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Adventure Anywhere / Well we are off for our first trip in our 2008 2551.
« on: October 28, 2010, 05:06:17 am »
So anyone in the Ocala to Stuart area of Florida and sees our lovely Brown tone Phoenix give a Honk..
Looking forward to this little trip for 5 days. We will be on the Canal.
We are  loaded  of course way too much stuff. and ready to leave this morning.

Norma, Tony and MrRusty   ;)   :)(:

I think they said they had a View before the PC..   They mentioned they had gotten custom sun shades for the cab.. I have been trying to fine them too.,
I would like to know where or the brand.
Or if anyone else had gotten sun shades not only for the windshield for the side windows too.

Thanks a bunch,  Say some nice ideas on here with changes and little things to make lief easier.. Great.

Ocala, Fl

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