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Title: RV GPS
Post by: WillLloyd on October 24, 2021, 09:02:48 am
We are planning a three month trip out west next year. As a result, I have been researching GPS’s, and think we have settled on a Garmin RV 1090 unit.

The primary reason I like this unit is that, beyond keeping us off roads we should not be on, it is compatible with Garmin’s Basecamp software. 

The software allows you to pre-program all the way points (campgrounds for example,
there will be about 30 of them ) points of interest (things we want to see along the way and once we are at our destinations) and tracks for things like scenic road trips.   Once you have all the data entered, you can simply download it into the RV GPS and the motorcycle GPS and everything‘s all set and waiting for use. This is a whole lot easier than manually entering everything at the GPS interface itself.
Title: Re: RV GPS
Post by: mikeh on October 24, 2021, 12:04:26 pm

I couldn't resist chiming in on the Garmin 1090--I have it and I love it!  I previously used its older (smaller) brother, the Garmin RV-770, a 7-inch unit, but as both me and my eyesight aged--I jumped at the chance to move to the larger 10-inch screen.

I'm normally traveling alone, without a co-pilot, so it's up to me to follow routing--and the 1090 is most helpful when I'm approaching unknown interchange maneuvers in heavy traffic in metropolitan areas.  The Garmin interface does an excellent job of showing you the upcoming route to take--including which lanes to use to make the correct twists and turns, but if you're moving at 65 mph in bumper to bumper traffic you can't take a lot of time to study the screen.  With the smaller unit, I sometimes had trouble diverting my attention to the GPS long enough to safely pick out the lane changes I needed to make.  I would glance at the screen, then back to traffic--then glance at the screen again when thought I safely could; I thought the larger screen would help, and it certainly does!

I love the complete information about the route that the Garmin provides--you continually know your speed, the speed limit, the route you're on, the mile marker, distance to next turn, what direction and highway or interchange that turn is, distance to destination, time of arrival--everything regarding your progress.  At the same time, the right side of your screen lists the next 4 or 5 upcoming towns on your route, distance and time to each, and whether fuel, food, and lodging is available--very helpful when gas is getting low and you need to plan your next fuel stop.  Add in the weather and live traffic capability, the hands-free phone connection, and all-in-all, the Garmin is a complete resource that you come to depend on as you travel.

I don't know whether the E-450 dash layout has markedly changed since 2019, but if not, I recommend the ProClip Extra-Strength Center Dash Mount as an excellent mounting option for the physically large 1090 unit.  It can be difficult to find a location that solidly mounts it out of the way.  The first photo below shows the ProClip mount installed in my PC (the Formica-covered plywood piece is something I added to mount my TPMS suction cup).  The second photo shows where it places the Garmin 1090--it's at the driver's eye level, immediately to the right of the steering wheel, highly visible with just a slight glance to the right, yet leaves all the dash controls and the radio unobstructed.

As you can tell, I think this installation of the Garmin 1090 is one of the most helpful assets I've added for traveling in unfamiliar areas.


( ( 1080 Mounting ( by Michael Henry (, on Flickr
( ( TPMS--I-Pad ( by Michael Henry (, on Flickr
Title: Re: RV GPS
Post by: garmp on September 11, 2022, 12:21:34 pm
mikeh, a little late to the party, but want to thank you for the clip info. We have a Garmin RV890 and am looking for an efficient way to mount it up & out of the way. My only question is, how difficult is it to remove the GPS for programming, etc. Does the magnet hold it or a catch of some kind?
Title: Re: RV GPS
Post by: mikeh on September 11, 2022, 02:10:19 pm
Gary, I believe that the RV890 that you have and the RV1090 that I have use exactly the same mounting.  The GPS screen mounts to it's power base magnetically, so you remove it by simply lifting it off the magnetic pull of the power base.  What you are actually mounting to the dash is the power base of the GPS.

The ProClip dash mount I used is the "Center Dash Mount--Extra Strength", Part# 213512: (, which mounts to the Ford dash with screws. Installation is simple--there is a video on the ProClip site.  They have a lighter duty mount which simply clips in place, but I didn't know how well it would hold the heavier GPS.

As you can see from the link, the Extra Strength Mount has two mounting positions for the 4-Screw "AMPS Pattern" mount which is a standard mount pattern.  The back of the Garmin Power Base has that same standard mount pattern.  The easiest way to mount it is to use a 1" AMPS base Ball Socket ( screwed to the ProClip mount, and a 1" AMPS base ball ( screwed to the Garmin Power Base.
Once installed, the ball mount gives you a good range of adjustment, your power base remains attached to your dash full time, and you simply lift off the GPS display to program or store it.

All the best,     Mike