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General Discussion / Leave the Seat up!
« on: November 21, 2021, 11:55:07 am »
Just exercised our winterized 2552.  When doing a quick inspection, there was a mouse floating in the toilet bowl.  I had left the bowl about half full of the pink stuff.  Guess it wanted a drink, and couldn’t climb out of the porcelain bowl.  Now got to find out where he was residing.

General Discussion / Black tank valve…installed
« on: October 15, 2021, 02:38:24 pm »
To follow up on my previous post.  As mention previously, best way to remove old valve is find a straight section of the black 3” pipe.  On mine it was about 10”.  (2014 2552).  Saw the pipe keeping as straight as you can as close to the middle of the run as you can.   Mine was on the down stream side of the valve.  Remove the 4 bolts holding the valve in place and the motor frame(if you have electric valves, and tie it up, or it will swing down and HIT you in the face!). The afore mention 3” fernco rubber connector is about 4.5” long.  It gives you lots of lateral adjustment when you put things back in place.  Saw off another 3/4” off the 3” pipe(the one that comes off when you remove the bolts), this will give you plenty of room to slip in the new valve.  Slip the rubber connector over the 3” black pipe still attached to the stack as far on as you can.   Using Vaseline, “glue” the new rubber seals onto the valve. This helps holding them in place while you slip the valve in.  Line everything back up and slide in place.   With the 4 bolts loosely tightened, slide the rubber fernco connector back and centered on the 3” black pipe.  Tighten everything back up.Adjust the electric closer for full travel and good to go. 

General Discussion / Black tank valve
« on: October 10, 2021, 02:10:20 pm »
Original problem is the black tank red blink light will not go off when closed.  It does seem to be closed though, all the way.  The auto valves are barker, black and grey are both 3”.  But they have 2 different part numbers 138508 and 138499 but they look just alike(they might be serial numbers?).  There is an adjustment bolt where the barker device ratchets close/open the Bristol slide valve.  It was so rusty had to take a dremmel   and cut it out and replace.  After adjusting all I could(can make the light go out if not attached to the Bristol valve) decided to pull the Bristol slide valve out to see if something was not letting it close completely.  I’ve replaced these before on other units I’ve had. Just pull 4 bolts out.   Never a problem before except making sure the big O ring stays in place.  No way in hell could I get enough slack using pry bars on the 3” pipe coming from the black tank or the other 3” going to the sanicon to drop out the slide valve.  No adjustment on either end of the 3” pipes to allow the slide valve to drop out.  Seems like it has flanges on both sides into the 3” pipe so it wont drop out.  I can rotate it around but not drop out.  So before I take a recip saw to the 3” pipe and cut it out, any body replaced one of these? Hints?  2013 2552
(Guess I could just disconnect the red light :( ). 

General Discussion / P0306
« on: October 04, 2021, 05:04:41 pm »
Still on our way home from the rally.  Pulled out of the camp ground in Texas and the service engine soon light came on and starting blinking.  Set my scan gauge to scan, and got subject code.  #6 cyl bad spark or coil.  Headed to the next town with an orileys and a camp ground.  Took the little smart and got a new coil pack and a plug.  A motor craft coil pack was $79.99!, ( each x 10 )went with the house brand.  Out of all the plugs, this was probably the easiest to get to after removing the air cleaner.  Took about an hour and all is well.  This is a 2013 with only 30k miles.

General Discussion / Norcold bottom hinge broke.
« on: September 21, 2021, 07:19:33 pm »
Sitting here at the rally , Anyhow the damn hinge broke.  Lots of vids on YouTube how to fix, a common problem.  So I guess a little more jb weld then a trip to tractor supply for a strip of aluminum to fab a new hinge.

General Discussion / Kitchen sink
« on: September 07, 2021, 05:47:07 pm »
Winterized but guess I didn’t drain the sprayer head, it cracked.  Also no water coming, hot or cold coming out. Yes, the strainer was off so no clog there.  Managed to remove hose connections, no each chore there under sink, took that to Lowe’s with me.  Went to Lowe’s, had 1 replacement that might (have) worked.  2 Lowe’s helpers to try and match what PC had installed and what Lowe’s had.  Got 2 90* shark bite 3/8 to 1/2 to (try) to mate  to the PC 3wing nut on the PC side .  Had to go to the 90* so as to clear the PC wing nut.  Won’t tighten up enough the 3wing to the shark bite, it just spins.  The shark bite is intended for copper tubing.  Thought about just cutting off what PC has, spend a fortune on fittings and start over.  Ideas?  Trying to leave by Friday to spear fish.

General Discussion / Dock/backup lights
« on: September 02, 2021, 08:58:56 am »
Guessing most wiring size is same across the board for like uses on PC models. So I want to add 2 15watt led backup lights, tapped in the current backup light circuit.  Is there enough umph currently there to support the extra draw?

General Discussion / 50 amp 90* plug REPLACEMENT
« on: August 28, 2021, 10:10:25 am »
Looking to swap my current plug for a 90 degree, to lessen weight drag when plugged in.  Found lots of 90 * adapters 50 to 50, with short cords.  Really just want to replace, not extend the cord.  Would need the locking ring.  Searched other forums, and the net, but nothing I can find.

General Discussion / Diamond shield
« on: August 22, 2021, 10:49:57 am »
anyone else having problems with this stuff. Ie:mold/dark spots between film and coach.  Numerous threads on other forums on how to remove, but not currently in the mood to fight with it. 2013/14 2552.  Mirrors, across the top cap on hood.  Just looks bad.

General Discussion / Dash mat
« on: May 18, 2021, 07:38:07 am »
Floor mats have been covered, so along the same lines.  I’m looking for subject.  Searching comes up with “F” series but not “E”. Called one company found on line, but they didn’t make for E series.  So, anyone have a good, well fitting, formed, dash mat.

General Discussion / Another what is it?
« on: November 10, 2020, 07:59:19 am »
Found a “plug” on the floor,in the slide area, by the refer.  Football shape, white hard rubber,1” long, 1/2” wide. Has the letters MCD moulded on it. Very small notch and tit on either end. 2 plug shape protrusion on the back, different shapes so it can only go in one way..  searched mcd but can only find Macdonald’s hamburger stuff. Looked everywhere but can’t figure where it goes.  Yes, might have been dropped from something we brought in, but looked at all that stuff too.  Watz it?

General Discussion / Fantastic fan screen
« on: October 24, 2020, 01:59:26 pm »
On a fan with temp. Sensor, does the screen  “twist” off or pry off.  There is one raised dimple on the plastic frame, but I can’t seem to rotate it either way.

General Discussion / Entry door
« on: September 30, 2020, 08:41:52 am »
My door on the opposite side of the hinges is rubbing just a bit, thru paint on the bottom of the frame.  If you open the door and lift up from the bottom, there is a bit of racking.  So has anybody removed the hinge bolts and put a little washer under each bolt to raise the door a bit to make the clearance a bit better?

General Discussion / Letter from ford
« on: September 08, 2020, 02:09:28 pm »
Got a note today that my 2013 E450 (2014 PC) manual is wrong.  Supposedly manual says engine will cut off if left idling for more than 30 min.  Not so per letter.  So, did this take 8 years for ford to figure out, or that I’ve only had the unit for 10 months for them to catch up with me?  Don’t know it it covers more than one year model?

General Discussion / Stereo fm antenna
« on: August 27, 2020, 09:15:14 am »
Factory Samsung dvd/cd/fm.  Station selection very weak.  At the same location, the car and truck radios work pretty good.  What kind of fm antenna did PC use?  The wire from the back of the unit goes up in the ceiling, so can’t see what is up there?  Looking to buy a booster but can’t see one that matches up to the back plug on the Samsung unit. Ideas?  Searches only find what looks like a “cord” with a plastic loop on the end used to screw and hold cord up.

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