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Polls / Re: The RV Good Fairy
« on: November 30, 2023, 11:11:11 pm »
I worked hard to get close to "nice riding" and am fairly satisfied with that wish.  Then there is the imaginary world of "50 mpg", "insta-clean" and "inside is bigger than outside".  But two real wishes comes to mind.

Priority #1) A very quiet running Onan 4000 watt gasoline generator that is not sensitive to long term storage.
Priority #2) A very quiet running air conditioner.  I don't need it ducted, just run quiet, but maybe ducted A/C is the answer to the noise.

We managed to significantly lower cab noise by lowering our cruising speed to 62-63 mph.  Engine noise is so bad, especially when it is racing from the transmission downshifting 3x at over-passes.  It is actually 2x plus the torque converter, but it feels like 3x.  Reducing our crusing speed seems to prevent such wild transmission shifting.

One more thing we noticed by limiting our cruising speed to 62-63 mph along with the 5-Star tune.  Our fuel economy improved by 1 mpg.  I imagine our lower cruising speed was the primary influence, but maybe the 5-Star contributes something too.

General Discussion / Re: Fogging Window
« on: November 28, 2023, 11:00:04 am »

Thank you for sharing your experience with RV FOG DOCTOR.  I never knew that such a service existed.  I hope never to need it, but it is surely good to know about it.  At $275/window, that is reasonable, especially if your windows are no longer available brand new.  I wonder if there is such a service in my area near Chicago.  Actually, I could use such a service for the 3 original odd shaped windows in the peak of my 35 year old house.  But that is quite a very different project.

The condition of these windows is so much worse today, about 10 years after these pictures were taken.

I had the same issue after a slightly longer than normal winter.  Removing carb bowl and cleaning out ethanol jelly solved the issue.
Thanks GregB,
In the spring, I will try that first.

General Discussion / Re: 120v AC system on 2022 2552
« on: November 27, 2023, 12:30:49 am »
reluctant to use the furnace because birds are very sensitive to potential fumes.
The RV furnace is a sealed unit like any furnace at home. Should not be a hazard.
I just want to share this story which implies otherwise.

During our maiden voyage in 2007, the very first time we tried using our furnace, it did not work.  During my investigation as to why, I removed the outside furnace exhaust and fridge panels...in my 2007 2350 with no slideout, the furnace is located under the fridge.  I found a suspecting switch located inside the fridge panel, switched it, and the furnace started working.  Before I could mount the furnace exhaust panel back on, Irene was yelling that exhaust fumes were pouring inside the motorhome.

We quickly learned that the furnace's exhaust cover plate is critical to be installed or fumes will flood the interior.  There is foam gasketing on the inside of that cover plate.  It has always been on my mind that with age, if that gasket becomes unable to provide a good seal, we could possibly get asphyxiated.  I feel this is one reason why the carbon monoxide detector is so critical to work properly.

On our 2007 2350 here, you can see the furnace panel located directly below the fridge panel.  I share this for clarity on their relationship to eachother.

General Discussion / Re: Setting up toad for flat towing
« on: November 25, 2023, 02:01:58 pm »
Hi Sharon,

Just like you say, there are many opinions and experiences.  I will share my experience only for reference.  I can say the method we had chosen back in 2007, continues to serve us well today.

Back in 2007 when we bought our PC, we had a 2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder that we wanted to tow.  I went with Roadmaster's Falcon-II tow bar because they offered the tow bar bracket kit for that specific car.  Because the tow bar was level with that little car, I did not need a riser or reducer.  The car was barely legally light enough that I did not require a tow brake so we did not have one.  Here is the very simple setup we had back then.

After 2 years towing that, we bought a 2006 Jeep Liberty 4x4 to enhance our adventurous capabilities.  I bought the Roadmaster hardware kit for that and continued to use the same Falcon-II towbar which we use to this day.

I first tried to tow our Liberty with the bar not level as shown which was a really bad idea because it caused lots of horrible "bucking".

I then added a riser to level the tow bar which eliminated 100% of the bucking.  Adding the riser increased the distance between vehicles so I had to also buy longer blue safety cables.  I use 2 QUIET HITCHES at the 2 connections which eliminates various towing clanking sounds along with minor play.

For our Liberty, I bought a Unified By US Gear tow brake that works well.  I believe the system is no longer available for sale today.  Here is the system diagram.  It is fairly complicated, but once installed, is very effective and easy to connect and disable on trips and when back at home.  This braking system continues to work well for us for all these years.  What I really like about this particular tow brake is that the Liberty's brakes contribute so much that the braking distance of the over-all train is noticable shorter.  We brake better and faster when towing than when not towing.  I don't worry about prematurely wearing out our Liberty's brakes as brake jobs on that vehicle are very simple and affordable, especially doing the work myself.

On trips, I always leave the tow bar attached to the back of our PC, so I only mess with all that heavy lifting only at home.

For the record, I installed and wired everything I covered here for both vehicles myself.

I also want to share that regardless of the towing system you decide, towing 4-wheels-down, you cannot backup...not even if you have someone in the tow vehicle steering it.  It does not work, period!  Every extended trip we take, it seems there is always one time during the trip that I get us into a bind where we have to separate the two vehicles in a hurry.  I have timed the process.  With Irene doing her part in her Liberty (yes it is "her beloved" Jeep), we are both able to drive off in under 45 seconds.  Rehooking up at a safe location, it takes under 4 minutes.

Again, I share this for educational reference.  I don't think it is the best, nor less than the best.  It is the only setup I have experience with.

Now, concerning your Jeep Wrangler..........

Many years ago now, a couple who owned a PC, stopped at our house to buy something from me during a trip they were on.  We also shared ideas and such.  They owned model 2350 built on a Sprinter chassis, towing a same year Jeep Wrangler.  I saw that their rear window was shattered.  They told me this was the second time they lost their rear window.  They told me that the aggresive tires on their Wrangler was throwing rocks forward through the front opening in the front fender.  They were thinking the rocks were deflecting off the top of the Wrangler's front bumper, then shooting up towards the PC's window.

I see in more recent years, some Wrangler models have an added filler piece as shown.  I don't know anything about them, but it seems a good idea to have them.

I do not recommend that other RV owners stretch their tire life for 14 years as I did.  My situation is the exception, not the rule.

1) Our rig is stored indoors under climate controlled conditions, when not in use.
2) The tires get minimal sun exposure.
3) The load on the tires is far below the tire max rating.
4) The absence of sidewall and between-thread cracking, encouraged me to keep the tires so long.
5) None of the tires were punctured/repaired, or otherwise damaged in any way.
6) Given only 40,000 miles of use, there was still a very generous amount of remaining thread.

I found it interesting that our 2007 Ford E350 chassis that was built in 04/2007, the date code on its original tires was 5006 meaning the 50th week of 2006.  So the actual age of my tires was 5 months older yet.  When I bought my replacement tires in 2021, I managed to find 6 identical dated tires with 2 month old date codes when I bought them.  I feel I got lucky with that.

General Discussion / Re: Fogging Window
« on: November 14, 2023, 10:29:14 am »
Interesting discussion. None of our windows are fogged (does our 2007 even have double pane windows on it?), but I'm wondering if it wouldn't just be easier (and maybe even less expensive) to install new windows.  Like something from here: https://www.recpro.com/rv-windows/    Am I missing something about why it's better to have the old windows fixed?
Like you, we have a 2007 model year.  We have the earlier design sliding thermal pane glass of 2 layers with an air gap in-between them.  They are made by HEHR per the picture.  I have not yet noticed any such fogging.  If we get fogging, my first choice would be to replace them.  If an exact replacement cannot be found, then this discussion is would personally have much greater value.  I might even be tempted to give repairing it a try, just to see if I could succesfully do it.

General Discussion / Re: Mirror won't adjust
« on: November 09, 2023, 10:40:12 am »
Here is another thought.

Replace the control switch yourself and see if that fixes the problem.  That is a lot cheaper and more timely and convenient than getting someone else involved.

I searched for "Velvac Power Mirror Control" and found THIS ONE ON AMAZON.  I am not sure it is the one used on your PC, but your Phoenix supplied documentation bag should include the Velvac documentation to find your specific control module.  You can also call the Phoenix factory to get the part number.

If you are the least bit shy in replacing the module yourself, I imagine it will be an easy project requiring a few simple tools.....maybe just a srewdriver.

General Discussion / Re: Peeling Seats
« on: November 08, 2023, 09:33:05 am »
 I got this picture off the internet a few months ago of a Phoenix Cruiser for sale.  I wonder if a treatment product caused the peeling because it is so severe.  The peeling here might not have been limited to human contact.

General Discussion / Re: Mirror won't adjust
« on: November 08, 2023, 09:22:04 am »
Hi Margie,

The most popular cause for such a failure is within the control switch.  I can't say this applies to Phoenix Cruisers, but for vehicles in-general.  With that understanding, I would start by replacing the control switch.

Just in-case you experience what I do on rare occasion...a senior moment on everyday matters, make sure you click the selection lever twice to the left and twice to the right.  The center position disables adjustments.

General Discussion / Re: Peeling Seats
« on: November 07, 2023, 05:35:01 am »
If there was a means to restore the material you have today, I imagine the peeling would just start in another area.  The only logical solution would be to replace the skins or the seats entirely.  Logic says to consider cloth or 100% real leather to avoid a repeat.

I have dodged that bullet as our 16 year old vinyl seats continue to be peel-free.  I understand the vinyl was of a better quality back in 2007.  Things changed post 2008-2009 recession when the RV industry started importing bolts of vinyl from China.  I wonder if that got resolved yet, or if a 2023 is just as vulnerable.  Cloth seating is looking like a much better choice these days just to avoid the peeling. 

Did I recall accurately that Phoenix has since done away with vinyl seating, now spec'd with real leather?  If so, did they also use leather on the sides and backs of the seats along with the vinyl padded trim throughout the interior?  If not, I wonder how the balance of the interiors are holding up.  Does anyone here have peeling happening on non-human-contact surfaces?

General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself!
« on: November 04, 2023, 07:30:50 am »
Who should I be calling and is there ever a live person available at the company
I sent you a private message.

Good info there Ron.    I sent for and received the macerator you suggested, and will install next spring.    Our's  has a gray tank valve issue and will first check the gasket for deformities
before replacing the whole valve.

Tips and Tricks / Re: Ron Dittmer's Compilation Of Personal Tips & Tricks
« on: November 03, 2023, 12:41:55 am »
I added a few more at the bottom of my original post.

General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself!
« on: November 03, 2023, 12:27:52 am »
I am looking forward to getting some good ideas from other owners and maybe sharing some of my tweaks as well.
Welcome Greg!

Many ideas are shared here.  We learn a lot from eachother.  I look forward to reading about some of yours.

I use this forum to document things I have learned and modifications I have made to our 2007 PC-2350.  I list them in a single post for easy finding.  CLICK HERE TO GET THERE.  As the years pass, some things on our 16 year old rig no longer apply for various reasons.  Maybe you will find some topics applicable to your 2015 PC-2910D

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