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General Discussion / Plumbing On 2910 Bedroom Slide
« on: March 24, 2022, 03:58:32 pm »
During our last outing I had the pleasure of walking around the rear of the coach and finding water dripping out of both sides of my bedroom slide. After pulling the mattress and the bed platform panel I found a loose swivel fitting that was easily fixed. However, while all the plumbing, tank, pump and electrical were opened, I decided to move the slide in and out to see how all the pieces moved as the slide moved.

Turns out the elbow fitting that connects the swivel fittings and hose to the stationary plumbing is twisting when the slide moves in and out.  See pictures below. The first 2 pics are with the slide retracted.  The next 2 show the slide extended. Note the different position of the elbow the swivel fitting/hose is connected to. This is a pex crimp fitting that I'm sure is not designed to twist/swivel every time the slide moves in and out.

I believe only the 2910 has a slide that moves the fresh water tank and plumbing in and out. Has anyone checked how your plumbing moves with the slide?  If so, have you noticed the same thing and how did you fix it?


The Liquid Springs manual calls for a 25,000 mile or 6 month max interval check on the bolts and nuts on the control arm pivots to assure they are properly torqued. If I'm reading the manual properly, the torque for the control arm pivot bolts and nuts is 600 ft-lbs.

Is this a correct interpretation on my part?  If so, has anyone with Liquid Springs done this check and how did you do it?
I know torque wrenches with that capacity are readily available. Did you do this torque check with the coach on the ground or did you use a lift to have room to swing the LONG wrench?


General Discussion / Some Bathroom and Kitchen Counter Mods
« on: July 24, 2021, 02:33:28 pm »
I adopted a couple of Ron Dittmer's ideas in the bathroom. Replaced the short original faucet with a goose neck one and went with the sink strainer in the drain vs original plastic plug. The goose neck faucet will sure be easier to use. My previous DP had one.

I also installed a back splash around the counter tops in the bathroom and kitchen. The tile is the same on both counters.


General Discussion / Any issue running Houghton AC while driving?
« on: July 18, 2021, 01:53:35 pm »
Can anyone with a Houghton AC Quiet unit tell me if their ac's work while driving? There was a thread a while back discussing that these units would "throw a code" if used while driving but I don't see an update from someone who has one.

I had Campers Inn replace my rear Dometic unit with a Houghton AC3400 as part of the purchase. This unit works extremely well and is very quite. I am considering replacing my noisy front Dometic unit with a Houghton but would like to be able to run the unit driving if I need to.


General Discussion / Sealing around bin door frame?
« on: June 25, 2021, 11:01:56 pm »
Just got back from my four night maiden trip in the new PC to Paynes Prairie State Park outside of Gainesville. Of course, being summer time in Florida we got multiple inches of rain from afternoon thunder storms three of the four days. Everything appeared to stay dry around the three slides which was my main concern.

One thing that seemed odd was the water leaking down the inside of the bin door above the slide out storage drawer and the door on the rear cap when opened. On both of these, water runs down the inside face of the doors when they are opened. It looks like water is getting into the door itself around the outside frame of the door. Neither of these doors appears to have any sealant between the face of the door and the outside frame.

Has anyone sealed this seam/joint? There are two holes in the bottom edge of the door frame, on both doors, that look like drain holes for water that gets into the door. If they are supposed to be drains they are not working very well.


My 2910T has speakers in the bedroom area below the two shirt closets that don't seem to be hooked to anything. (See pictures) There are wires going to them that feed into a bundle that run across the coach along the rear base board area.

Does anyone have speakers in this location? If so, what are yours hooked to?


General Discussion / Leak on top of HWH Kickdown Actuator
« on: June 06, 2021, 11:08:58 pm »
My right front HWH leveling jack is leaking. Leak appears to be coming from the threads around the allen head screw on top of the kick down actuator cylinder. Does anyone know if this is simply a plug in the top of the cylinder?

I tried tightening and loosening it with no success with zero pressure on the system.  It also appears to be an odd size. A 1/4 inch allen fits it best but still a little loose, 5/16" is too big. I tried metric sizes. 6 mm is too small, 7 mm too big. I will chase down a 9/32" to see if that fits.

Has anyone seen this before?

General Discussion / New Mirrors For My New Coach
« on: June 04, 2021, 01:27:17 pm »
I am continuing to outfit my new 2910T. So far I have installed new C metric load rated 121 Michelin Agilis Cross Climate tires with dually stems and changed out most of my camping equipment to smaller sizes to fit in the Cruiser (grill, air compressor, chairs, vacuum, etc.), updated my GPS and TPMS. I wasn't crazy about the looks of the Ramco mirrors after seeing the Velvac ones on coaches at the dealer. So I purchased a set of the Velvac ones from PC that they have been installing since their 2020 model year. 

I was hoping I could just do a mirror only swap and use the original wiring and switches. Not true. I had to change out all of the harnesses including the main one that runs between the two mirrors and the control switch wiring. (Sorry didn't take any pictures.) Running wires through those rubber door boots is not fun.

In the end I think it looks better along with the new mirrors being 4 inches wider on each side.


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