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General Discussion / 2021 Phoenix Cruiser Travel Club Reunion
« on: May 02, 2021, 10:46:31 pm »
The 2021 Phoenix Cruiser Travel Club reunion will be held from Sunday, September 19th until Friday, September 24th, at the Spearfish City Campground, 404 S. Canyon Street, Spearfish, South Dakota.  We currently have SEVEN spots left—that’s 7 humans, not 7 rigs!  Once those slots are filled, we will establish a waiting list. 

Registration information and pricing is available at www.PhoenixCruiserTravelClub.org.    You do need to be a Phoenix Cruiser Travel Club member to attend.  Membership dues have been waived for 2021 so it costs you nothing to check out the Club.  Just complete a membership application on our website Phoenix Cruiser Travel Club.org.  If you miss the seven-person cut-off, don’t despair.  We will have a wait list and will quickly fill any spots opened by cancellations.  No money is due until you have a confirmed reservation. 

Our five-night event includes 4 breakfast meals, a welcome cookout, a farewell dinner, group campfire, an optional day trip, competitive Bingo game with wonderful prizes, casual social hours, sharing of RVing and travel tips, and generally enjoying each other’s company.  Phoenix USA RV Representatives will be there to chat with club members and to update us on what’s new at the factory.  The optional bus day trip will take us through stunning Spearfish Canyon with stops at a waterfall, gold mine, historic Deadwood (where we will have time to browse and buy lunch before a guided trolley tour of the town and cemetery), and finally a stop at Kevin Costner’s Tatonka attraction.  The PCTC is a social club and that’s what we are going to do—SOCIALIZE!!!

Our campsites surround Snapper’s meeting hall in the Spearfish City Park.  There are plenty of trees, a multi-use trail, trout stream, and historic fish hatchery on site.  Historic downtown Spearfish is just down the road with fun shops and restaurants. 

Spearfish is at the top of the beautiful Black Hills.  The annual adventure guide available on the VisitSpearfish.com website has information on hiking, biking, fishing, scenic drives, shopping, National Parks and historic sites, and more in the area.  Additional information is available at the Travel South Dakota website.   

Club members can check out the reunion page on our website for more information and pictures.  It’s going to be a great reunion in this spectacular region of our country.  We look forward to seeing everyone at this fun and friendly event. 

Holly Cook, President and Spearfish Reunion Co-Chair
Phoenix Cruiser Travel Club 

General Discussion / LED strip lights in newer units
« on: January 11, 2021, 09:02:51 pm »
Is anyone else having issues with the LED strip lights in newer models?  Mine is a 2017 and has LED strip lights in various places that are supposed to turn on / off using a capacitance touch switch.  One of them has always been a little flaky but now all of them are on and refuse to turn off using the touch switch. 

Any thoughts / solutions?  I am going to have to replace them all unless someone has a good idea.

If you haven’t been on the Phoenix USA RV website lately, you should check it out.  Wow—is it impressive.  But it’s not just glitz and stylish—there are several very practical features available. 

There is now an On-Line Parts Request available  Parts Request | Phoenix USA RV | Elkhart Indiana.  Prices are also shown for some common items Parts Department | Phoenix USA RV | Elkhart Indiana.  Needing a part on Saturday—no need to make a note to call Phoenix on Monday morning—just file your request immediately online. 

You can also schedule a service appointment at the Elkhart factory using the new on-line request form Service Department | Phoenix USA RV | Elkhart Indiana.   Also now on-line are Owners Manuals for many of your PC’s components Owners Manuals | Phoenix USA RV | Elkhart Indiana.

The 2020 Phoenix Cruiser Travel Club Spearfish Reunion has been cancelled

The Phoenix Cruiser Travel Club has made the decision to cancel the reunion for 2020. The Spearfish reunion will slide to September 2021. Full registration fee refunds will be issued to everyone still registered (less PayPal convenience fees, if applicable). Registration for 2021 will have a special early reservation period open only to those who were registered for 2020. After that time frame, registration will be open to everyone as usual. We are trying to reschedule for five nights starting Sunday, September 19, 2021, but are waiting to see if we can get Snapper’s Club and the campground sites for that time frame. We will put the final date in the newsletter as soon as we have it.

This was a difficult decision. Our number one goal was to keep everyone as safe as possible in these uncertain times. We discussed ways to mitigate the risk and, until recently, were inclined to hold the reunion with considerable restrictions as follows:

• Social distancing of at least 6’ would be required at all times.
• We could still rent the meeting hall but the city states that social distancing and all CDC recommendations would be required. We would need to drop to 40 participants to qualify for indoor use of the hall. This means we would have had to cancel out 30-40% of registered members. During inclement weather our annual meeting, bingo, four breakfasts and one dinner would have to take place inside the hall as well as any social gathering. During good weather we’d gather outside.
• Facial Coverings/masks would have to be worn when inside the meeting hall (except when eating and drinking) and any time you could not maintain a minimum of 6’ social distancing outside.
• Meals were all set to be buffet style with servers wearing masks and gloves and handling the utensils. Someone would be tasked with regulating buffet lines to maintain social distancing.
• The bus trip would have been cancelled.

All these restrictions would have a serious impact on the socialization aspect of the reunion. We COULD do it, but SHOULD we? That was the question we’ve agonized over for months. Recent news coming in about the Sturgis Bike Rally pushed us over the edge. Thousands of people from all over the country will be gathering and partying in the Black Hills about one month before our event. The possible (and somewhat expected) spike in Coronavirus cases following this event would hit just before we arrived which could put our members at risk.

After much agonizing (daily - for months), we have made the difficult decision to cancel.

General Discussion / Phoenix Cruiser Travel Club Rally 2020
« on: March 01, 2020, 12:30:55 am »
REGISTRATION IS OPEN for the 2020 Phoenix Cruiser Travel Club Reunion in Spearfish City in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The reunion runs from Sunday, September 20th until Friday, September 25th. Over half the sites have already been reserved so don’t wait if you want to attend. You must be a member of the travel club to attend. Membership is free this year. To join the club go to phoenixcruisertravelclub.org and submit a membership form. If you’re already a member log in to our website and submit a reunion registration form. Costs to attend the reunion are on the page with the registration form and range from $200 to $425 depending on the options chosen. You will receive an invoice for the reunion after you register. Anyone registering after our 80 person limit is reached will be put on a waiting list. The reunion fee will increase by $25.00 for registrations received on or after June 1st.

We will be camping at Spearfish City Park. There is SO much to see in the area that most people will want to book extra days at the campground. If you want to book extra days you MUST go through Holly to get your site assignment FIRST. We have a section of sites booked and are assigning them based on accessibility issues, size of rigs, and special needs or requests. Holly will coordinate with you so you won’t have to change sites for the reunion. Contact her at president@phoenixcruisertravelclub.org.

The reunion fee includes the cost of your campsite for 5 nights, four breakfasts, two dinners (one paid for by Phoenix USA), a group campfire, and an optional day trip. The day trip/bus tour will travel through beautiful Spearfish Canyon. You’ll have an opportunity to hike a short distance to a waterfall, visit the Homestake Gold Mine visitor center, spend some time in Deadwood where you can browse, shop, gamble and buy lunch before boarding a town bus for a historic/interpretive tour of the town and the cemetery, then make one final stop at “Tatonka – Story of the Bison” where you’ll find movie memorabilia from “Dances With Wolves”.

We will have an awesome gathering room right at the campground with kitchen and fireplace that is ours for the duration. It comes with two propane grills and a beautiful gathering area out front with a big group fire pit. The campground is on a stocked trout stream, next to the free historic D.C. Booth Fish Hatchery, and close to a big city park. The community walking/biking trail runs through the campground. It is a short walk into town and a quick hop onto a highway to reach other sites. There are restaurants, breweries and shopping nearby. Once you get there, you might not want to leave! If this all sounds good, SIGN UP NOW! The spaces are going fast and the opportunity to join us for an awesome time in the Black Hills will be gone.

If you are mailing in your registration, please also email Holly at president@phoenixcruisertravelclub.org telling her it is on the way. That will help her keep track of the numbers. The postmark or online submission date is the order in which registrations will be processed.

General Discussion / Phoenix Cruiser Travel CLub 2020 Rally
« on: December 26, 2019, 07:07:24 pm »
Save the Date!
The Phoenix Cruiser Travel Club Annual Reunion for 2020 has been announced. We will be gathering in the Black Hills of South Dakota starting Sunday, September 20th, running 5 days and nights with check out on Friday, September 25th. We plan to open registration in February. Watch for more info in the December newsletter and on the club website.

General Discussion / Phoenix Cruiser Travel Club
« on: November 03, 2019, 12:17:02 pm »
If you are interested in becoming a member of the Phoenix Cruiser Travel Club, dues for 2019 and 2020 have been waived for current and new members.  With your membership, you will received the Club newsletter via email 6 times per year and are entitled to attend the annual Phoenix Cruiser Travel Club Reunion.  Please click on the link below to join online.  https://phoenixcruisertravelclub.org/membership-information-1/

Note that the website says to send a check with your application but since dues have been waived for 2020 no check is needed. :)

Although I missed the 2019 rally I understand all had a great time!  Looking forward to the 2020 rally.

General Discussion / 2019 Phoenix Cruiser Travel Club Reunion
« on: January 24, 2019, 01:36:03 pm »
2019 Charleston Reunion Update - The Phoenix Cruiser Travel Club reunion will be held from Monday, September 30th, until Saturday, October 5th, at the Campground at James Island County Park.  We've already received registrations for 21 of our 40 sites.  Your cost to attend is $515 per couple or $400 per single which includes 5 nights of camping, 4 breakfasts, 3 evening meals, a side trip, and more!  The registration deadline is June 1st.  You have two options to register.  Either complete the registration form in the December-January newsletter or register on our website at http://phoenixcruisertravelclub.org/2019-phoenix-cruiser-reunion-registration/.  You do need to be a Phoenix Cruiser Club member to attend.  Club dues have been waived for 2019.  It's simple to join--please fill out a membership application at http://phoenixcruisertravelclub.org/membership-information/.  Hope you will join us in September! 

General Discussion / 2019 Phoenix Cruiser Travel Club Rally
« on: October 04, 2018, 02:47:51 pm »
The dates for the 2019 club rally have been set and space booked.  It will be at James Island County Park in Charleston, SC.  Further details will be posted as they become available.

2019 Phoenix Cruiser Travel Club Annual Reunion
Arrive Monday, September 30th Depart Saturday, October 5th
James Island County Park, Charleston, SC

Tips and Tricks / Open Ground Error on 50 Amp Coaches
« on: July 04, 2018, 06:56:12 pm »
This only applies to 50 amp coaches that have a surge suppressor (EMS) that will shut off shore power if an error occurs.  Currently Phoenix installs a Progressive Industries EMS-HW50C for this purpose.

If you have this configuration and you get spurious "Open Ground" errors it might not be a real error or the fault of the EMS.  "Open Ground" is error E-2.  After getting the "open ground" error at a number of different campgrounds where testing with a meter or another surge protector proved there was no error I suspected the EMS was faulty.  However, careful testing proved that while there was no "open ground" at the pedestal there was an "open ground" at the input terminals of the EMS.  This lead to the suspicion that the power cord was faulty but testing showed it was fine.  The only place left was the input receptacle on the side of the coach and I discovered that the ground pin was flattened enough that in some circumstances it was not making contact with the shore power cable.  This lead to the "open ground" error from the EMS.

In one case all worked fine when I plugged in in the evening but suddenly at 8am the power shut off.  The rising sun had heated up the receptacle on the side of the coach enough that we lost contact on the ground pin.

I gently bent the center bar of the ground pin out toward the center of the receptacle and so far have had no additional errors.  I am not sure if this is just my receptacle or a fault of that model but if you get an E-2 error check the input receptacle before suspecting the EMS is faulty.

General Discussion / Factory Visit
« on: June 11, 2018, 07:10:12 pm »
We dropped our coach off at the factory last Thursday and picked it up today.  Spent the weekend with our son and granddaughter.

The factory had a list of things I wanted looked at and had everything finished up when we picked up today.  A big thanks to Doug and Dan for their work on getting everything completed on time.

- changed out the slide seals to the new model
- adjusted the entry door to fix a misalignment and put on new seals
- replaced some broken screws under the front of the slide
- changed the plumbing on the macerator to a hard pipe to the utility compartment
- added a grommet for the macerator hose at the entrance to the utility compartment
- replaced the 4 way valve with the new 3 way brass one
- added mechanical safety latches to the drawers in our pantry
- added a second grab bar on the right side of the door
- checked the roof seams
- replaced a blown fuse on the truck charging circuit

With many stories on the internet about people waiting months to have work done (poorly) on a coach it is a real pleasure to be dealing with a company that just takes care of their customers with no fuss. They were happy to fix my issues and also updated some things that have been improved to current standards without my even asking.

Thanks Phoenix!!

A Class 'C' with Class is how author Bob Livingston describes the Phoenix Cruiser 2910T reviewed in the April edition of Motorhome Magazine.  Bob states that 'value' is the operative word with a factory direct price of as much as $40,000 less than a comparable Sprinter based model.

Bob says "The Phoenix Cruiser is more than a pretty face in an RV park.  Sleek lines enhanced by full-body paint, the lower profile and longer wheelbase are not just afterthoughts.  Company engineers set out to build a Class C that would handle better than most and banked on aerodynamics with curved walls and roofline, a shorter rear overhang and a 93 inch body to keep the motorhome well planted on the roadways."

The review is five pages long with lots of pictures and goes into lots of detail on the coach.  There is also a side bar on the new Liquid Springs option which the reviewer felt was worth the price tag calling the 2910T with Liquid Springs "a real driving machine".

General Discussion / Phoenix Cruiser Travel Club 2018 Rally
« on: October 22, 2017, 11:06:05 pm »
The Phoenix Cruiser Travel Club is a club with a great spirit of friendship, so much so that we feel that we are a family. The club was originally formed for the owners of Falcon and Horizon campervans manufactured by the former International Vehicles Corporation. That company is no longer in business but the club has continued and is now open to owners of any motor home.

We are the official club for motor homes manufactured by Phoenix USA Inc.

Our annual members’ reunion (rally) is held in September. It is a five-day event and locations are varied to encourage our members to see the United States. Recent reunions have been held in Williamsburg, Mackinaw City, Colorado Springs, Branson, Gettysburg, Danforth Bay, Kerrville, Petoskey, Colorado Springs, Washington DC and the 2017 rally was held in Sisters, Oregon.  

The 2018 reunion is scheduled for September 6th through 11th to be held at Buffalo Valley Campground, Duluth, MN.  

The club website is: www.phoenixcruisertravelclub.org

I have started this thread as a place for questions and updates for the 2018 rally.  The site selection committee is working hard on the details and I will post new information here as it becomes available.

General Discussion / Phoenix Cruiser Travel Club 2017 Rally
« on: October 10, 2017, 10:39:21 pm »
The Phoenix Cruiser Travel Club held its 2017 rally at the Bend Sisters Garden RV Resort in Sisters Oregon last month.  Despite nearby wild fires the weather turned out perfect and the smoke was barely noticeable for the 18 rigs that attended.  

The campground put up a large party tent for us to hold our meetings and meals in.  This started with a welcome BBQ on Monday night followed by a catered breakfast on each of the following days.
During the week club members were able to visit the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, the High Desert Museum, Smith Rock State Park (home of a world class rock climbing area), the Lava River Cave, Cascades Lake Scenic Byway, and the wonderful quilt shops in Sisters.  We also had our own mini quilt show and ice cream social one afternoon.  Club members also attended a wonderful play at the Tower Theater in Bend, Oregon.

On Tuesday Kermit Fisher stopped by and gave us all a bit of a history lesson about Phoenix Cruiser USA and how it was started and grew.  He also announced that he was selling the business to Jim Brynes and Chuck Cooper who plan to continue to produce the Phoenix Cruiser line.

On Thursday we got to meet one of the new owners, Jim Brynes, who had flown out to visit with us.  He spent quite a bit of time talking with us and asking questions about our experience with the Phoenix Cruiser motor homes.  He had breakfast with us on Friday and that turned into a several hour long discussion and question and answer session.  Jim asked good questions about both the good and bad of Phoenix Cruisers and took careful notes.

If you are interested in the Phoenix Cruiser Travel Club, our activities or membership please visit the club website: http://phoenixcruisertravelclub.org/

General Discussion / Camp / RV chairs?
« on: April 26, 2017, 12:21:21 am »
Looking to buy two folding camp or RV chairs.  Looking online and there must be 200 at least.  Totally confused as the reviews for most go from 5 stars to 1 star for the same item.

So any suggestions on favorite brands or models? 

Anyone have a favorite style?  There are basically I guess the "folding" ones that fold flat and the "bag" ones that fold in both directions and end up in a bag 8" x 8" x 24" or so.

Anything to watch for?  Features that you like?

Must fit in the side storage bay and come in gray/silver/black to match Ziggy.

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