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Adventure Anywhere / Dreaming of Alaska Road Trip
« on: August 13, 2020, 06:11:53 pm »
Are you stuck at home but dreaming of a future road trip to Alaska?

We have traveled the world (over 100 countries) and visited all 50 states. We drove to Alaska from Colorado in 2017 and I have a box of materials including guide books and campground guides. We consider our PC trip to Alaska one of our most favorite, interesting and invigorating trips. A real memory-maker! We had kept the materials because we planned to do it again but now realize that is not to be.
We are purging in preparation for a move and I would be glad to mail them to anyone who is interested to help fuel your dreams.
Private message me a mailing address.

General Discussion / Re: Generator exhaust hangers
« on: April 29, 2020, 04:40:52 pm »
For reasons that do not need to be explained, our PC 2100 is still in storage undercover. So, no photos.
We broke a generator exhaust hanger on our Alaska trip in 2017. We quickly improvised with a metal coat hanger.
That hanger has hung in there and is still doing it's job.
We use an excellent small RV repair place and every time we are in they suggest we replace it. But why? Coat hangers are cheap and looking for employment.

General Discussion / Re: Dinette cup holders?
« on: November 02, 2019, 02:46:11 pm »
I have some of the following I use on the arm of folding chairs or our small folding table we use sometimes in lieu of a picnic table. Amazon has all kinds of clip on cup holders.  Some look sturdier than the ones I use but I purchased mine at a summer clearance sale at Target.

General Discussion / Re: Drivers power seat
« on: August 25, 2019, 09:38:53 am »
Only the cute granddaughter photo posted.  Here is one of the chair when empty.
I should add, I'm leaving the country today for 3 weeks. So, if you send any questions, there will be no answer until we return.

General Discussion / Re: Drivers power seat
« on: August 25, 2019, 09:36:11 am »
Our RV is in storage, but paid it a visit for review of the seats. Attached are a couple photos of the swivel passenger seat and how far it turns with the knee wall in the way.  (Slide was in and was dark so not the best, but my granddaughter serving as model is cute...or at least I think so.) We have an inflatable foot stool and it works great for us. I did look under the drivers seat and wires are such that you would have to give up the power seat to put in a swivel seat. Also realized that the front seats only have one armrest. When swiveled, it would be nice to have a second arm rest, but no room when facing forward.

In previous post I spoke of space problems in a 2100 compared to larger models. I should clarify...the larger the rig, the more places you have to shuffle stuff when parked (on the bed, in outside storage, etc.) Not so in the 2100--especially if you have a dog, crate and associated paraphernalia as we do. Thus, one of our two seats (the driver's), of necessity, is stacked with "stuff" when parked.

General Discussion / Re: Questions from Potential Owners
« on: August 20, 2019, 06:26:35 pm »
We are in Colorado but were just in the Black Hills, staying at Custer State Park. Saw no PCs this year, but on last year's trip, we saw three. I'm sure some will be passing through this fall.  Hopefully you will connect through the forum. Depending on your time line for a purchase, keep an eye on the forum for ones that come up for sale as well as for the 2020 annual Phoenix Cruiser Reunion which is scheduled to be in your time zone in September. Could be just a quick hop to the location to see a great variety of rigs and talk to owners as well as people from the factory.  Regardless of where it is in the Mountain time zone, it will be much closer than the 2019 reunion which is in Charleston, SC, or the factory in Elkhart, IN. Good luck in finding the perfect rig and welcome to the PC family.

General Discussion / Re: Drivers power seat
« on: August 14, 2019, 06:28:12 pm »
I can see that all the 2551 people don't understand how tight the space is in a 2100. We have the 2100 and did include the driver power seat which neither of us would give up.  Makes it so easy to change positions when drivers change as well as tweaking the position while driving. We did get a swivel seat on the passenger side even though the factory discouraged usw because of restricted range of swivel. Because of the kick wall on the dinette, it cannot swivel a full 180 degrees, but is quite sufficient to act as a nice lounger when reading, resting, extra seating for company, etc., but not for TV watching. The only 2100 TV is above the driving area. There are a few tricks to swiveling the seat (back forward and at center point of sliding track), but once mastered is quick and easy. I don't have a photo at this time.  Let me know if you want one.

General Discussion / Re: Leveling Jacks & Aluminum Wheels
« on: July 24, 2019, 06:28:10 pm »
I miss stated when I said in my previous post, "... you cannot lift the tires off the pavement"  The levelers certainly will lift either end or both at the same time off the pavement. We have done so--only once-- which is how we learned it is not a safe thing to do...even just one end or the other, let alone all four tires. The wheels will not have chocks to stabilize the coach. Think of the manual jacks you see people with travel trailers using.  They are shaped like a teepee or traffic cone...multiple points of contact with the pavement so the trailer cannot roll off.  The HWH levelers have just one point of contact so any movement of the coach (people inside, heavy wind, etc.), will make the coach roll off the levelers. With no chocks, the results are dangerous and can be disastrous. We still continue to occasionally lifted the coach tires off the ground because in some situations (like not a lot of room to back up/pull forward)  it facilitates putting leveling pads under the tires.
Some type A coaches have different type levelers (come straight down and have big round pads on the bottom) and those can lift the coach off the ground.

General Discussion / Re: Leveling Jacks & Aluminum Wheels
« on: July 23, 2019, 07:08:36 pm »
There are a couple other threads about leveling jacks you might look up.  We have them on our 2100 and do use them a lot. As to leveling, Ron is right, you cannot lift the tires off the pavement--so not even helpful when changing a tire. They only tweak the level of the PC. We mostly like and use them for stability.  Because of the wheel base on the 2100 it is more susceptible to movement from wind--and there is lots of wind in the Rockies, and even stepping on the rear entrance step causes motion.

General Discussion / Re: Roof Air Conditioner
« on: June 22, 2019, 02:29:16 pm »
Houghton does make one with a heat strip, but the only one Advanced RV carries is no heat strip. I found the heat strip in the Dometic to be useless. The only time I ran it was when exercising the generator when the PC is stored. You have to have power (generator or shore) to run the heat strip and, with power, a small electric space heater is much quicker, more efficient, and quieter. If you think a heat strip is important, you could pay for shipping from Australia.  :lol

General Discussion / Re: Roof Air Conditioner
« on: June 13, 2019, 08:16:40 am »
We have been getting ready for a trip the last few days and playing with the AC in the driveway. We will be camping at 9,100 ft. so will not need AC there. It is so QUIET compared to the Dometic. Other features you will love....
Inside it is almost flush with the ceiling.
There is a giant LED temperature indicator on unit so you can see at a glance your current temp.
It is even quieter than Dometic when sitting outside the unit.
Works with a remote control. I put the storage pocket by dinette, but I've added some Velcro on the back to hang by bed at night.
Our first big test will be a week in the Black Hills in July.

Yes, you need to keep the hydraulic fluid level up.  However, your problem sounds more like dirt. Whenever we've been on dirt roads or one disaster on a dirt road that had just been sprayed with mag chloride, I put the HWH levelers down, scrub them within abandon until they sparkle, then spray with T-9.
So far (almost 7 years and a lot of dirt roads), and they are still working great.

General Discussion / Re: Roof Air Conditioner
« on: June 10, 2019, 09:51:40 pm »
My husband refused to go anywhere requiring AC because of the noise. Since we live in the Rocky Mountains, it is usually not a problem.  However, since we plan on attended the Phoenix reunion in Charleston, I needed to com up with a plan. We just installed, at great expense, the Houghtn AC unit. It was developed in Australia and is sold in the US exclusively by Advanced RV in Ohio. There are a couple YouTube videos about the sound...9 decibels quieter than the next best (which I think was the Coleman). Was $2,100 plus $250 shipping to Denver. Cost about $500 to have my excellent small RV shop in Denver install. If you got to Advanced RV in Ohio, costs about $2,700 installed--so more or less a wash.  Required getting a separate thermostat for the furnace. When the owner of the RV shop (who originally thought I was nuts to replace a perfectly good AC at such great cost) called to say it was installed and working, he said, "My tech is standing here with icicles hanging off his beard and was able to listen to his iPod while int he RV." Owner was so impressed, he was going to look into becoming a US distributor. Have not been anywhere really hot overnight to test the true efficiency, but what we have experienced so far in testing and just cooling down for a lunch stop or when arriving at a campground, has us so glad we spent the money.

General Discussion / Re: Winegard RZ-6000 Rayzar z1 TV Antenna
« on: May 24, 2019, 07:21:18 pm »
I just replaced the batwing antenna with a King Jack antenna. What I love is no crank up/down. It looks tall in the video, but height is same as AC unit. Have not had an opportunity to test it because snow in the Rockies forced cancellation of an RV trip. The RV shop that put it on swears by it. You can see a Youtube at following:

I paid an excellent RV shop in Denver. They have all the specialty tools (like extra long wrenches) and know how and  I'm getting too old to contort my body into those small places. It took them 30 minutes longer than quoted because as stated on the invoice, "...due to the difficulty of the tight space."

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