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General Discussion / RV Insurance
« on: March 14, 2023, 08:43:44 pm »
I have had my rv insurance with National General (Good Sam) for six years. At my age, going on 80 years young, I don't have replacement value. I have always negotiated a settlement price based on what I paid for the RV. I have never had a claim of any kind. Our cost for $125,000 of coverage during this past year was $1,287.00. We travel about 6 months a year. I expect National General to raise my policy about 10%. I am interested to see what some other owners are paying. As shown in my profile, we own a 2020 2552 loaded with every option including Liquid Springs. If we were to have a large claim, at my age, we would just stop rving. Your thoughts, thanks, Chuck :)

General Discussion / 2023 reunion
« on: February 17, 2023, 04:36:40 pm »
Anyone know  how many registered or when to pay. This is our 1st time. Don't know how it works? Thanks Chuck :)

General Discussion / Broken entry door lock
« on: February 05, 2023, 01:52:47 pm »
2020 2552 entry door lock latch broke. Looking for a replacement latch kit. I've heard there is an all steel latch replacement kit.? My searches are all negative. Any ideas?

General Discussion / Clear coat on Dometic AC peeling
« on: March 04, 2022, 02:16:44 pm »
The outside clear coat is peeling on my living room roof Dometic AC with heat pump. On our recent trip the heat pump was used several times. All seemed to work as it should. I cleaned the roof in November before putting her to bed. I didn't notice any peeling at that time. We have not parked under any trees & I'm not aware of anything falling or damage of any kind. Anyone else have this problem? Chuck

General Discussion / WiFi Boosters
« on: February 22, 2022, 08:09:35 pm »
Do they really work? I have seen some attached at the top of the ladder. Cost & installation? Thanks, Chuck  :)

General Discussion / Suwannee River Bend RV PK
« on: February 22, 2022, 08:05:22 pm »
Looking for review of Suwannee River Bend, Old Town, Fla. Winter stay for a month or more. Also considering Strawberry Fields for RVers, Chiefland, Fla. Thanks, Chuck  :)

General Discussion / Bad Roads, Liquid Springs & Being Flexible
« on: February 17, 2022, 04:12:40 pm »
On the fourth day of our trip, searching for warmer weather, we were notified that Sheila's father had passed away. So, we headed for Shreveport, LA. Our camping fees were paid for two weeks, no refunds for any reason!!! 1,028 miles from St Marys, GA. & over $1,000 in gas round trip, bummer!! The good, we visited with folks that only a funeral can bring together.  Louisiana has the worst roads of all six states traveled, hands down. South Carolina comes in a very close second. Our liquid springs system was really put to the test. First time using the comfort setting & that helped dampen hitting the pot holes. On one night stays we never put jacks down. I had to use the LS system to level three times, once lowering the back & twice raising the back. We did return to Coastal Georgia to use our last 3 paid nights. Our over all trip was cut short due to the extra expenses & just worn out with all the driving. We pay cash as we go & our 2022 travel is in the budget & paid up. Oh, before we left home our HVAC went out, new system $10,800! The flexible part, role with the flow, you never know? Excuse the rambling, just needed to vent. Glad to be home & making reservations for next winter.  :) Chuck

General Discussion / Equipment behind the carpeted area?
« on: February 16, 2022, 06:29:21 pm »
When I start the generator I have a loud vibration coming from behind the carpeted area behind the drivers seat. There is a delay of a few seconds before the vibration starts. What equipment is installed in that area? Could it be the transfer switch? We have been on a 3,000 + mile trip & headed home. Any advice will be appreciated. I have not let the generator run but a few seconds after the vibration starts. 2020 2552, 50amp. All equipment works great except for this issue. Thanks, Chuck

General Discussion / PC. sighting
« on: February 03, 2022, 07:29:37 pm »
We traveled for a year & didn't  see a PC until today. There were two camped at Crooked River SP in St Mary's, Ga. One out of New Hampshire & the other PC belonged to Holly of the PC Travel Club. Sorry Holly for telling everyone where you are camping. Mary told us it was you. Hate we didn't get to meet y'all.  The other PC was from New York & camped at The Big Wheel RV PK, in St Mary's, Ga. I'm so happy we finally saw another PC.  :) Chuck

General Discussion / Searching for Member
« on: January 06, 2022, 08:09:05 pm »
I have tried the search engine without success. Looking to make contact with Gary & Kristy Burleyson from Salisbury, NC. If you get this message please contact me. We lived in Salisbury {High Rock Lake area) for about 20 years. Email at cew1945@myglnc.com or text to 910-264-9224. Saw your post about BBQ in the news letter. Chuck :)

General Discussion / Roof Maintenance
« on: November 03, 2021, 06:21:53 pm »
I wash my PC often & always wash the roof. I use a liquid RV soap/wax to wash & hand wax twice a year. What are ya'll using on the roof for protection. I have two AC units, 360 antenna, two solar panels, three vents & the shower dome on the roof. My class a had a smooth vinyl roof that was easy to wax. The PC roof is textured & not easy to wax. I guess I could use a liquid wax but it would still be hard to hand buff out. Our PC stays outside in the North Carolina weather so I try my best to keep it looking new. Thanks for your replies, Chuck :)

General Discussion / Holding Tanks & Long Term Stay
« on: August 31, 2021, 09:51:29 am »
We will be staying for a month with FHUPS. I would like for the gray water to drain freely. Will the gray water drain freely through the macerator hose if the gray valve is left open? If using a stinky/slinky does the gray water macerator valve stay open with the red light blinking? Our gray tank fills up after 3 showers & I don't want to dump every other day. I have tried using the search system without results. This is our first macerator system & still trying to learn the correct hook up procedures. I understand the benefits of the using the gray water to clean after dumping the black tank. Our Class A had a 60 gal gray holding tank----learning to live with 18 1/2 gal tank----just one of the disadvantages of down sizing. Thanks for your replies, Chuck :) 

General Discussion / Paint Codes
« on: August 20, 2021, 06:42:02 pm »
I have tried several time to order a touch up kit through the PC parts department. The last time (3 weeks ago) I didn't even receive a call back. If I could get the paint codes for  2020TOAST, I would be able to handle the problem. Does anyone have the codes for the 2020 toast color scheme? I have asked (in writing)  PC parts to email the codes, no response. I'm not trying to beat up on the parts department. We bought our PC used & it was missing several parts (chair hold down bracket & sink covers to mention a few) PC parts was good to handle these parts promptly. Thanks for your help, Chuck

General Discussion / No Rear AC on Generator
« on: August 14, 2021, 03:12:43 pm »
Went out to exercise the generator. PC has been hooked up to 50amp for several weeks & running the rear AC set to 88 degrees. I first turned all electric off & flipped the 50amp breaker box off. Started the generator & let warm up for several minutes. Set the rear ac thermostat to 74, waited several minutes---nothing. Turned the thermostat off & reset to 76 degrees(inside temp was 89) again---nothing. Turned the rear thermostat off. Turned on the front ac & it started within seconds. Didn't try to run both units at the same time. When finished exercising the generator, turned all electrical off & reset the 50amp breaker box. Turned on the rear thermostat to cool (still set to 76 degrees) the ac started up within seconds. Electrical is my weak point----what am I missing & where to start? (WH) Chuck

Adventure Anywhere / Fries New River Trail & Mountain River Family CG
« on: August 01, 2021, 06:34:20 pm »
Recommended for folks looking for cooler weather. Fries New River Trail, 26 Dalton Rd, Fries, Va.(276-233-1178) Located next to the New River State Pk.,with 59 miles of bike/walking trails. Trails are hard packed so any bike will do. The trails are designed so you can drive to different starting & ending points. This makes it easy for those that wish to walk different areas of the park. The campground is small, well managed & secure. The pictures on their website are true to the camp sites,FHUPS, level sites, 50/30/20 amp. Give Tom a call (Fries is pronounced freeze).
Mountain River Family CG, Newland, NC, 8555 S. US Hwy 19E (828-765-4810). Located between Spruce Pine & Linville, NC. Great fishing & tubing in the river. Linville Caverns just down the road. Grandfather Mountain, Beech Mt, Sugar Mt, & Mt. Mitchell gives lots of hiking trails. Views are incredible! Mt. Mitchell is the highest elevation east the of the Mississippi River. The website pictures are true to the camp site. FHUPS, level sites with 50/30/20 amp, well managed & secure. There are sites that backup to the river & sites that backup to the mountains. Most sites face a catch & release pond in the middle of the CG.
I highly recommend both parks, Chuck :)

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