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Title: Garmin 890 and 1090 Mounts
Post by: gandalf42 on May 20, 2021, 05:43:08 pm
I have updated from the Garmin 770 to their 890 for the additional features. Unfortunately, the 890 does not fit on the driver’s side corner of the dash as the 770 did on our 2017 E450 based RV!  :'(

So, I rigged up a mount using the Garmin supplied ball mount adaptor together with a cup mount and some RAM style connectors.

Here is the part list I used:

Heavy Duty 1 Inch Ball Cup Holder

6" Aluminum Arm with Dual 1" Ball sockets

iBOLT 25mm / 1 inch to 25mm / 1 inch Composite Extension Ball

RAM 2.42” Double Socket Arm

This puts the 890 at an eye level for use and verbal commands.

Title: Re: Garmin 890 Mount
Post by: mikeh on May 21, 2021, 12:46:28 pm
Hey Mike!  Thanks for the lay down on how you mounted your new Garmin 890 in your 2017 E-450.  Coincidentally, I also recently made a similar upgrade on my 2019 E-450, also upgrading from my previous Garmin 770 to a larger/newer Garmin--in my case I jumped to the new 10-inch screen 1090.  I thought I might tag on to your post to illustrate a different mounting option that I used--if anyone reviews this thread for ideas, they can then look at a couple of options.

As you say, neither the 8" screen 890 nor 10" screen 1090 work very well on the left side of driver--either sandbagged on the dash or stuck to the windshield.  While the 7" 770 fits there (as you had), I had actually installed my770 in the center of the dash using the ProClip Center Dash Mount that replaces the OEM Ford plate with the cubbyhole tray and coin slots: (  The 770 factory ball mount fastened directly to the ProClip mounting plate.
When I upgraded to the 1090, I couldn't use the same ball mount because the one included with the 1090 was a different size.  The simple solution was to buy a new Ball Socket mount for the Garmin: (, and a new Ball Adapter mount for the dash: (  Both use the 1" ball (25 mm) and the standard 4-hole AMPS mounting pattern, so it's simply a case of screwing them to the dash plate and back of the Garmin.

The installation is extremely stable and pretty clean.  Here is a photo of the mount (the wood-looking piece is actually a plastic surface extension I added to the ProClip mount to take the suction cup of my tire pressure monitor).
( ( 1080 Mounting ( by Michael Henry (, on Flickr

 As in your approach, the screen is just about at eye level and just slightly to the right--you barely have to take your eyes off the road to glance at it.  Even with the 10" screen, it doesn't obstruct visibility of the in-dash radio screen or any controls.  Here is a photo of the driving view of the GPS:
( ( View ( by Michael Henry (, on Flickr

 I think both your and my approach provides a great solution to mount the larger Garmins.  I actually do also have and use a cup mount similar to the one you're using--but I use it to mount my I-Pad.  Here is a photo of the driving view that includes the GPS, my TST TPMS mounted to the right, and my I-Pad which I use for various info while underway:
( ( TPMS--I-Pad ( by Michael Henry (, on Flickr
Title: Re: Garmin 890 and 1090 Mounts
Post by: gandalf42 on May 21, 2021, 02:10:29 pm
Hi Mike! Thanks for the additional info on mounts. I have changed the topic name to include the 1090 so folks can find the info. I am looking forward to using the 890 on our next trip. For one, I can do most changes with voice command which will be safer than fiddling with the GPS while driving. I know the 770 had some voice commands but could never remember them. I am used to using "hey Google" so its easy for my aged brain to remember "hey Garmin"!  :-D
Title: Re: Garmin 890 and 1090 Mounts
Post by: mikeh on May 21, 2021, 04:18:46 pm
You're right about the voice commands, Mike.  I actually never used any with my 770, but the 890/1090 series Garmins are much more user-friendly in that regard.  You're also right about the additional safety in changing screens by voice instead of having to try to punch icons or flip through menus on a screen while driving at speed.

I don't like anything that demands that I take my eyes off the road for more than a second.  That was part of the push to move me to the larger screen and position both the GPS and my TPMS where I could see them clearly and instantly with just a brief glance.
Seemed like I always needed to check or monitor something most closely just when I was in heavy traffic--my eyes aren't as good as they once were, and trying to make out things on smaller screens mounted further away took too much time.

While driving I use the I-Pad mainly to display weather and a Bluetooth feed of power train data from my OBD-II scanner, or sometimes Google Maps, so I don't really have to fiddle with that when underway.
Title: Re: Garmin 890 and 1090 Mounts
Post by: Ron Dittmer on May 21, 2021, 05:06:35 pm
Hey Mike,

Could one of those devises be mounted in place of the center mirror?  And could it double as a back-up camera?

In our 2007 (now 14 year old technology) I relocated the backup camera from being headliner-mounted (note the scar in the headliner) to windshield-mounted.  I turn it on all the time and use it as my rear view mirror.  It's not as high tech as your devises are, but maybe you could benefit from doing something similar.

Ron DItmer
Title: Re: Garmin 890 and 1090 Mounts
Post by: mikeh on May 21, 2021, 07:07:41 pm

I'm sure that either of the two GPSs under discussion (Garmin 890 or 1090) "could" be mounted in place of the rear view mirror--one would have to just sort out the best mounting process and route the power cable.  One matter of possible concern would be whether the larger screens involved would begin to interfere with "seeing"--probably not from a "block visibility of the road" perspective, but maybe a "block some of the scenery" issue.  I know that 10-inch screen on my 1090 is pretty sizeable and one of my original concerns was could I mount it center of dash where it didn't obstruct some control or visibility of controls that I needed access to.  That turned out not to be a problem.

As far a doubling as a back-up camera--mine is working great for that where it is.  Garmin sells a BC-35 wireless camera that will communicate with either the 890 or 1090 screen; I bought one and mounted it top rear of my RV.  It is designed to automatically send a picture to the screen whenever it receives power from the back-up lights circuit.  Since I have zero rear vision in my 2552, what I really wanted was a full-time "rear mirror" camera (not just when backing).  I bought an inexpensive 12-volt remote controlled relay that is activated ON/OFF by a key fob: (, and used that to supply power to the camera.  Works great--I keep the key fob on my console--hit the ON button and I've got the rear camera display on the screen; hit the OFF button and the screen returns to GPS display.

That's the other advantage of where I have the screen mounted--it's easy to glance over for the rear view mirror, just takes a split second.  It's not as intuitive as looking upward (after 70+ years), but it works just as well!

All the best,       Mike