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Adventure Anywhere / Well we are off for our first trip in our 2008 2551.
« on: October 28, 2010, 05:06:17 am »
So anyone in the Ocala to Stuart area of Florida and sees our lovely Brown tone Phoenix give a Honk..
Looking forward to this little trip for 5 days. We will be on the Canal.
We are  loaded  of course way too much stuff. and ready to leave this morning.

Norma, Tony and MrRusty   ;)   :)(:

Hi Paula,
thank you so much for answering me... I had gone back too many times to count to find your post..No luck, that is why the email.  See I also have looked and looked on line for them. See we had special made one in our View, that came with it. They were for the windshield and side windows.. they were great but they fit it and and not our PC. We bought a jumbo one it almost fits the window.. so I was thinking of getting a smaller one and add on to it..
Oh yes I think those stiff curtains are yak.. I do sew so made be if I find more time, make something else..  But the quilted alluimum shade was so easy and good too for at night.
I live in Ocala, FL. looking forward to joining this group and a rally or if some get together for a long weekend..
Did you find those on line.. ? I will be waiting for the into..
Again thanks so much.
Norma tymote

I think they said they had a View before the PC..   They mentioned they had gotten custom sun shades for the cab.. I have been trying to fine them too.,
I would like to know where or the brand.
Or if anyone else had gotten sun shades not only for the windshield for the side windows too.

Thanks a bunch,  Say some nice ideas on here with changes and little things to make lief easier.. Great.

Ocala, Fl

General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself!
« on: October 11, 2010, 10:03:35 pm »
Hello  hithere  we are from Ocala, Fl and recently traded up for a 2008 Phoenix Cruiser 2551. We will be gong south with it the end of Oct, to meet out Son for there Anniversary on Halloween. Right now were getting it all ready and figuring out where to put things. Out new coach is just beautiful, love the twin beds, having the beds all made up will be a treat.
Looking forward in meeting some fellow Phoenix Cruisers owners, if anyone has a get together locally we could love to meet also.
Norma, Tony & Rusty  (white toy poodle)  ;)   (%)

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