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Title: Spark plug service
Post by: Joseph on October 01, 2021, 01:48:05 pm
I’m at about 74,000 miles. They claim plug service is due at 60,000 from what I can find on the net. A plug and coil pack service runs $500 give or take a few bucks in my area. Has anyone here had this service completed and if so at what mileage? How did the plugs look?

I would have thought they’d be good for 100,000 miles but a mechanic I am not.
Title: Re: Spark plug service
Post by: Taildragger on October 06, 2021, 10:07:58 pm
I have been reading on the subject. The overwhelming bulk of the comments are negative. While the service manual states 60,000 miles for spark plugs, owners are experiencing complications caused by the plug construction,  seized threads,  corrosion, and thread frailties.
Talk to an experienced mechanic and get his opinion.
Title: Re: Spark plug service
Post by: Joseph on October 06, 2021, 11:44:33 pm
I contacted Ford dealer and the mech who has worked on my rig. They say 105,000 miles per the manual.  I have no idea what’s right or wrong
Title: Re: Spark plug service
Post by: Ron Dittmer on October 07, 2021, 07:50:50 am
This is stated on the bottom of page 242 of my 2007 owners manual.

"footnote 3:
For spark plug replacement, see your authorized dealer. Refer to
scheduled maintenance information for the appropriate intervals for
changing the spark plugs."

I suspect the motorhome application of the E350 and E450 chassis will be considered "excessive" compared to an E150, E250, or E350 van with the same engine.  I would call your area Ford service center and "GIVE THEM YOUR CHASSIS VIN" and tell them the chassis is a motorhome.  They just might say 60,000 mile intervals because of that.

They do similar deviations on cars used as taxi cabs and such.  Service intervals are tightened up.

When I think of the high rev'ing our V10 engine goes through, it leaves me to think "sooner at 60,000" rather than later at "100,000" miles, but when our chassis hits 60,000 miles, I will first call my area service center and get the scoop on spark plug intervals.

Regarding spark plug problems mentioned by Taildragger, he is correct, there were problems.  But they were resolved around 2003.  That is long past for nearly everyone on this forum.  The few of us with such an old PC, just be mindful that a mechanic might experience some trouble, charging you more for the job.  My brother has one of the earliest V10 engines in his 1998 motorhome.  He had his spark plugs replaced a couple of years ago which went just fine.

Personally, I will be changing the spark plugs myself, when it comes time.