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General Discussion / Re: Onan generator
« on: August 04, 2023, 12:40:40 am »
On my after market carb after running dry I open the drain valve at the bottom of the bowl as well.   Sometimes I get a few drops other times nothing. 

I avoided the fuel line valve approach.  Too many reviews of them leaking over time.

General Discussion / Re: Onan generator
« on: August 02, 2023, 06:25:54 pm »
Will I guess we both use a similar method.   I add stabilizer to my main tank. Having a switch on the fuel pump allows me run it dry and still allows for exercising  the gen every every 5-7 weeks and then run it dry.  I know a lot of people donít exercise their gen as suggested and never had a issue, myself included. I only changed to running it because Ca gas is garbage. Doesnít look or smell like gas I get once I leave the state.

General Discussion / Re: Onan generator
« on: August 01, 2023, 10:04:11 am »
Terry. Your concern about a sensor would push me to use a gravity feed.    As Mike said you can attempt to clean the carb. They really arenít designed to be taken apart and cleaned but your not out anything to try.   The ethanol gas when it dries up leaves a chalky film.   The jet is so small itís really hard to clean well even soaking.  I replaced a carb with a knock off and it was great for a couple years.  I got cancer and fell behind in running it frequently and it was toast.  I replaced and a few hours of use later my fuel pump went bad as well.  I replaced and relocated the fuel pump and added a toggle to pumps power lead so now I run it dry after every use.  ( relocated because itís a bit of a job to get to and in a hot location that many believe causes failure to pump as it over heats). Btw.  After relocating I could change the pump out in under 15 minutes.

One thing to note should you install a after market carb.  On this recent install it ran way too rich.  Even adjusting the little black control to 6,000 ft ( I live 15í above sea level).  I popped off that black knob and leaned it all the way out.  Then opened a full turn and ran for a bit and checked the plug and adjusted from there.   Only took a couple runs and it was dialed in.

And Mike is correct . There are two wing nuts.

General Discussion / Re: Onan generator
« on: July 31, 2023, 07:04:41 pm »
The air filter has to be at a particular angle to remove or reinstall.  Take a look at the utube videos and youíll see the right angle.  As far as the backfire, thatís a tough one.  Could be your carb is dusted from letting it sit with ethanol gas in it.  There three ways to attempt to clean it up.
One , run a gravity feed to the carb and use half gallon of gas and several ounces of sea foam.  Second option is to add several cans of sea foam to your main tank.  At least 3 ounces for every gallon.   Last would be to change out the carb itself and then add either a fuel valve or a fuel pump switch to shut down the fuel supply so this doesnít happen again.   Adding the fuel stop , either style is important no matter if you replace or get the current carb cleaned.

General Discussion / Re: Another Latch Issue
« on: July 13, 2023, 10:02:23 pm »
Any chance there any markings, part number etc.. Then possibly look into contacting rv salvage yards with any info and pictures.  Not much help I know but maybe a possibility.  Iíve had some luck with finding  obscure parts over the years doing this.

General Discussion / Re: Generator Running Hot
« on: July 08, 2023, 12:12:49 pm »
An easy way to find out if itís the fuel pump is set up a gravity feed.  If it runs for hours on it thatís the issue. 

One of the problems of trouble shooting the fuel pump is if you simply disconnect from the carb and run the pump it will pump pretty steady. However the issue is once the pump gets hot it runs sporadically and shuts down. The pumps location under the cpu has virtually no air circulation. Many times even causes pulses that fouls the plug as well once it gets hot.

General Discussion / Re: Generator Running Hot
« on: July 08, 2023, 11:44:50 am »
Do not run it with the access door removed.  Thereís a warning sticker in place that states not to.  Itís all part of its own cooling system. 

Iíd lean towards a bad fuel pump.   Itís doing exactly what mine did.  Sometimes it would run 1 hour, sometimes 5.  The fuel pumps are notorious for failure.   They are located below the cpu and itís a couple hour job to change it out. After market pumps are about $30.  I relocated mine to the outside so it stays cooler and can now be changed out in under 15 minutes.

General Discussion / Re: Sanicon Hose Sleeve?
« on: July 05, 2023, 06:32:07 pm »
I lift the end an inch and can see the color of the water. Once Iíve drained the black tank I drain the gray which flushes the hose and again I simply raise the end an inch an see that itís clear. In all the years and 80,000 miles of road trips in the PC I have never had black coming out at the end of draining the gray tank.  Iím obviously missing something but if a clear hose helps you see what I canít see just raising the end maybe Iím dumber than I care to admit. Lord knows it wouldnít be the first time !

I do understand that a shorter hose would be easier to store.  I just have issue with a shorter hose. Iíve needed every bit it would stretch several times.

General Discussion / Re: Sanicon Hose Sleeve?
« on: July 05, 2023, 12:02:55 pm »
Looks great.  My only issue would be itís too short.   Iíve had several campgrounds where it takes every bit of stretch from the factory hose.  I donít understand the need for the clear hose. I can tell when itís time to switch from the black to the grey tank just by sound and watching the hose react. 

General Discussion / Re: The Journey Begins - New 2552
« on: June 19, 2023, 05:57:50 pm »
Donít fret over the ladder.   Junk in my opinion. I sure would not climb mine at my 190 lbs.

And very very very smart having 2 ac units.   I donít think anything over the 2350 should be built without 2 units.  Iím even iffy on the 2350 with just one .   It gets hot out there during the summer and one canít keep up in 100 degree heat.

General Discussion / Re: Onan gen fuel pump
« on: June 19, 2023, 05:53:13 pm »
One thing to add if your going to change out or move your fuel pump.  There is NO need to disconnect the circuit board. Take you time and slowly turn the board sideways.  It will come out and out of the way enough to get at the pump.  Itís tight but completely disconnecting and removing the circuit board offers no additional room and alleviates the frustration of trying to disconnect those connections

General Discussion / Re: Onan gen fuel pump
« on: June 12, 2023, 10:24:40 am »
I changed filter  this time only because I had it out. The one I replaced had roughly 100 hours on it. I tried it on the back up pump I bought and it seemed to work perfectly. Iím happy I relocated this pump and filter now.  Doing it on the road would have been a tough option but doable. Having the tools to make a bracket all my drill bits etc isnít something I drag along.

To be honest I think many could do it in 2 hours to my 3. Cancer has slowed me down, not to mention age and then thereís the digging around for a piece of metal to make a plate to mount it on etc.. But now, I could change that pump in 15 minutes easily.

For reference my gen has under 400 hours of use

General Discussion / Re: Onan gen fuel pump
« on: June 11, 2023, 11:49:38 am »
No pictures.  All your doing is moving the pump directly outside the cabinet right at the grommet where the fuel filter stick out. So all your doing is installing a longer fuel line, increasing the length of the wiring, drilling a new hole in the rock guard to move it farther out to give room for the pump and in my case adding a toggle switch to cut power to the pump .

First however was figuring out the pump was the issue.   That was confusing at best. Fouled plugs, running for a few hours with surging and smoke, running rich etc..  after changing out the carb and still having the same issue I plug the fuel line and set up a gravity feed.  With the gravity feed it ran perfect.  What happens, and Iíve learned is common on the 4000, is as the pump gets hot it runs sporadically and eventually shuts down as it over heats.  Moving it away from the heat solved this.  I installed a aftermarket clone so time will tell how long it holds up.  I bought an extra and now if it fails itís only a 15-20 job tops to install a replacement

General Discussion / Re: Onan gen fuel pump
« on: June 09, 2023, 04:10:52 pm »
Ok so I called a shop to see what they wanted to install a new fuel pump.  2 hours labor= $300. Plus the cost of a pump thru them. (Aftermarket).

After reading Dons endeavor I was determined to relocate the pump and found it a relatively easy project.

It took me 3 hours. This includes relocating the pump to the outside, making a mounting bracket.  Drilling a new hole and remounting the rock guard. ( protecting the pump).
In addition I also installed a heavy toggle switch on the power line to the pump. This allows me the option of running the carb dry for storage. (Still get a few drops drawing the bowl but takes all of a minute)

Costs.  3í of new 1/4Ē fuel line. $8.59.  Fuel pump, I went wild, $32, fuel filter I had on hand and toggle switch $10.43.   Additional wire I had laying around to reach the switch and relocated pump. Same goes for making a mounting bracket; made from metal scraps I had laying around.

Iím not sure on the longevity of these aftermarket pumps but now I can change it with the removal of one bolt (rock guard) and 2 screws.  All in a 15 minute max job that can be done anywhere on the road with a 1/2Ē wrench and a Phillips screw driver.

I purchased a back up just in case.

General Discussion / Re: Onan gen fuel pump
« on: June 04, 2023, 08:52:05 am »
Yup Iím sure itís a pita.   Iím wondering if it might be easier to get at if I lower the generator and lift the cover.  Lowering the Gen isnít all that hard if you use a motorcycle lift.  Thatís how I gained access to change out the starter.   My biggest mind melt is if there is a way to change the location of the pump. It would make it easier for future replacements.  Iíve been reading and it seems the onan 4000 is known for fuel pump failures.  Just trying to head things off at the pass. Itís one thing to do this at home, another on a road trip.

At any rate, I have my treatments starting again Tuesday and parts should be here Thursday so Iím planning, Good Lord willing, to attempt this next Friday or Saturday.

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