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Tips and Tricks / Annoying Squeak
« on: May 07, 2022, 12:22:58 am »
Unlike a vehicle, squealing politicians are usually trying to divert your attention from the real problem.  Instead of having the listener focus on real issues to reveal how unseemly their behavior might be.  Whereas, with a machine, an annoying squeak usually leads to a problem that can't be ignored.

I found the length of black iron pipe connecting the LP gas tank to the utility cabinet is essentially free floating.  Suspended by the rubber hose exiting the tank and unfettered before entering the utility connection.  Every bump in the road causes the weight of the unsupported pipe to bounce and "squeak".

Not particularly noticeable at highway speed, it is impossible to ignore at city speeds.  Especially, at intersections or other grade variations. 

Pinpointing the problem is easy.  Just crawl under the rig and confirm it. Effortlessly moving the pipe up and down to replicate travel over a bump generates a squeak that is unmistakable.  And, for me, ignoring it eventually becomes impossible.

I put a u-bolt over the black iron pipe and an eyebolt into an existing hole in the adjacent truck frame.  I connected the two to form a pipe brace midway along the route.  Effectively suspending the pipe with a sling and restricting movement. 

I am currently on the road and made the repair in a hardware store parking lot.  About four thousand miles from home, I am grateful to be rid of the annoyance.  I am also curious why the restraint wasn't installed by the factory. 

General Discussion / Phoenix Cruiser Serial Number?
« on: March 04, 2022, 11:39:06 am »
Where do I find the Factory Serial Number for my Phoenix Cruiser?

General Discussion / Roadside Assistance Plans
« on: January 03, 2022, 02:50:43 pm »
People seem to like their roadside service plan until they have to use it and encounter grief.  Horror stories abound.   And, RV travel forum respondents generate frenzy across the internet with a type of bashing that parallels what occurs in our news media today.  I read first-hand accounts of inexcusably bad call center service and hoped it was just an occasional issue.  Then, I saw it again and again.

Very few writers generate a report about a good experience.  Others, who feel cheated, have little reluctance to complain.  That is human nature.   Hard to pick one or the other of the plans, based on the back and forth with no clear winner or loser.  For every bad story about one company, I  hear the same for another.  And, it's not just a handful of posts on one forum.  As if the challenge is to contrive better ways to express outrage
My horrible experience with Good Sam pertains to their vehicle insurance.  Being brand new to the RV Market, I accepted the dealerís offer and purchased liability/comprehensive insurance coverage thru Campers World / Good Sam.  When I called their number to acquire the policy, I was assured by the salesperson the company was fully licensed and full coverage could be provided.  A year later, when it came time to renew, it was revealed the Campers World insurance provider wasnít licensed in my state of residence.  They had sold me a policy that wasnít renewable.  Or, as revealed in the terse conversation - unenforceable.  I had the properly addressed policy document.  However, I doubt my avenue to collect damages or be protected from liability.  In the event of a claim, it would have been enforceable only under duress.  After expressing considerable anguish at the risk that unknowingly exposed me to, the misrepresentation yielded me a full refund of the premium
Roadside assistance plans are just another high profit business for the companies that advertise these services. I choose NOT to participate with these companies. I learn, if you call them for help, you have to sit there and wait for them to make multiple calls to tow companies trying to find the cheapest one to come help. The problem with a company like Good Sam is that they get enough newbies buying their product because of endless advertisement, that they don't care when they lose a customer.

In today's world, I can have everything needed at my fingertips. I would rather take on the responsibility myself instead of waiting for a call taker to get help. I just feel more comfortable being in control of the situation and not depending on others. I take very good care of all my equipment and service intervals are observed, so my odds of not having a problem are higher than some who don't. So far, the odds have been in my favor.

General Discussion / FORD Cruise Control Problem
« on: May 13, 2021, 01:28:05 pm »
2007 FORD E350 V10
Intermittent problem with Cruise Control.
Difficulties turning it on. Goes off unprompted.
Nothing on internet search matching specific symptoms.
Repair technician using diagnostic tools found the problem was caused by faulty brake light sensor.  Sensor Switch remains active and cruise control is denied operation.
Interesting solution. Cures a moving traffic violation with brake lights remaining on that I was otherwise unaware of

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