass and saves fuel by not having to carry, accelerate, or decelerate any wheel decorations...

Tips and Tricks / Re: Tires for Sprint Phoenix Cruiser
« on: December 05, 2011, 03:42:25 pm »
Until recently, I have had difficulty keeping my 2350 dual wheels inflated properly. One of the valve extensions that came with the 2350S snapped off and left me with a flat. When that happened, I replaced the original ones with "airless" ones from Camping World. Those worked better but were tricky to adjust and one became unadjusted and left me with another flat.

I researched available solutions and installed some very robust, lifetime-warranted units found at: http://yourtireshopsupply.com/category/780_782/dually-valve-kits for $120 plus shipping. They work! I have had them in use for a couple of months now and the pressures in all four tires have stayed within 0.5 psi of each other. The only changes in pressure are in line with temperature changes measured at dawn (expect 1 degree F for each 10 degrees of change since your last check). These units are not user installable; a tire shop will need 1-2 hours to install them. This may seem expensive, but a failed tire can ruin your life.

I just completed a round trip from NC to TX and did not worry about the tires. But, I still check the tires each morning before getting underway. The company that sells the extended valves also sells some metal caps with a built in valve at its tip. They allow you to check quickly your pressures without fiddling with screw-on valve caps.

Another subject: At about 20,000 miles I have had no problems with my 2008 Kumho tires.

General Discussion / Re: Does anyone tow with a Sprinter ?
« on: July 24, 2011, 03:10:49 pm »
The smart for two Passion 2010 weighs 1806 lbs and the trailer from Smart Trailers USA weighs about 600 lbs with electric brakes, spare, etc. We have taken our Lakeland (22 lbs) on short trips with him riding in the back in his bed. Else he's up front in the front seat or passenger's lap.

One can tow a smart car flat. A dealer can give you a procedure to do so. We went the trailer route after comparing the cost of a trailer and brake controller in the Sprinter versus the cost of the Blue Ox equipment on the car, its installation, the tow bar, and the brake controller in the smart car.

For those that see the smart as small, I'm 6 ft 4 in and 210 lbs. I'm most comfortable in it and have no qualms about driving at highway speeds in heavy traffic. It will do 90 mph and handles like a sports car.

General Discussion / Re: Does anyone tow with a Sprinter ?
« on: July 23, 2011, 12:23:12 pm »
We have a smart car and a Smart trailer for it. The car and trailer weigh about 2,400 lbs so you don't even know it's back there.

General Discussion / Re: Running light bulb replacement
« on: June 16, 2011, 08:24:00 am »
Your request prompted me to see if I could reach all my lights. I can using a 6 ft stepladder on my 2350 Sprinter-based PC. I had to try several positions for the ladder next to the chassis.
The center light over the windshield is a bit of a stretch (I'm 6 ft 3 in and 67). If you can reach the fixtures, the lens snaps off then you can pull the bayonet bulb out of its socket (it may be a #194). You may want to replace the bulbs with LEDs to avoid future replacements.

General Discussion / Re: Dash 110V
« on: December 06, 2010, 01:07:01 pm »
The red button referred to earlier switches the antenna amplifier on and off. When the button is lit red, the amplifier is on. You will likely get better signals with over-the-air broadcasts with the amplifier on. However, when you hook up to cable at an RV park, it's best to switch the amplifier off. The amplifier on will degrade the cable signal in most cases.  It took me a while to figure this out...

Around the Campfire / Re: Thrillin' Grillin'
« on: November 30, 2010, 09:05:40 am »
I am not familiar with the "green egg".  Is this a portable grill?  Do suggest a store which might carry it?  Thanks for the report on the grilling experience.

Info on the BGE is at http://www.biggreenegg.com/. They have a small one that may fit into a PC. We bought our BGE from our local propane dealer. I have a Magma gas grill that we use for the PC and on our boat. West Marine sells the Magma.

General Discussion / Re: Fiberglass Finish Problem
« on: October 31, 2010, 09:04:43 am »
Concur with Ron Dittmer....The best way to keep unpainted fiberglass gelcoat (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gelcoat) looking good is to keep it clean and waxed. West Marine for one sells a variety of products to maintain fiberglass.

Sorry for the confusion, I referenced the dual unit we use with the bike rack and the smart car trailer not the one for the cargo unit and the bike rack. The dual unit you found is the right one.

We also have a cargo tray that fits into the receiver. We use a Swagman XC TwoBike Rack that holds our two bikes very securely. A Curt Multipurpose Ball Mount with 2" Receiver for Bike Racks and Cargo Carriers allows us to use both the bike rack and the cargo carrier at the same time. I also had a 2 in receiver added to the back end of our Smart Trailer to carry whatever at the tail end of the whole rig.

General Discussion / Re: Buying new
« on: August 10, 2010, 08:11:26 am »
We have had no problems with the slide on our 2350S. Nor does it rattle or sqeek when retracted on the road.

General Discussion / Recommendations for a New Phoenix
« on: July 14, 2010, 03:15:36 pm »
Based on our 9-months experience with our 2350S we recommend that you test absolutely everything before you accept delivery. For example, take a trailer emulator with you to test the trailer connector. If you do not have problems with the lights fixed before delivery, you will be stuck with Phoenix blaming the chassis manufacturer and the Dealer blaming Phoenix. Our solution to our trailer light problem was to have the trailer vendor install an isolator and new 7-pin connector to get the coach and trailer lights to work together correctly.

In working on the home theater system (HTS) system recently, we discovered that the right front speaker was not connected (That’s why we could not hear any RF sound). Also, since the 19 inch Sanyo LCD TV speakers are under the TV, the sound cannot get out of the enclosure. The solution is to connect the TV audio to the HTS Aux2. That way you can hear the TV through the HTS over the din of the coach AC. We recommend that you have the factory do this before they install the TV unless you have very small hands with very long fingers. Also, they should connect the DVD player output using an HDMI cable not the RCA connectors that they used on our coach.

On our installation, the way the factory mounted the TV blocks the ports for the PC and optical cable. We recommend that you have the factory modify the TV mount and install an optical cable from the TV to the HTS. That way you can get 5.1 broadcast sound from the TV into the HTS. If necessary, get the cables at Radio Shack and send them to the factory.

We also replaced our 3-speed fan Fan-Tastic vent with the Fan-Tastic 6600 control. We bought the control kit at Camping World. It takes about an hour to install. The 6600 has more speeds, a remote control, and a rain sensor that closes the vent automatically when the rain starts. It works great. On a new coach, we would pay the differential cost to have the factory install the 6600.

We had problems with the galley drawers sliding open when we went around curves such as those on Interstate exit ramps. The solution was to install latches like those on the cabinet doors on the drawers. It was simple enough to do it ourselves but the factory should do it when they make the cabinets. Ask them to do this.

A last thing; the roof AC does not blow cold air into the bathroom when the door is closed. With the door closed it gets quite warm in the bathroom. Therefore, we added a doorstop and a door holder to keep the door open when we want it to stay open. We got brass commercial fixtures at Lowe’s that look factory-installed.

General Discussion / Re: new phoenix 2350
« on: July 14, 2010, 09:34:42 am »
As far as fuel economy, when we divide our total miles by the total gallons, we get 14.27 mpg. The range is 12.67 to 18.01 mpg. We also have and use a diesel generator (recommended) so its use reduces the mpg. All the other mpg rules apply; AC and higher speeds yield lower mpg.

We are very happy with the Sprinter chassis. We have not had any of the handling problems that the Ford chassis units seem to have. The only problem in 7500 miles is that our EGR temp sensor has fouled twice yielding an engine check light warning. The local Dodge dealer recommends not idling the engine at all to minimize this problem.

General Discussion / Re: new phoenix 2350
« on: July 12, 2010, 08:17:58 pm »
Please see our recommendationas at: http://forum.phoenixusarv.com/index.php?topic=98.0.

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