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General Discussion / Double pane window fog
« on: August 17, 2021, 06:37:49 pm »
 ;)Well  one of the small double pane windows  right where I sit at the dinnett table (the lower crank open  forward window) evidently the seal gave way and the argon gas seeped out and moisture got in and fogged the window, annoying
 to say the least. I put up with it for too long . The same problem same type windows shows on this  forum's search back some time ago with some ideas to repair. Such as call the factory, possible warranty,  or purchase a replacement window, heat it with a blow dryer, remove and bake in oven .
So I called the factory  sent photos back in April of this year  talked with Carol at Phoenix in Elkhart, said she will order a replacement  to install myself, gave her my credit card information. Never been charged, Never received the window.  Months of lack of communication I gave up .
Tried a local window repair place in town seamed to have no interest in trying to repair such a small job. So with the help of Google and YouTube,  I drilled between 2 pieces of glass carefully  there is 1/4" seal between the glass  right left and bottom drilled holes and inserted a small  straw in one hole then blew condensed air between the 2 panes of glass, the fog turned to water droplets which I used  a heat gun carefully to dry up the droplets  this took time because I didn't want to melt or burn the glass or seals. Low and behold the glass  perfectly cleared . Now I did not seal the drilled holes to make sure no moisture returns,  when the window is closed the drilled holes are locked in the window frame and not exposed.  Days now weeks gone by ,open  closed rain and shine no fog, no moisture, clear view  not going to seal the drilled holes  see how long this lasts in different environments.  Enjoying the view , hoping for the best.. 2o2

General Discussion / Entrance door locks
« on: July 30, 2021, 09:55:00 pm »
In case this happens to you !
This is the second lock set , the first one came from the factory Phoenix Cruiser, Elkhart Indiana.  Tri Mark  dead bolt duel lock and duel keys. This set up is probably on 90 % of all Rv motor homes and if not all Phoenix Cruisers  (check the write ups on YouTube). Well the original Tri Mark entrance door lock on my  PC  locked me in ,had to disassemble the lock to get outside , yes you can climb over the cab seats to get out , to say the least not a good situation  when traveling and camping. Found out there was a flaw in the locking mechanisms  part was made of pot metal that didn't hold up well,Tri Mark new about it so no questions asked sent out a new updated one ,made of steel  ( a magnet verified it was steel ) . ALL WELL AND GOOD! for less than a year latter  on a camping trip got locked out again had to disassemble the lock to get outside, this time noticed  broken pieces of black plastic In the mechanisms,  steel bolt will not slide to open, Now let me say  minimal use no slamming shut, opening and closing normally , this happened.  Called Tri Mark  customer service No questions asked overnighted a 2nd lock set complete with keys , installed this one  because it's easy to install the  same lock because of hole size, paint pattern etc. And no cost to me.
LIFETIME WARRANTY,  excellent customer service,  great looking,  sleek ,heavy duty, entrance door lock ,with  piss poor engineering in the mechanisms.
Three strikes your out!!! Hoping for the best....

General Discussion / Ground cable can cost you $$
« on: June 26, 2021, 09:07:43 pm »
 pyhoBeware of corroded battery cables, not the obvious ones you see in your battery drawer,  the hidden ones under the chassis especially the ground cable connected to the chassis frame. On my 2018 in only a few years that cable really hard see was the culprit. Evidently the factory used a self tapping bolt not very rust proof to the under carriage frame , when trying to remove the bolt it broke and crumbled. 
Now here's where the $$ come in . Not knowing you have a bad ground cable which will indicate electrical problems such as flickering lights,  voltage drops, gauges and battery indicators showing low voltage etc. So easy fixes first,  clean the obvious  battery cables, still the problem existed, replaced a few positive cables, same problem, tested batteries under load ( these happened to be 6v deep cycle golf cart batteries in series) checked ok problem still exists.   Well, tried a 12v portable battery set up in the coach using jumper cables system worked perfectly no voltage drops  no flickering lights No problem  telling me that there was no short in the coach.  By going Back to the golf cart batteries  problem comes back. So figuring the batteries are almost three-years old and the portable battery fixed the problem, let's go for 2 new 6v deep cycle golf cart batteries $$.install them in the battery drawer same as the original in series ,guess what problem still exists. Cables all checked and cleaned some replaced $$ them and until then the hidden ground cable,  the culprit was found cleaned replaced bolt tighten and all is working great.  Simple fix no $$, go figure YOUR  batteries are only as good as YOUR  GROUND..save $$ and go camping.  2o2

Tips and Tricks / Drinking water storage
« on: May 11, 2021, 12:32:41 pm »
Storing drinking water
Found a cool place out of the way to store bottled water.,
At least on the 2100 model. See photo :

Tips and Tricks / TV protector
« on: May 11, 2021, 12:11:23 pm »
Why look at a flat black screen on your TV when not using it.
Check this out, found it at a gift shop Grandfather mountain NC. Signed by Thomas Kinkade, Nice to look at , appropriate sceen  for camping . Easy to roll up out of the way to watch tv stays  put and rolls down to protect tv . See photos:

General Discussion / Drivers side electric swivel seat
« on: May 10, 2021, 01:40:32 pm »
Drivers side swivel seat , Electric seat pedistool.
Most say it can't be done. A while back I posted on this forum: if any one had a driver side swivel seat on there Phoenix Cruiser  2100 . Various replies, but no one could show they have one, even calling the factory if it could be done, answer  possibly not with the electric control seat so that said I gave up the idea.
I don't like the saying it can't be done, visualizing I see there was enough room that the seat can clear the steering wheel and door (Yes have adjustable steering wheel and door can open if needed to clear the turning seat and even electric control seat if needed. ) DW wanted that seat to turn so it faces the dinnett table and sofa, also a comfortable seat to sit facing  guests . So to start the project, internet research,  Ford no help, PC factory no help ,someone on this forum gave me a link of a company that sells swivel seat  mechanisms for various vehicles but for the E 350 Ford it would have to be modified at a cost of $ 299. + shipping I hesitated. Continuing the search I needed a swivel seat mechanism with a forward  & aft slide attachment.
Finding a company in China exactly what I needed  for $72.+ shipping using Alibaba for shipping assurance got what I needed. With some modifications it works perfectly, smooth and easy turn abouts . Photos show results.

General Discussion / Auxiliary battery
« on: May 09, 2021, 08:11:18 pm »
 >:(Extend your boondocking, and main house batteries, by adding a auxiliary battery. Most parashoots have a reserve shoot in case the first one fails to get you safely where  you want to be .I had scary trip with my PC ,I got myself in the middle of a Ostrich farm in Tennessee the owner gave me permission to stay there ground was hard seamed other rv's were parked there at one time. It was a picture perfect spot,  horses ,and other farm animals ,  came right up to the camper the owner said stay as long as you like he was going on a trip and would be gone for a while. We had everything we needed,except  there was no cellular service, for miles . That night a storm came over with heavy rain. The PC stayed nice and dry, the scary thing was the ground got soft and muddy looking at house batteries showed depleted the slide was out to booth. Some thing was wrong there was no way the batteries could be depleted,  but even the  inverter was showing depleted voltage  how can we drive with the slide out and I needed to get on a harder surface. Checking the batteries directly from outside of the coach with a voltage meter showed normal voltage .The battery gauges in the coach were reading false. The slide went in with power . The PC got us to the hard surface road .,and on we went.
Now this may not happen again, but for peace of mind  I installed an auxiliary battery completely separate from the outside batteries by using a two way battery switch that completely insulates one system from the other. I installed it inside the coach in my case under dinnett seat just happened to be close to the outside battery drawer  auxiliary battery  12v 100 ah AGM (no fumes) to worry about.  Plus added a Aili battery capacity gage  shunt  from the 6v series golf cart main  batteries   see my post on this forum. See photos  happy camping, no worries be happy.

General Discussion / Battery capacity gage
« on: May 08, 2021, 07:38:36 pm »
It's importance, specially if boondocking ,dry camping and more importantly prolonging the life of your batteries .
Most RV come with push button leds telling you battery capacity 1/3- 1/2- 2/3 -full or gauges that read actual volts, and or  battery percentage." NOT ACCURATE " a shunt is needed at the battery on the ground cable for ACCURATE reading volts,amprere, amp hour,battery percentage, soc,rate of charge & discharge  and more . Usually a very expensive add on (Victron gage) now theirs an inexpensive shunt gage available highly rated Aili battery capacity gage check YouTube/ Amazon. Very pleased with mine ,works great, easy-to-use and install.

I know the heat strip in the AC works with  shore power, but I turned on the furnace at the thermostat  the fan started then stoped.Changed temp settings and fan/ furnace does not come on . Does the furnace have a heating element or is it just propane.?

General Discussion / Anyone know how to adjust the slide on the PC 2100
« on: September 30, 2019, 06:25:32 pm »
Somehow my slide shifted slightly to one side. Now it's hitting the frame on one side so bad that I had to remove the wood frame to get the slide in .I'm on a cross country trip  not something you want happening so to mess up a trip... pyho pyho got to find a way to adjust  now traveling the frame off and in my way But slide working fine with no frame.

General Discussion / Drivers power seat
« on: August 13, 2019, 04:37:29 pm »
Has anyone changed the drivers seat pedistool to one that can swivel to face the rear on the PC2100  l have  power seats  I would give up the power pedistool for a manual seat that can be turned toward the rear . Can it be done and has anyone done it  :help

General Discussion / Norcold Refridge circulating fan install
« on: July 20, 2019, 06:53:43 pm »
The Norcold model N7 series interior light according to the owner manual stays lit even when the door is closed , only turns off when unit is off .
This makes it easy to install a small 12v fan in the interior compartment mounted near the cooling coils  to help circulate cool air .
The light at the top is easily accessible to the red + and black - to connect the fan, best with solder and seal the wires .Then mount the fan it runs as long as the Refridge is on .... 2o2

Found a lot of water under the dinette seat behind the passenger seat. When we bought our PC in Elkhart in May we were told that they had fixed a leak but this was a lot of water.  Has anyone else had this problem

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