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Tips and Tricks / Re: Tow Bar Pins
« on: September 28, 2021, 11:09:50 am »
interesting to read this... what brand tow bar is this... so we know..does not look like the Roadmaster ...

General Discussion / Re: Skid wheels
« on: December 31, 2019, 03:59:08 pm »
I've found some entrance to gas stations have a big enough dip to have the wheels save the day. And if your sewer mechanism is at the rear you may even need larger wheels than they provide... and always exit where ever slowly. After 3 years they have been very handy. P

General Discussion / Re: Taking delivery of new 2552 today
« on: August 12, 2019, 11:53:29 am »
When we picked up ours and no electronic door openers or locks we remained in area and got that done at an extra $$. It is a life saver too. Wish the house door was electronic as well but I don't know about new models. You may need an adapter to convert your electric line from 30 to 50 amp... or mine I have adapter to go 50 to 30 in case I don't have full 50 amp service available. a short water hose to work with the macerator might be a consideration. A water pressure gauge to make sure you have decent pressure and not too much at incoming water supply. quick dissolve toilet paper, holding tank treatment ...and the campground in Elkhart is a good stay over for a few days. Things are always needing tweaking. It is easier there than by phone later. Good luck and welcome to the family.

General Discussion / Re: AC cyling on and off.
« on: August 12, 2019, 11:44:06 am »
Morning We had a problem with ac coming on then off and right back on and when we were in for warranty service, at the plant,  we stayed an extra day to have ac man check things out. He did find a problem with one unit we have 2, and then he readjustment the vent openings that they did not redirect air towards the thermostat on the wall above the sink.. 2910T location... and that did help a great deal. So you direct the vent openings for function not your personal want the cool air to blow your toupe' maybe.

General Discussion / Re: Owners Manual
« on: June 20, 2019, 10:03:29 am »
My "owners manual" is just that but not for my RV. It is a phoenix creation but a great deal applies to some other model. So it  isn't much use. Figuring it all out is this old ladys guessing game... Would be nice to have a 2910T owners manual that actually applies. Ive put all the booklets in a big notebook so they are in one place but then again some are too technical to be useful and others are vague. Good luck.

General Discussion / Re: Gray tank auto switch continues to blink
« on: June 13, 2019, 03:07:47 pm »
This is almost too complicated. Had the same problem. Gave up came on home it was time and eventually it seemed to stop. I asked service man I had for another problem... and he said just leave it alone... and some one else said something may be stuck... so who knows. Never had this on the macerator in the Class A....

Well, now you know why the rule is to check the dip stick on oil or anything you have had done before you drive off the lot. And you have to know that someone did not fill the transmission.

This is not a guessing game. I hope you call and ask the Manager to explain why nothing shows any fluid on the dip stick > Then shut up and let him explain.  And what did the joker do with the fluid he was supposed to check out to put in the unit or did her "Forget". That is a big error and a very expensive loss when this kind of screw up is done.

I had BMW service tech do similar with oil change. . Not sure how they figured out not enough put in but someone called me same day about the error. I came by for the finish and never
been back.     This is a giant error.  Guess we need to know which dealer so we are all aware .  Good luck. P

General Discussion / Re: What's going on at Phoenix?
« on: May 12, 2019, 03:24:46 pm »
When you call if you push the right button for the correct dept and it may not be the one you think it is either. You will get a call back. Leave a specific message.
They responded to me very well when I needed parts and when I had another problem and called Mike did indeed respond nicely. Allow them leeway to answer your
inquiry and don't loose patience... if you are in a hurry you need to show up at the door. They are busy and have a lot of units in the field to keep on the road as well.

Sounds interesting. My holding tank macerator switch was next to the steering in my boat... but never encountered any motorcycles out to sea. Lucky them.
The gas stove in my unit has never been lit since with oxygen concentrator in use... open flame was out of the question. No options at the time. I do have a single burner unit plug in induction burner so I can cook if I must. Adding extra outlets has been helpful. Need one up high over counter in bathroom. Under the sink is very awkward and does not accommodate
some things well. Some were not well placed.  SO instructions … specifically need to be handed over to get things where they will be useful.
The little shelf units on each side of the bed under the overhead cabinets are very handy...tissues, water, tv plunker, cell phone but I did not get elec plug ins there .. my mistake. Good lu
Elec plug behind passenger seat is useful for many things including the oxygen contrator to be plugged in while on the road and on gen set.

Good luck at the factory. Give them a chance and they are good to work with. If no instant answer let them figure it out and get back to you. They can. Regards. P

General Discussion / Re: Gray tank auto switch continues to blink
« on: May 08, 2019, 03:48:52 pm »
Awh... I get in this line too. I gave up when it would not shut off.... went on my trip and when I went to dump sewer it had stopped and it did turn on again and after that worked. I am no genius so what happened I will not be guessing. I am lucky I don't need a porta potty…. and a catalog . Feel lucky when it works ok.

General Discussion / Re: Ford warranty issue on new coach
« on: April 09, 2019, 08:29:29 am »
It appears we all have to move up a notch to the Truck thinking mode and not expect 4 wheeler dealers to take care of something they don't have the ability to handle. And the other side of that is you will need to be prepared for the price of work on a bigger unit. There is no cheap service unless you do it yourself and are capable.  And the bigger RV dealers usually have full service centers. I have seen some that don't do alignment but they do take it out and right back in. And when putting tires on be aware of the manufacturing date and do not accept old tires. They have a life span in years not miles and it is short.  Think Truck.

General Discussion / Re: The slides dont slide
« on: April 08, 2019, 03:03:33 pm »
The big factor is.... If the batterys don't work lot of things don't work. I called a Mobile Service Co since that was Dave's suggestion. Now I have 2 new cheap batteries plus service for $653. and I just finished the genset test run for 30 minutes.... so slides work, and genset too. The guys tested lot of things, found no fuses blown and now put it all back together and did a neater job with battery wiring so the battery tray can be pulled out to add water without any big hassle... I did call Dave and tell him the outcome and discuss the dining window that is full of moisture and will have to be replaced if the window guys I know and used long ago cannot get it dry and back together.... Well solved problem, now I can relax and finish packing and even look under the bed and see how many pairs of jeans I have under there now.

Thanks for all the suggestions. You never know which one will solve the headache and get you rolling again. Until next time. Hugs to all. P.

General Discussion / Re: The slides dont slide
« on: April 08, 2019, 10:22:40 am »
I called the plant and spoke to Dave, he suggested a electrical problem and mentioned which fuse was slides, I turned off shore power and find I have NO power, not even 12VOLT ALTHOUGH plugged in and on it all works. My little tiny lights come on when button pushed... no generator at all... So I have looked up as was suggested and call a Mobile repair service and indeed  he is due out here after his call north of me. My location was good for him it seems. Now I wait and see. I searched all my drawers and found a great box of fuses and lights, plus 2 beautiful electric drills with chargers and loads of other tools... I have tools far beyond my mechanical aptitude. Now I wait and see. Dave did ask for a report back at what was determined. So I will report in later when all in order again. Thanks.....

General Discussion / The slides dont slide
« on: April 07, 2019, 07:44:46 pm »
 Well  with assist from another PC owner I did determine that house batteries are fully charged. But the slides don't move... just a click. I did for the first time open the panel and look and 2 friends on line looked at photos I sent and said main ones were fine. I flipped the invertor switch off and on in the breaker box,  since it is not coming on with the buttons on the teeny tiny wall panel. I first thought the expensive new batteries had died but they have not according to the buttons on the wall.
Now what do I do. I was set to go off for a short jaunt Wednesday and meet up with a group I belong to for their winter snow birds good bye... I will still go even if I have to sleep sideways on the bed.
The joy can be hit or miss. Oh lordy.
P S   the generator will not start, turn over or anything. Its late in the day so I did not want to start the rv engine and then try the generator. I am currently in my driveway, in preparation for travel  to near Disney. I can move to that mode in the morning. I do have overhead lights and elec plugs...tv    help!

Well I will say good night and hope someone has some idea's I can try tomorrow. I will call the plant in the morning and ask for some direction. Thanks to all the readers...regards P

General Discussion / Re: Parallax Power Center
« on: March 19, 2019, 01:08:17 pm »
I replaced my old batteries that needed monthly water fill with distilled with AGM when I did service late last fall and discovered I had to shut off power by door (12V) and the unit on wall which has small hard to read board... I read the book that came with it and not a mention of what to do with AGM installed. So far I seem to have power when I am on the road. I don't bet on it yet since I have not been on road enough to measure what I have to work with. I do know it is nothing like the battery charger unit I had in the Allegro Bus... which never needed adjusting.... I think this one does not have anything automatic. Certainly not the driver.... so my new guessing game is on.

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