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General Discussion / Custom Cover for 2350
« on: November 02, 2016, 12:26:32 pm »
I am not sure if this is the right place to place an item for sale, but here goes.  I have a never used custom cover for a PC 2350 for sale.  While I it was for a 2015  Ford E350, I would imagine it would fit any recent model year.  Please post if interested. 

General Discussion / Quality
« on: April 12, 2016, 11:58:53 am »
I have been RVing for approximately 10 years.  I purchased a new Pleasure in 2010 and owned it for almost 5 years and 55000 miles.  I never had any problems in that time including warranty issues.  When I wanted more room than a class B, I looked at many class C and B+ RVs and selected the PC based on my visit to the factory and its reputation.  I purchased a new 2015 2350 and took ownership in Nov. 2014.  While I am happy with many items such as the wood floor, wood work, and generally interior quality, I have experienced many warranty issues that have somewhat tempered my opinion of its overall quality.  Within the first 3 months the following issues occurred (most on my first trip): two flat tires because of leaking valve extenders; gasoline fumes entering the coach when filling up and setting off the propane alarm;  failure of an electrical component preventing the water pump turning on; many screw heads were over torqued resulting in the battery ground cable falling off, the propane ground cable falling off, and the battery door latch falling off; water leakage into the outside storage bin; interior door latches not working; and a few other items.  Just recently the battery disconnect switch failed.  While PC fixed all the warranty problems and even sent me a new disconnect switch and solenoid free of charge even though I was outside of the warranty, I have become somewhat disenchanted with PC.  I would like to ask new owners if they have experience these type of problems or am I being to hard on PC.

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